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Most students demonstrate a passive-aggressive behavior when assigned an essay or project of some sort. Most of these students have little or no interest at all for writing, and the least they can do with these assigned essays is to turn in a half-baked paper, which will maybe score a C for maximum grading. Blaming the students who are struggling to write an essay isn't the case here because, by now, the Professors spend valuable time complaining rather than accepting this fact and helping these students who can't write essays anymore. Put the time in your schedule to BE creative and ideate WITHOUT the pressure of a DEADLINE. You might not have noticed it yet but you are approaching that period of:

1. Burnout

2. Writer's Block

3. Creative Exhaustion

4. Drawing Complete Blanks

Going with this process is the easiest way to draft a successful essay and deal with the inability to write essays, whatever their purpose might be.

How to write an essay that you have no idea of how to write

If the phrase "How do I write an ESSAY when I can barely do the 1st SENTENCE!" is endlessly echoing in your head now and then when faced with an essay to write, then you're definitely in the right place where you can get the balance you need especially when having to deal with academic essays.

You must be in a position where you are asking yourself, "Why is writing an effective essay so hard now. Back in high school, I was writing 25-page papers!! What's wrong with my motivation!" well, nothing is wrong with you; all you need are multiple laps around the writing track with shorter pieces to develop skills and hone writing craft!

At MyPaperHub, we're all about bringing you the tools to support you in learning how to develop and hone the structure of your essays.

This is how you can develop the essay you've been assigned with. This will allow you to build a stronger essay and develop your ideas even further.

How to write an essay everyone wants to read

1. Pick a topic you want to write about!

(You may have your topic assigned, or you may be given free rein to write on any optional subject chosen by you.

There are usually two options here, the first one being that you have already been assigned a topic to work on, and second, you have to think of a specific topic and align your professor's requirements to your essay topic. Smart pro writers are very good at doing this since the first thing that the writer does is to brainstorm, and this is done by asking a few questions, for example, "What I'm I interested in? What am I excited to research? Smart pro writers typically have spent time writing numerous essays and have hacked the fact that if you love the topic you have selected to work on, then the rest of the work which involves crafting the rest of the essay will be comfortable as well as enjoyable.

The second aspect of selecting an essay topic that smart pro writers use is to go deep into the library shelves and online journals looking for all relevant books and material written by great scholars to see if they can bear any fruits as far as suggestions concerning subject areas that can graduate to becoming successful essay topics.

This is the third and most amazing way essay writers get the job done easily: By researching critical topics that two or more writers have written contrary ideas by disagreeing on a subject. Good essay writers manage to come up with perfect essay topics that tend to weigh up both opposing arguments.

Congratulations! You have just come up with an essay topic!

2. Prepare an outline mapping your ideas

Mind mapping is always the best to blurt out all your idea: Free writing and mind mapping are both ways in which you can start your writing process. These are super helpful when you're just trying to get your ideas down before you start your first draft! Mind Maps act as a catalyst to draw out your most creative ideas - making it the ideal tool to take your writing project to the next level.

Usually, I have started by explaining how you select a topic because this is the second thing you should do immediately after you have selected a suitable topic. You then need to figure out your main points and ideas which you desperately need to explain or illustrate to your audience. You will need to prepare an outline by arranging your main points in a very logical and clear order. Remember that this order can be altered at a later stage as you proceed to evaluate your outline. The second best option will be to create a diagram that will have sub-sections in whatever method you choose to illustrate your ideas, but just so you note that the layout/chart should answer the questions "why your main topic is correct, how is your main topic correct.

3. Write your thesis statement.

As you know by now, a thesis statement is the most unifying factor in a paper since its main job is to act as a block holding all the aspects of paper together. It's like a building block, and from it, you can learn what the essay or research paper is all about even without reading the entire paper- it generally summarized manuscript as the whole in a nutshell. Expert writers normally write a sentence or two regarding this, and also they weigh their initial statement to incoming or new information, which is relevant to the research and incorporate the same, and this is the best way to express a thesis statement. A thesis statement should not leave the reader, asking, "So what" "Because of?" "And why," so write the first draft and proceed to answer all these questions, and the final drat will be much better than the first. You can now advance to write your paper after coming up with basic questions (who, what, when, where, why)

Pro-Tip: I don't know who needs to hear this, but write the body of your essay first. You can't write a thesis if you don't even know what you're going to write about.

