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            Theme: Race, ethnicity and sports

                        Citation: Race can be defined based on the text as a social constructions that categorizes people based on certain socially recognized physical characteristics that may distinguish them from other groups of people in the society

            Topic: Race and Ethnicity in sports

            Position: Racism in sports is a social problem that is limiting the full potential of young athletes in the society

            Citation from outside source regarding importance of topic

                        Throughout most of the history of American football and this refers to all levels, the position of quarterback was always reserved for white athletes

Final thesis statement: For many years, white Americans have racially discriminated African Americans and sidelined them as second class citizens and considering them as inferior. However, African Americans have proven themselves equals if not more especially in the field of sports Race (2016).

Counter evidence & refute (racism based on aspects of genetics are insufficient for discrimination)

            EX1) In the film Race coach Snyder does not show any form of prejudice against Jessy Owens and he is open minded towards his involvement in the school race team to represent in Berlin’s Olympics Race(2016).


EX2) from a scientific point of view, the variations in genetics among people of different races are insufficient to describe the reality of racism as socially described in the society (Delaney and Madigan, 2014)

            Weaken the counter argument with evidence for my argument

                        EX1) Social constructions of racism has are only developed to fuel the aspect of superiority of over other races (Delaney and Madigan, 2014). However, many racial prejudice such as superiority in sports have in many cases proven racist ideologies wrong by producing exception African Americans athletes such as Jessy (Race, 2016)                                   

Evidence 1: Exclusion of other races other than white Americans in various sporting opportunities because of being considered as inferior.

            EX1) for many years the position of the quarter back has been reserved for whites. This is because it is a position considered as one that needs a lot of strategic thinking. The sidelining of other races from this position is based on the prejudice that whites are superior to other races.

            EX2) The movie Race shows how it is rare for African Americans to be part of sports. There are only two African Americans in the racing team and they get harassed because of their skin color (Race, 2016)

Evidence 2: The notions of superiority of the Caucasian race over other racial groups fueled the aspect of racial discrimination in many parts of the world.

            EX1) The society views African Americans as unintelligent and inferior and that is the notion that fueled the fascism led by Adolf Hitler against the Jews. This led to the holocaust. The Nazis views themselves as the descendants of the Aryan race which they considered superior over other races ((Delaney and Madigan, 2014))

EX2) In the movie race, Jessy Owns manages to win his first medal at the Berlin Olympics but Hitler refuses to personally congratulate him because of his race.

Evidence 3: restriction to access sporting resources and be part of the sports community because of race.

            EX1) The aspect of racism has hindered many African Americans and people of color from accessing sports like the rest of the society. This has hindered and limited the capabilities of potential sportsmen. The use of IQ to measure intelligence and close the opportunity for African Americans to play in certain sports ((Delaney and Madigan, 2014).

            EX2) In the movie, Jess’s first win under coach Snyder ends in a record break of 100yards in 9.3 seconds but the official refutes it and puts it as 9.4 because Jessy is African American(Race, 2016).


            Racism in sports exists as tool to lock down African Americans because of notions of inferiority, however, they have constantly proven these notions wrong by producing exceptional sportsmen form time to time.

            Implications for sports in general

                        As a result of the negative implications of racism, the country holds back on the opportunity of more success with the help of capable young men and women because of racial prejudice.

In the movie Race, there was a lot of hypocrisy for the part of the United States where they had high levels of racial discrimination and segregation yet they were quick to judge the Germans and their treatment of the Jews.


Racism and Ethnicity in Sports


Racism exists in sports and is a great social problem. It is associated with social constructions developed by a particular group in the society whereby they categorize physically another group and distinguish them or mothers. Racism is associated with socially constructed prejudice and stereotypes that are used to discriminate against particular groups of people in the society. Their lack any substantial differences between different races as far as genetics are conducted. As a result, racial prejudice and stereotypes are used to make other social groups inferior to dominate them, and social control them. In America, racism exists in sports (Madigan, 2014). For many years white Americans consider themselves superior to other racial groups. The movie Race is a clear representation how racism occurs in sports is gives a story of a young African American who excels in sports despite various limitations of race.  For many years white Americans have racially discriminated against African American and considered them inferior, however, African Americans have from time to time proven themselves equal if not more especially in the field of sorts (Hopkins, 2016).

