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Analysis and Planning


Networks are very important aspects of organizations because they provide pathways for the movement of information as well as communication. The security aspect of networks is also a primary concern for organizations because it is associated with the risk of access to unauthorized people to unauthorized information. Weaknesses within a network provide pathways through which attackers may use to access, steal or destroy information belonging to an organization. Attacks on networks have over the years been on the rise and organizations are forced to use a lot of funds because of the need to secure their networks from unauthorized access. Vulnerability assessment is an important aspect that is aimed at going through a system and finding all forms of weakness to rid them and protect an organization’s information. Analysis and planning are paramount, and the first step is understanding the requirements of the assessment. Assessment is associated with the process of evaluation of the functions of a system to identify possible vulnerabilities that exist within it (Rampat, 2017).


There are very many ways through which networks can breach. And some of them include the using of phishing techniques, use of malicious software that can be slipped into the network through the use flash drives and mobile devices such as smartphones and laptops. Another example is through the use of Trojan humans who come into businesses in disguise as repair people and get access to the network. Some of the other sources of vulnerabilities include the lack of proper password management, high level of access to information within the organization, lack of accountability through tracking and also the lack of a proper system lock when not in use. These are very important aspects that require monitoring and evaluation because they provide access points to the system. Network security is very important, and one of the requirement is understanding of how access points are risky. Access points from vulnerabilities within the network, and therefore, it is important for an organization to have knowledge of their existence to find out ways of managing them. One of the biggest ways is through the use of a q system test that operates as a typical hacking to find out the gateways that exist within the system. This is by taking the perspective of a hacker and finding all possible pathways of unauthorized access. It is an effective vulnerability assessment that aims at identifying different ways that could be possibly used to access the network. The first requirement is associated with having a team that is capable of performing a hacking test. They ought to have a great background in finding vulnerabilities within the system. Another important requirement is by having vulnerability scanners that would work hand in hand with the team to identify the vulnerabilities that exist in the system (Tsai, 2016).

Proposed Solution

Networks face the risk of unauthorized access that can lead to theft of crucial organization information. Most attacker access a network by use of tools that take advantage of weaknesses in the system. Attackers also use scanning tools that search for vulnerabilities such as missing patches, poor passwords, use of flash drives to access the mainframes of the systems of an organization and weak firewalls. These are all important pathways that attackers use to access a network and have control over the information that operates within the system or even the certain aspects of the operation of the system. With such access, attackers may steal company information which they may sell to rival organizations, maliciously delete crucial information or sabotage the system and network (Beaver, 2013). Proposed solution include penetration testing and as explained above hacking the system may be a valid option for identifying the weaknesses that it has. These are tests that focus on hosts, systems, and devices used by the network to see whether they are vulnerable to unauthorized access.  These tests are important because they are helpful in identifying the opportunities hackers would use and is a proactive measure towards network security. It also helps in the assessment of the risks involved, and this is important in addressing them and strengthening the network's security. The other factor is associated with the use of vulnerability scanners that work hand in hand with penetration testing. These are software that is used for scanning for vulnerabilities. They are commercial tools that are available in the market and choice would depend on the cost as well as the needs of the specific network. An organization also needs to develop security policies that address the rules as well as the requirements that all individuals within the organization have to follow. They would ensure the effective management of the system in a holistic manner that involves the contribution of all administrators as well as the users of the network. Such policies would also have to describe security principles that would have to be followed and upheld within the organization. They would also help in the specification of security management such as the prohibition of entry with storage devices into the premises, management of passwords and prohibition of access to information without any authority. These policies can also be organized to be followed by those inside the organization as well as those outside it. (Beaver, 2013).


The management of the risks associated with the networks is a very important factor. It is associated with having a good understanding of the threats that exist and finding effective ways of managing them. In the world of technology, as technology advances so do attackers find more ways of attacking networks and systems. The survival of businesses in the world of today greatly relies on their effectiveness to manage network risk because networks are associated with personal information belonging to customers, and attacks result in the lack of trust and confidence which is very bad for business. It is, therefore, a very important mandate for businesses to uphold security through the management of networks to minimize threats and maximizes the use of computer resources without the fear of attacks. Network management has to be a continuous process that ensures threats are at a minimum. This is important because it would ensure businesses run smoothly and the measures prescribed and adopted are sustainable.

Weaknesses within network systems are very many. They exist within different places such as the systems hardware, the operating system, the applications used within the system and the data within it and a penetration testing, as well as use of vulnerability scanners, are expected to expose them. They help the users of the network understand the resources that require defending.  The two solutions help uncover the vulnerabilities and help in decision making associated with the best possible measure recurred to secure the network. Information from the solutions is also important because it can be used to teach and train employees about the possible vulnerabilities that they come across on their day to day activities. Example include email with malicious software or access links from the internet, give away passwords or write them down. Employees within the organization play an important role in the security or the lack of security within an organization's network system (Beaver, 2013). Knowledge is always power, and penetration test provides information that teachers employees important ways of upholding security within their organization. The information also enables the organization to weigh the organization's level of risk against the threats that are available and this important in making decisions on the fate of the organization. Planning is, therefore, very important for organizations when it comes to system vulnerabilities and assessment is important for the planning process. It is a proactive approach can greatly help in the identification of the problems early enough and helps in decision making over the possible measures an organization needs to take. Network security vulnerabilities are great problems for organizations, and they cost them a lot of money especially when attacks take place (Tsai, 2016).


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