4. Write the body.

The thesis we have discussed above is very important since it's a blueprint to the entire paper that you are writing, and you can always countercheck what you have included and what you are yet to include in your paper. Also, this serves the reader well since once a reader has gone through the thesis statement, then you can be sure that anyone can guess what will follow as far as your writing is concerned. If you have new ideas that you have included in the body, then it's quite important to keep revising your thesis.

Major points to note here are:

• Have you supported your thesis?

• Have you answered what your assignment is asking?

• Are you using the correct format?

• Have you included any code words in your writing? Like ambiguous works that need to be explained?

• Have you answered all the questions about your thesis, such as where and how?

Pro-Tip: Write the thesis (& introduction) last. Write the body of the essay first. Make the points you want to make and then construct a thesis that brings them together. Then revise, revise, revise all parts.

Handy essay checklist before you submit your essay.


• Have you used formal language?

• Do sentences flow properly?

• Is grammar and spelling correct?

• Uses proper punctuation

• Have you ensured its concise using shorter sentences and paragraphs that appear better on a screen and easier to read?

• Is the paper free from contractions? Here are some examples: she's, I've, and could've. (Wasn't: Was Not We're: We Are Can't: Cannot I'll: I Will You're: You Are)

• Did you re-read your paper?


• Does everything have a citation?

• Are references and citations properly formatted?

• Have you used enough credible sources?

• Did you include a reference page?

Need an essay written for me

College is one of the life stages that you have to go through to have a successful future. However, like every other stage, college life has its challenges, and you need help once in a while. One of these is help with your assignments. As you have already discovered, college assignments require a time investment, patience, and skill - some of the things you may not have at the moment. However, there are people ready and waiting to assist any time you need an essay written for you. We are one of those people. At MyPaperHub, we write the essays for you to focus on other things that need your attention.

So what goes into essay writing, you might ask? Here is a breakdown of our writing process for your essay.

1. Reading and interpreting instructions

When we first receive your request, the instructions are assigned to a writer specializing in your field of study. The first thing they do is to read and understand the requirements of the assignments. If there are things that are not clear, the writer will contact you requesting further clarification. If there are no clarifications needed, the writer will confirm that they are working on the assignment.

2. Research and outline content

After confirmation, the writer will dive into research making sure that they get all the information they need to tackle the assignment. This is besides the knowledge they already have on the subject as it is their area of specialization. With all the information, the writer will then structure the content so that they know what information goes where. Outlining enables the writer to gather the significant points of discussion for the essay and their supportive evidence or argument.

3. Writing content

After research, the writer then dives into writing, following the standard structure and the outline they already have. The structure of an essay is simple. An essay needs to have an introduction, body, and conclusion. The introduction only covers the surface and introduces the thesis of the essay. The body covers the answers to the questions in their entirety. A well-structured body should start with the strongest points and their supporting arguments to the least strong ones. Finally, the essay should end with a conclusion that summarizes the major points of the body. Our writers have done this for a long time; therefore, they know how to do this within the shortest time possible.

4. Proofreading and fact-checking

This is an important stage as it ensures all the errors have been eliminated, and all claims within the work have been supported. This is done by rereading the work and going back on what has been cited.

5. Formatting and Final Editing

This is the final stage of writing, where the writer ensures that all the formatting procedures have been followed. This includes aligning the structure of the paper with the formatting instructions and the writing citation style instructed, i.e., APA, MLA, HAVARD, CHICAGO, etc. It is also at this stage that the paper is handed to the head of the department to proofread the entire work before submitting the work to you.

Is there a website that writes essays for you?

The answer to this question is YES! Custom writing is an ancient practice. During the old times, people used to hire writers to write for things they wanted to go down on history. Today, with the advancement in technology, the practice is still there. With a wide range of information needed and not just keeping a record for historical purposes, writers are all over ready to avail of writing services for all your needs. Today, with a simple search on the web, you will find over 100 recommendations of writing websites for any kind of writing service you need. With all these options available, it becomes tough for you to identify the best custom writer to work on your essay. For these reasons, we will detail below a list of things you need to check before hiring a website to write the essay for you.

