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Effective Communication 


Communication is a process that is associated with the movement of information from one point to another. It is a process that can be as simple as the definition describes and can also be very complex. It is a process that occurs in very many forms and some of the important ones include; nonverbal communication such as the use of gestures and body language;  verbal communication such as when people talk to each other face to face, over the telephone through the television or radio; written communication such as the use of emails, letters, telegrams, the internet and other forms; and the is also the visual media such as the use of logos, advertisements, maps, charts, graphs etc. all these are forms of communication associated with the transfer of information from place to place or from person to person (Effective communication, 2017). Sometimes more than one of these forms can take place at the same time such using verbal language while still complementing it through the use of gestures and body language, using written communication with visual communication at the same time to enhance understanding. Communication is a phenomenon, and a process that is very important and the complexity regarding development of the communication humans use forms part of the identity of human beings because of their ability to communicate. Good communication has a large variety of applications all of which have great significance to human lives they include for business, politics, interpersonal conveyance of information and many other aspects of the human life. Human beings depend on communication so survive, and it is an aspect that has greatly developed and evolved especially with the help of technology (Bovee et al, 2016) and this essay will try and analyze the various factors of comunication that make it important in human life.

The ultimate or desired goal of any good communication usually understands. Communication can only be deemed effective if the parties associated with the process understand each other well enough. It is usually less of a phenomenon and more of a process because it involves the participation of more than one individually and they are usually constantly negotiating the roles they play within the process, and this can be either consciously or subconsciously. A communication process always has a sender as well as a receiver, and these are two important parties important for the communication process. In some instances, their roles change for example when in verbal communication and people are engaging each other in a conversation. In other instances such as in written communication, the sender and receiver are usually distinct in their roles in the communication process. Communication usually has a process that involves the sender first encoding the communication so that it can easily be conveyed; there also has to have a channel for the communication to travel. When information finally reaches the other end which is the receiver, he or she has to decode the information to understand what it means and what it is meant for.

Businesses communication has become one of the most deeply assessed forms of communication because of its application especially in the world of today. A look at the business world of today clearly shows how much communication matters and how far it has advanced over the years thanks to the advancement in technology.  Business communication is the communication that takes place for the purpose of commercial benefits for organizations. In business communication, the term communication is associated with a wide variety of business-related factors such as customer relations, marketing, advertising, public relations, consumer behavior, event management and other important business related aspects. These are factors that are rooted in the application of communication process. The media plays a very important aspect of business communication because it provides it with some of the important channels of communication such as the internet, radio, television, word of mouth, billboards and many other ways through which business convey information to other businesses as well as to their customers (Good Communication, 2017).  Unlike normal communication which is simple, business communication is usually complex and has some aspect that makes it effective such as the establishment of goo hierarchy within the business, good management of conflict, having good written communication and consideration of aspects of culture. These are factors that are important in a business and ensure that communication within an organization is smooth. The development and application of processes associated with business communication help in showing how important communication is. Businesses are the units of the society of today and are very important because they are a source of employment for many people, they provide a finished product that is consumed by the society, and they are a source of revenue for the government. Business communication is, therefore, significant in the world of today because of its utilization in businesses (Communication, 2017).

Communication leads to a good understanding of information conveyed and therefore leads to good cooperation between employees and has a generally positive influence on their performance. It is a good way of solving problems within an organization such as when conflicts arise within an organization by providing solutions when employees have complaints and help answer questions when solving problems. It, therefore, creates a peaceful environment in the organization associated with harmony and peaceful coexistence between employees in the organization and therefore, builds a lot of trusts and a very good working relationship that enhances performance and productivity of employees and management in an organization (Bovee et al, 2016).

  Poor communication by leaders in an organization leads to a lot of problems associated with confusion, frustration, and bitterness. Poor communication creates rumors and helps cultivate a poor culture in an organization because of a poor working relationship between employees as well as managers.  The success of an organization therefore, depends on how the leaders and management understand the importance and significance of good communication in their operations as leaders (Communication, 2017).

The basic functions of management can never function without good and effective communication, and some of these functions include organizing, planning and coordination and communication is one of the biggest foundations of these functions. The success of an organization is, therefore, built upon good and effective communication. It is a good tool for motivating employees whereby it can be used to inform them of the best possible ways of performing their duties as well as clarifying any issues that many arise in the course of the duties. Communication is also a very good source of information in an organization, and this is information that can be used for crucial decision making. As a good source of information, communication can also be used to develop good attitudes within an organization. As explained above miscommunication results to the development of rumors in the workplace and rumors lead to confusion and frustration because of misinformation (Effective communication, 2017). Good communication, therefore, clarifies issues and makes employees well informed and thus they develop good and positive attitudes, and their overall performance and productivity are enhanced. Good communication also leads to the development of good relationships between individuals in an organization through the process of socialization. Employees get the chance to build trust between each other, and it creates peace and harmony within the workplace. As also explained above, controlling is an important function of management and cannot function without good communication. Controlling is usually in the forms of leadership, management, and protocol in an organization and is usually established by the use of policies and guidelines in the workplace. Good communication ensures that the controlling process of management is adhered to effectively and the business is run smoothly (Bovee et al, 2016).

As explained above, the goal of any effective communication is understanding, and when there is a fault in the process of communication then the receiver will not understand the actual meaning meant for him, or she and the communication may be deemed ineffective. Any change or fault in parts of the process may result in ineffective communication. It is, therefore, important for people to understand the various aspects of communication to ensure that it is effective in conveying the intended information (Good Communication, 2017). Communication is usually at the center of all human activity. It influences the lives of people by the addition or the subtraction of their efforts in day to day activities and helps people in the development of relationships with others. It is an aspect that leadership utilizes for themselves as positive aspects of their leadership process because it is an aspect that dictates their success. However, mot leaders fail to invest adequate time in learning and understanding aspects of communication that may be beneficial to their success.




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