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Should the iconic status of elite sports persons be considered relevant even in the event of morally incorrect actions that they exhibit? This is a matter that relates to babe Ruth as well as Derek Jeter, who are regarded as being icons in the baseball sports. Dereck Jeter was a former American professional shortstop in the baseball game, and he played for New York Yankees for 20 seasons , winning five times world series champion. He is regarded as the key figure in the success of the Yankees during the late 1990’s as well as early 2000’s. The overlooking of the morally incorrect behaviors of babe Ruth during the 1920’s because of his status as an iconic baseball athlete is making other athletes in the present, such as Derek to do the same.

In the 1920’s, Babe Ruth was an iconic athlete whose actions were not morally correct.  George Herman “Babe” Ruth is extensively regarded as amongst the finest players who have ever graced the MLB field. The reputation of babe Ruth on the field, nevertheless, may not be matched by his morally incorrect actions off the field. Definitely, babe Ruth had been depicted as a glutton, womanizer, extravagant, heavy drinker, as well as a smoker. He as well regularly picked speeding tickets, break team curfews, in addition to engaging in fights with umpires, teammates, and fans. Ostensibly, acknowledging the concerns that babe Ruth’s off-field conduct could cause in the baseball team in a period where there was an increase in the media coverage, a moral clause was introduced by the New York Yankees into the playing contract of babe Ruth in the year 1922. The clause on babe Ruth’s contract required that he ought to keep off for alcohol consumption and being in bed at 1:00 a.m. in the course of the baseball season. Babe Ruth antics were not only confined within the field as various legal spats brought a lot of grief. For instance, he was sued for failing to pay automobile taxes for a new car that he had purchased. He was as well pulled over for over speeding twice in a year, and was fined $100. There is possibly no area in the imaginative fiction field could one can come across a career that if full of drama and peculiar than that depicted in George Herman Ruth’s life. Famous all over the world, including outside terrains where the game of baseball has never been played before, as the Babe, he was the kid who rose from the haziness of a charitable foundation within Baltimore to a spot as the main figure in expert baseball. He was likewise its most noteworthy drawing-card, its most astounding salaried sports person –during the 1920’s- -and the symbol of a great admiration from many youths all through the land.

Derek Peter, just like babe Ruth, was an iconic figure in the baseball sport who made a name for himself, but engaged in actions that are not morally correct. “…even though Jeter's career is temporally framed first by self-destruction and then scandal on a wide scale…” He was widely respected as well as praised for the leadership as well as professional approach that he had towards the baseball game. There are a number of legendary plays that he made, adding to his legendary status. Derek is remembered for the incredible catch within foul territory in a game against the Boston Red Sox. Yankees captain Derek, who as of late announced that he will  resign after the 2014 season, would be legend enough focused around the numbers alone. Those numbers are unassailable, and they're the reason he'll be carried into the Hall of Fame on the first tally (will he be the first consistent decision?). The unique qualities possessed by Derek like his balance under the lights, whether those of the cam or those of the stadium. His pivotal turning points, his effortlessness away from home, his over the-conflict way of holding himself and taking care of the media and his tenacious consistency all combine to make him a standout amongst the most venerated players of this or any period.

In conclusion, both babe Ruth as well as Derek Jeter are iconic figures in the baseball game, who, sometimes engaged in actions that were not correct in the moral perspective. Just as babe Ruth was idolized because of his status as a baseball iconic athlete in the 1920’s, making people to overlook his morally incorrect behaviors, the same happens to other modern sports icons in the contemporary times. As a result, despite the immoral actions that they engaged in, they still deserve a pace in the Hall of Fame as champions due to their achievements as well as contribution to the baseball sports. They had other significant attributes of professionalism, leadership, as well as the greatest baseball players that made them of being worthy to entering the Hall of Fame in the baseball world.

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