The things you need to check before hiring a website to write your custom essay

1. Pricing

Websites that write essays for you are there for two purposes. The first is to avail of the much-needed service, and the second is to make money. However, making money is usually the primary reason for establishing these websites in the first place.

For this reason, pricing can be very low to attract your attention as the individual in need of those services. You must understand that quality matters; therefore, considering the pricing of a website is essential. You should never go for a site that charges very low as the quality of the work may be compromised. Neither should you go for too expensive services as this does not guarantee quality either. Go for reasonably priced services to avoid disappointment.

2. Reviews

The best way to know a good custom writing website is by checking out what other people say about it. Through the reviews, you will be able to tell whether a website produces quality work or not. It is also through these reviews that you understand the challenges you might face when dealing with a website. You can find reviews on the specific sites from the clients they have worked for, or other review websites like Reddit, glassdoor, and more.

3. The kind of services offered by the website

Different websites offer different services. For example, some sites specialize in content creation such that they cannot provide academic assistance. When looking for a website to work on your essay, check whether they offer that specific service and if they do, check if they specialize in your areas of study. This will ease your mind as you know that you are dealing with individuals who have already done this in the past.

4. How is their communication?

Most websites will offer a 24/7 line of communication. However, there are a few who will specify there working hours. The best sites are those that offer a 24/7 open line of communication. With this, you will be able to communicate or request assistance at any time of the day.

5. Do they have specialist

Having specialists working for you ensures that the individual has a vast knowledge of the subject. Always ensure that you go for websites with specialists. It is the only way to ensure that you receive quality work. This might cost you more than average, but you can be assured of quality.

6. What is their policy on revisions?

The final and crucial thing you should know before hiring a website is its policy on revisions. Sometimes when an assignment is done and sent to you, it may contain a few errors that need adjusting. It is essential to know if you can be able to get the changes at no extra cost.

Someone do my essay for me.

Sometimes you may not have time to do everything by yourself. It is at these times you need someone to do your essay for you. MyPaperHub, we do the essay for you as you focus on other things in your life. Below are the qualities of the writers we have in our team which make them the best in the industry

1. Detail-oriented

Writing is an art that requires attention to detail. With this, one can spot small grammatical errors as well as formatting. A writer may be good at research, but without this, they may make minimal errors that lower the quality of the work.

2. Research-oriented

Even the best writers need help with understanding some concepts. Research-oriented individuals will strive to develop themselves through research. Research also enables writers to have a rich background on any type of content.

3. Impressive education background

Some writers are just talented, while others have to undergo intensive training to produce quality work. However, a good writer has to have an excellent educational background. An impressive background means that the individual must have gone through the same education system as the student is going through. This way, when explaining concepts, they may be able to put them in understandable language rather than impress with vocabulary. An impressive educational background also means a better understanding of the concepts.

4. Strong vocabulary

Vocabulary is the background of any form of writing. Our writers have a rich background in vocabulary, making it possible for them to produce quality work with zero grammatical errors. This also enables them to deliver professionally crafted papers.

5. Passionate readers

Other than being writers, at MyPaperHub, we believe in personal development. This is why we invest in our writers. We provide a platform for them to learn so that they can be better writers. We also avail resources to ensure that they get updates from the industry.

6. Discipline and commitment

Disciple and commitment drive writers to produce quality work, follow instructions and keep their word to you as the client. Writing can be frustrating sometimes since it requires committing a lot of time to it. It is a process that involves writing, editing, and sometimes redoing the work. With the right attitude and disciple, the writer will continuously produce the best work possible.

7. Flexible and open to changes

Sometimes a client may change their instructions when the writer is working on the assignment. Since the writer is flexible, they can accommodate these changes ensuring that all your needs are met as the client. This not only makes us the best in giving you what you need but also shows that we are ready to listen to you.

Hire professional writers from MyPaperHub, and you will not regret your decision. We ensure that your essay surpasses your expectations.

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