Racism and Genetics

 Genetically speaking the variations that exist between different groups of people are very insufficient to support the existing reality or racial discrimination in the world.  The racially constructed aspects of racism lack a strong basis for the discrimination (Madigan, 2014). This means there lacks much different between different groups of people in the society. In the moving race, the coach is open minded about Jessy Owner. This is unlike any other white American in the school. This also shows that not all white Americans are racist and is a show of social hope. The coach gives Jessy a chance to work with him and even considers him as part of the team that would represent the country in the Berlin Olympics (Hopkins, 2016).

Social constructions of racism have only been developed to fuel aspects of superiority by one race against others. However, much racial prejudice such as superiority in sports have in many cases been proven wrong by producing exception African American athletes such as Jesse Owens (Madigan, 2014).

Evidence 1: Exclusion from Sporting Opportunities

One of the main aspects that show the existence of racism in sports is the high misrepresentation of African Americans are sports based on racial exclusion. A good example is the historical quarter back position of the American football. This is a critical position in the game because the quarter back does not only have to be physical but must also be intelligent. This is because of the strategic decisions that the quarter back has to make about the game. For many years this position has only been reserved for white Americans, and African Americans and other races have been sidelined because of the notion of intelligence shortcomings (Hylton, & Lawrence, 2016).

In the movie race instances of misrepresentation are seen in the number of African Americans in the school teams. The racing team appears to be the only team with African Americans and only has two players. While being very few in the school as well as in the team, they get constantly harassed because of their skin color (Hopkins, 2016).

Evidence 2: World Perception of Superiority (Aryan Race)

There existed notions of superiority of the Caucasian group of people in many parts of the world. This was a notion shared by many other whites in the world and shows how the aspect of racism and discrimination was widespread in the world.

The social system called Fascism was fueled by Adolf Hitler who wanted to spread it to the rest of the world it was rooted in the racial notion of superiority where they considered themselves the Aryan race which they claimed to be superior. They used this notion to spread their ideology and oppress other races especially the Jews who were greatly suffering in Germany (Hylton, 2010).

In the movie race (2016), Jessy manages to participate in the Berlin Olympics despite the level of racism in the country. He wins his first Gold medal, and as part of the Olympic tradition, he has to be congratulated personally by the chancellor who is Adolf Hitler. However, Hitler refuses to congratulate him because of his race.

Evidence 3: Restrictions and Limitation of Potential Sports Men and Women

Many African Americans have it difficult to be accepted as part of the American racing community because of racial discrimination. Such restrictions have led to the limitation of many \ men and women from being part of sports. The use of factors such as IQ to limit and close the opportunity of many African Americans for playing in particular sports. Such racial notion shave hindered the ability of many people of color from taking part in sports. This is a factor that has limited many young and potential athletes from fully achieving their potential (Elias, 2017).

In the movie, Jessy’s first race is a hundred yard dash for which he breaks the record with 9.3 seconds. However, the office refuses to accept the record and gives him 9.4 because Jessy is African American. Jessy had, in fact, ran the race with an injured back (Hopkins, 2016).


It is very clear that racism in sports exists, not only in America but the rest of the world. It is mostly based on notions of inferiority. However, this notions have from time to time been proven wrong by producing exceptional athletes from the racial groups considered inferior.

As a result of the negative implications of racism in the society, the country is holding itself back of potential athletes and other sportsmen and women that people from other races can produce. There exist many capable young men and women who have been limited form their full potential because of racism (Madigan, 2014).



Elias, I. (2017). REDSKINS? SPORTS MASCOTS, INDIAN NATIONS, AND WHITE RACISM. News From Native California, 30(3), 48.

Hopkins, S. (Director). (2016). Race [Motion Picture]

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