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1.    The aspect of slavery and racial control was supposed to disappear after the civil war ended the emancipation of slavery and the enactment of the 13th amendment of the constitution associated with the end of slavery and acknowledgment of all people of all races in America. However, ever since the law was enacted there have been various ways that slavery and racial control have been perpetuated and have ended up in our so called free society. The Documentary 13th is directed by a lady called Ava Dubernay, and the title was picked from the thirteenth amendment of the constitution of the United States.  The film brings out several aspects of racial discrimination and control in the forms of mass incarcerations and other forms of suppression that still exist in America. She calls it the prison industrial complex that is characterized by a system of control targeting people of color mostly African Americans and the Hispanics through measures such as the war on drugs that have developed the biggest stereotypes in America and have incarcerated more people than anywhere else in the world. The film is greatly strengthened by a lot of evidence from actual documents and footage of events that shed light on the aspect of social problems in America. The prison industrial complex has targeted a many people of color and has led to the establishment of a slave system that relies on free labor from incarcerated convicts who are mostly people of color (13th, 2016).

2.    Cases of negligence and ignorance at workplaces have cost many people their lives. Examples of cases include the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire in New York and the Savar Building collapse in 2013 in Bangladesh. These are both cases of accidents that killed many and injured even more. The problems associated with these two cases included; negligence, ignorance, and lack of good occupation health and safety standards. They all represent the characteristics of society regarding greed and disregard for human life. In the case of the collapse of the Savar Building, there were many early warning signs such as cracks in the building that clearly showed that it was dangerous for the building to be inhabited but the garment factory did not want to hear about their operations being stopped and asked their employees to continue their work (Rana Plaza collapse, 2016). occupational health and safety is a very important aspect of every workplace. it is based on laws that are aimed at the protection of employees from hazards that may have risks to the wellbeing and the health of the employees while in the workplace. they are factors aimed at the reduction of injuries, illnesses, and death of people while at their workplace. They are based on guidelines and measures that must be followed and adhered to for them to have a safe and secure stay at their workplace (Triangle Shirtwaist Fire, 2017).

The two examples clearly show how the lack of proper safety standards coupled by good morals and intelligence can cost people their lives. This is an aspect that goes down to the understanding of the society and the capitalist world of today where people value profit rather than actual human life.

3.    The issue of immigration is one the Donald Trump seemed quite fixed and dedicated to implementing. The measure involves the detaining and deportation, illegal immigrants back to their countries and Mexico is the main country of emphasis in this case. The issue with this quest by Donald Trump is the economic cost that the country and taxpayers would have to incur because of the effort and resources put forward by the immigration department. It has become a growing cost where each year the government spends more and more on immigration. According to research, the government spends more on immigration and border patrol than any other law enforcement agency, and the figures continue to rise each year. Now President Trump has come again with the issue of building the wall in Mexico which he estimates it would cost twelve billion dollars and in real mathematics, it would cost the government close to forty billion dollars. He claims that Mexico would pay for the cost, but Mexico has denied the issue. One of the misconceptions propagated by Trumps administration is associated information that immigrants live in the country dependent on taxpayers help. However, these immigrants also pay a lot of taxes themselves. They are thought to have received social services, and this is considered a factor that is straining federal resources. The editorial in the New York Times, a lot of information is provided about the immigration factor in the country and the relationship between Mexico and the United States as far as the issues are concerned. Another misconception is associated with how immigrants steal the jobs of the citizens of the United States. However, both the editorial and the official statement from the president ought to be well researched. A good example is the estimation of the cost of the wall at the Mexican border. The president’s estimate was quite lower than that made by Research at MIT. This shows that facts are necessary regardless of where the information comes from (Ross, Hauslohner and Janell, 2017).

4.    The civil rights movement was a movement advocating for change in the country. It was a movement that was associated with the fight for equality among all human beings. The country was quite divided through the use of segregation laws known as the Jim Crow Laws that divided the society between the Whites and the people of color this separation caused a lot of discrimination for the minority groups in the country. People of color were considered second class citizens and deprived of their rights.  The civil rights movement shows how people can come together and fight for social justice despite hate, violence, intimidation and death. Some social factors such as human rights and equality ought to be fought for hard. People need to get out of their comfort zone and address some of the issues affecting society. Social injustices exist in the world of today because people fail to stand up and fight for their rights. There are various aspects of social injustices addressed by the civil rights movement. Some of these injustices have been camouflaged and have been re-established into the society without people knowing. Some of the lessons from John Lewis and other young men who were greatly involved with the civil rights include the importance of solidarity in times of problems and that ignorance is one of the main causes of complacency (Lewis, Aydin, and Powell, 2016).

5.    After the Second World War and the return of soldiers back home, the government embarked on one of the biggest housing agenda ever embarked. it was an undertaking that shaped the housing market even in the world of today, However during those time there was a lot of discrimination, and people of color were left behind; they could not own homes and banks denied them mortgages on very discriminatory bases. For years people of color have lacked equity associated with home ownership and could only live in rented houses in projects in major cities while whites lived in their own homes in suburbs away from the city. The fair housing act came after the civil war and protected people of color from discrimination while trying to purchase a home.  The housing market has become very dangerous especially with the existence of risky mortgages that were prone to foreclosure. The case of Miami versus Bank of America and Wells Fargo is an example of a discriminatory sale of mortgages to Hispanics and African Americans when they are fully aware that the mortgages were risky. It is an example of the perpetuation of discriminatory aspects of the housing market that existed before the civil rights movement and how financial institutions can cause social problems (LIPTAK, 2017).


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