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In Texas, the Public’s Citizen’s office makes an effort so as to promote clean, as well as
renewable energy like solar and wind. The Texas State Government promotes policies at the
state level for policies that will sustain the growth experienced in Texas’ wind industry as well as
spur the solar and geothermal industries in order to encourage the energy storage technology.
This will be imperative in the maximization of the potential of renewable energy in Texas. The
Texas State Government engage at the individuals at the grassroots establishing as well as
working with municipal utilities to educate decision-makers about clean energy issues.
The Texas Renewable Portfolio Standard requires that a given amount of electricity to be
generated from renewable energy sources. According to Public Citizen, 2014 has been successful
in terms of achieving this goal on a very short time span. Texas is a leading State in the U.S. in
terms of installed wind capacity. The energy that is derived from wind is significant in cutting
down the costs that the ratepayers foot through the provision of sufficient as well as inexpensive
energy that is clean, and which helps in offsetting the volatile prices of natural gas.
Partly, the Texas Legislature established the Competitive Renewable Energy Zones,
which were given a guarantee about getting a transmission line that is built so as to link them to
popular centers within the central Texas. These lines were authorized by the Texas Legislature in
2008 in order to address the unavailability of transmission lines to convey wind energy to the

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main metropolitan regions within central Texas where there is a greater energy demand. The
investment is set to save the ratepayers approximately $2 billion annually, cut down the emission
of the released carbon (IV) oxide by 16% as well as create at least $5 billion in terms of
economic development benefits for the Texas State.
The policy assists homeowner's associations from inhibiting residents from the
installation of solar panels in their homes. The Public Citizen office in the State of Texas is
advocating a state-wide net metering policy that is fair that will require all the utilities to pay the
owners of spread solar installations like rooftops and energy prices. There are efforts that have
been focused towards increasing the implementation of energy efficiency in addition to
renewable energy, especially solar power, at all the public power entities within Texas. In
association with Solar Austin as well as the grassroots solar industry, efforts have been made
about local solar during the past previous years leading to the formation of Austin Local Solar
Advisory Committee, that following four months of research as well as meetings, gave out its
policy recommendations so as to make the most of the local solar in Austin in 2012.
Success on the clean energy policy has yielded fruits at the Pedernales Electric
Cooperative, where the board has put up objectives for efficiency in energy as well as renewable
energy. PEC offers refunds for some vitality productivity upgrades and has as of late banded
together with NRG to give sunlight based renting to its clients. It stays to be seen whether this
specific renting project will succeed, however different alternatives may develop from this
beginning exertion. While Austin Energy and CPS have led the pack in sunlight based
speculation, a considerable lot of the littler and more provincial utilities haven't made those
strides yet. A Solar Corridor Consortium could help diminish costs by exploiting lessons adapted
by those utilities officially putting resources into sun based and by making the economy of scale.

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Exploiting the copious sun oriented assets in the locale will advantage matrix steadiness, air
quality and occupation creation. Open Citizen is attempting to encourage this offering of data
and coordinated effort between general society power utilities through workshops concentrated
on subjects, for example, the effect of dry season on vitality creation and the neighborhood
monetary advancement opportunities from putting resources into sun oriented vitality. We are
likewise attempting to recognize neighborhood sun-powered champions at the grassroots level in
the numerous groups served by electric cooperatives and municipally claimed electric utilities.
Neighborhood sunlight based backings make the best backers at the nearby level.
The policies that the Texas State Government have adopted in relation to clean energy are
very imperative to the energy needs of the State in the future. Clean energy is particularly very
imperative in solving most of the concerns that the contemporary society is facing in terms of
global warming. The policies adopted are essential in making sure that the Texas State has a
promising future in terms of the energy requirements. In addition, the efforts adopted are
significant in diversifying the sources of energy that the public in Texas relies on. Texas remains
to be the forefront of the country’s energy industry. Texas has taken the direction in relation to
energy policy that will assist in marking the path for the country. Texas will certainly meet the
future energy demands through a wide array of resources as the state is well placed to derive
benefit from the growing diversification on the energy portfolio of the United States.

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