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12 Company Analysis: Team-building Activities thatPromote Cohesiveness and Productivity

Experts recommend that group activities should promote happiness, communication, and team bonding. According to Smart (2020), the Bang game promotes critical group dynamicsin various ways. Foremost, participants form a circle and avoid facing elimination by reacting quickly. Notably, a “sheriff” standing in the middle of the circle points at other players who must quickly crouch” while the rest “draw. Hence, the game promotes team bonding because it demands that members must learn each other’s names first (Smart, 2020). Similarly, two other games will encourage my ten departmental colleagues and me to foster cohesiveness and productivity. 

Similarly, Build-a-Shake promotes cohesion, productivity, and closeness by encouraging members to share and build secret handshakes in pairs. Teams teach each other the steps of their handshake by moving between pairs (Smart, 2020)The team-building activity also encourages creativity among members. Furthermore, Cross-the-Circle encourages group dynamics by embracing diversity (Smart, 2020). A member inside a circle asks questions and participants cross the circle while responding to questions. Everyone must ask questions after each stage,allowing teams to learn about each other (Smart, 2020)In this regard, the three activities demonstrate that productivity and cohesion are linked. According to Julius and Gloria (2020)cohesiveness ties or bonds groups together, and productivity uses these bonds to generate group performance (32)Therefore, the two dynamics are intertwined. 

In summation, group games and activities will encourage my ten departmental colleagues and me to foster cohesiveness and productivityThe Bang promotes bonding through naming and other creative activities, while Build-a-Snake uses secret handshakes to encourage creativity and cohesion. Besides, Cross-the-Circle promotes productivity and cohesion through question and answer activities. Therefore, cohesion and productivity are linked and firms must encourage group activities to solve managerial issues. 



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