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Cultural understanding


Today is part of a highly connected world thanks to advancement in technology that has developed the world into a global village. People can easily access other parts of the world both physically as well as virtually thanks to technology. Rapid economic growth in many countries coupled with the emergence of new markets has forced populations to move where the grass is greener. In this aspect of globalization. Cultural diversity is very important. The world is very diverse regarding people with different backgrounds, history and most of all culture (Livermore, 2009 p.3). The Differences have as well been divided thanks to the aspect of nationality. These differences in culture are also associated with a difference in people’s ways of life. the aspect of globalization is breaking the barriers related to cultural diversity and is having people from different cultural backgrounds living together in a cultured way of life. The aspect of leadership has also been greatly expected because of the differences that exist within workplaces. Leaders are faced with the challenge of the need to meet the cultural needs of individual employees in a respectable and professional manner. Mannerism for a particular culture are usually a very different from that of another, and these differences may sometimes create conflicts when it comes to understanding each other(Livermore, 2009 p.4). Cultural diversity is, therefore, growing as a very important aspect of the global society where people tried to have a good understanding of how it can be understood and applied in considerations to different cultures. This is referred to as cultural intelligence. The world of Christianity is also greatly influenced by the aspect of cultural diversity.

The Christian gospel proclamation that is associated with the spread of Christianity has been affected by the need of a highly diverse world. Cultural diversity is associated with the need for respecting the differences in culture. However, diversity is deeply rooted in Christianity in the perspectives of the needs of the human race as well as the aspect of the Christian church as universal. It is for these reasons that gospel proclamation has to be tailor-made in a manner that meets the needs of diversity and help answer questions based on the perspective of different cultural backgrounds. For example at Pentecost, the Holy Spirit of God allowed the apostles to have the ability to speak in different languages. This is a great example of Christianity's affirmation of diversity(Livermore, 2009 p.3).

The Gospel of God teaches people of how the whole of humanity is one race. This is an affirmation of the importance of cultural diversity as well as the need to understand the aspect of equality in a divided world. The challenge of the gospel proclamation is the way that some cultures have had bigger impacts from Christianity than others and this aspect coupled by cultural prejudice that exist in the world has led to the alienation of other cultures based on religious belief. The gospel proclamation has also been used for political persecution by cultures against others in the world. And this has for many years put Christianity before others in the sense of discrimination against other cultures because of their religious beliefs. Despite the above challenges, it is important to understand the importance of multicultural diversity in the gospel of Jesus Christ and also understand the obligations that Christians have in the spreading of love across the world regardless of the differences that exist since all of the humanity is a single race.



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