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Good care for the elderly and those with disabilities and chronic illness basically refers to the complete process of fulfilling the special requirements that are needed by senior citizens and those with disabilities and chronic illness (Dannefer & Phillipson, 2010, p.18). The services in question are social and medical programs that are unique to the elderly and those with disability and chronic illness. Social programs include providing company by the care takers and also by bringing the elderly together so they can share companionship in a group setting. Medical programs on these individuals include providing and administering medication to those with chronic diseases and also giving therapy that may be required by the elderly, those suffering from chronic diseases and those with disabilities.

These programs have a numbers of objectives to be attained once they are put into practice (Phillips, Ajrouch, & Hillcoat-Nallétamby, 2010). One of the main objectives of good care is to provide a friendly home to individuals with chronic illness and disabilities and also the elderly. These individuals may lack enough care from their family members due to them being occupied with daily chores and responsibilities and, therefore, feel deserted. It is for this reason that the caregivers create a friendly home for these individuals where they feel appreciated, and good care is provided to them.

Chronic diseases may put the life of individuals at risk and may ultimately lead to their demise. These are deaths that could otherwise have been avoided with good care and close supervision. These diseases include arthritis, diabetes, and dementia. Good care aims at ensuring that these individuals avoid premature mortality by treating these illnesses so that they lead maximum lives.

Another aim of good care is to cure the diseases or return individuals suffering from chronic illness to a previous state of better health. The illnesses are cured by administering prescribed medication to these individuals. A previous state of better health is attained through medication and also providing therapies may it be physiotherapies or chemotherapies. People with disabilities, as well as the elderly living alone, are at risk of harming themselves in the absence of good care. This is because their body parts may fail in their normal life and cause accidents. This risk is minimized in the care home because the caregivers actively monitor the elderly and the disabled so that they protect them from avoidable harm and ensure they are in a safe environment in case their bodies fail (Dannefer & Phillipson, 2010, p.12).

The lives of the elderly along with people with disabilities and chronic illness may be a little void if there is inadequate care. It is due to this reason that good care aims at enhancing the quality of life of people with these conditions. The elderly feel more appreciated once good care is extended to them, even though, their active days are behind them. Individuals with disabilities and chronic diseases are given medications and therapies that improve their health and, therefore, add more quality to their lives.

Those are the main objectives of good care to individuals with these conditions and the elderly. There has been increased demand for good care for the elderly and those with chronic illness and disabilities in recent times. Several factors have caused this growing trend for good care. One of the reasons, there is increased demand for good care is due to the higher incidence of chronic diseases among the elderly. Diseases such as arthritis are more common among the elderly and, therefore, there is more need for good care to be extended to the elderly. Chronic diseases such as dementia cause the body to fail and require close supervision that can only be provided in good care (Hooyman, Kiyak, & Hooyman, 2005, p.24).

In our current lives people are occupied in their jobs to fulfill their financial obligations and this makes it hard for them to take care of the elderly and those with disabilities and chronic illness. This leaves them with the option of taking individuals with these conditions to care institutions to receive care and supervision that they require. It is, therefore, safe to say that increased labor-force participation due to financial obligations among the working population has led to an increase in the demand for good care (Phillips, Ajrouch, & Hillcoat-Nallétamby, 2010).

In recent times, there have been decreased birth rates in the population. This is due to factors such as emergence and use of family planning methods which has led to fewer children being born. Financial constraints have also led to controlled births due to high cost of living and therefore the population is reduced This has led to increased focus on the care of the elderly so that the population can be maintained and hence the increased demand of good care.

Satisfactory policies are required to be put in place to ensure that the elderly have good housing arrangements and are reimbursed accordingly (Hooyman, Kiyak, & Hooyman, 2005, p.11). Unfortunately, this is not the case. The current policies are inadequate and do not fully cater for the needs of the elderly and people with disabilities and chronic diseases. People responsible for the elderly and individuals with these conditions are left with the task of coming up with solutions to these inadequate policies. The most appropriate option is to take these individuals to a care home where they receive close companionship, supervision, and care. It is therefore observed that inadequate policies concerning housing arrangements and reimbursement have caused increased demand for good care.

Caring for old individuals was customarily the obligation of families. Nonetheless, the best manifestation of care for the elderly relies on upon the family circumstance. It relies on upon whether relatives have room schedule-wise asset. Previously, a lady's occupation was to stay at home dealing with elderly individuals. Presently large portions of them have a tendency to decide to work so they don't have room schedule-wise to deal with the elderly. Also, private homes give care to vast number of elderly individuals. This is an expert administration and medical attendants are prepared to deal with senior residents. They will have regular registration and verify that they generally keep up great wellbeing consistently. Likewise, they can make companions with numerous individuals at the same age. For these reason it is considered as a choice with occupied individuals who need to deal with their elderly parents (Dannefer & Phillipson, 2010, p.43).

By differentiation, in the event that they have time or even take as much time as required, they can discover the data and figure out how to deal with the elderly well. The constructive outcome of this methodology is that they can comprehend their elderly folks' contemplations and look, then their guardians will trust and trust in them. It prompts the way that the elderly will have the psychological wellness which is considered as an essential component to help them to have longer future. Dealing with the elderly considers a characteristic of honor to them. Subsequently, the better decision appears the methodology that is taking care of our elderly folks without anyone else's input. This is a venture in the right bearing driving by one's heart.

In Great Britain, when a few individuals are getting more established, they ordinarily go to the homes for elderly individuals, where attendants are dealing with them (Hooyman, Kiyak, & Hooyman, 2005, p.24). Now and again such administration is paid by the administration, yet at the same time there's an inquiry if the city ought to pay for it, or is it up to us to deal with our grandparents? It is basic to examine the needs of elderly individuals so as to comprehend them better. Before we go to any kind of choice, it is critical to discover what the primary parts of dealing with the elderly individual are, regardless of in the event that its a relative or simply a companion. It is vital to recollect that elderly individuals are valuable. They are some person's guardians and grandparents. Doubtlessly, caring for them can be hard and tedious and regularly individuals begin considering nursing and retirement homes yet its not the way out. Pause a minute to see whether you could care about them all alone.

In conclusion, the elderly should be offered with all the necessary things that they require, including medical supply so as to give them a longer life. Old individuals are in solid need of consideration and love. As a result, care givers play a very imperative role in making sure that the elderly live a good life. In addition, the elderly have a considerable measure of fascinating stories to tell, as they have experienced such a large number of life occasions. Recollect that, you may be the one and only individual who can help your elderly relatives appreciate the most recent years of their lives. Neighborhood nursing homes are, obviously, a great spot for the elderly individuals who have no relatives and need to experience their last days alone. Each nation's administration ought to fare thee well about their elderly subjects regardless of what age they are and what needs they have. Anyway if there's at any rate little probability that you have a chance to fare thee well about one’s grandmother or grandfather all alone. For elderly individuals it is fundamentally essential to realize that they have somebody who will care for their wellbeing and security.


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