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The success of such blogs also depends on how reliable they are to customers and therefore, these blogs have to do a lot of work in developing effective campaigns that would compel people to visit their sites and receive information about jewelry.

Key messages:

·         Your one stop place for all jewelry updates

·         Get the best of jewelry from experts

·         Get the latest info on the best jewelry in the market

Increasing social media traffic by 10% by March means that the pages have to have a high level of engagement with people. This means that it will have to have captivating content, provide reliable updates on a regular basis and provide a wide range of knowledge to people in a convenient manner. The interface or page also have to be very appealing and accessible in a wide range of devices.


·                     One of the aspect of social media marketing is sharability. People spend most of their time in social media accessing wide range of content. For such blogs, making the content sharable can be a very important move towards increasing traffic to the page.  This means that the content has to be sharable on mobile devices because it is where people spend most of their time. Content sharing has become a very vital aspect of social media of today’s world and jewelry blogs have to make sure the information they put on their pages is accessible to a wide range of devices and is sharable to many if not all social media platforms. Sharability would help increase awareness of availability of information and thus help increase traffic by the set date of March 2018

•    One of the first ways of attracting traffic to content is by have well designed content in the form of appealing aspects such as the use of beautiful pictures captures with captivating ways of describing them. First are impressions are said to be very important. Visuals are very important in helping people make decisions quickly and a well-designed page is expected to captivate many and increase the level of engagements. Visuals help make the decision that people make valid because they appeal to them more than using mere texts on a page. The success of jewelry blogs is highly dependent on the way their content is designed and presented. Jewelry is associated with beauty and therefore, the pages have to reflect utmost beauty.

•      Another measure is associated with search engine optimization, and this involves the use of practices that would enhance digital marketing by optimizing search engines. This is done by applying practices that aim at maximizing the number of visits to the page. It is associated with increasing the visibility of the page by making it easily appear on such engines.

Informing five Jewelry bloggers by December 2017 is another objective;

This can be met by use of more personalized forms of advertising. This is a target that is meant for the bloggers, and a more direct approach is fundamental in having them onboard.

•    Use of direct email can be paramount in informing them of the opportunities that exist in the use of social media. Direct mail would form part of the integrated marketing campaign and would be a more personalized approach.

•    Another is to make the information available on the social media, and this will integrate it with direct mail. Having the information in the media would help in creating a sense of importance and they would have to take the information more seriously.


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