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United States have been a state of immigrants, and there is no any difference in the current era. There are innumerable immigrants who continue to flock into the country especially from Mexico. These immigrants continue to make successful lives in the country as they are poorly paid, they have minimal skills of speaking English, and several other challenges face them. The estimations show that the whole population California and Texas are made of Mexican immigrants. Arizona comprises of a one-fifth population of Mexicans while there are other portions of Mexican immigrants in other states.

            In the struggles of helping the immigrants from Mexico into United States, there is a need to give the background knowledge of the educational systems used in Mexico. Most students who migrate into United States from Mexico face the challenge of a language barrier and hence find it difficult to easily adapt the educational systems in Unite States.  Most of the students cannot be in a position to communicate using English as they have been brought up using Latino language. Language barrier has also affected investors from Mexico, who migrate into United States to develop their investment plans.  With considerations that most of the immigrants from Mexico into United States are of low social economic status and are not educated. The students find it difficult in the schools as the teachers mostly assume that all the students are the same in the class.

            The rehabilitation process for the New Orleans and the active participation of the Mexicans  have raised great concerns. Among,  the people who are born in United States as they feel that Mexicans  will add a burden to the public service delivery.  There have been increases in the number of illegal immigrants into United States from Mexico most of whom do not have legal documentations.  As a result, the government of United States has employed stiff penalties for those caught as illegal immigrants. These measures have resulted into negative impacts to all immigrants  from Mexico in divergent states of  United States.  Concerning the stiff measures that have been laid by the government of  United States to curb the  cases of illegal immigration. Most Mexicans  remain unsecure of losing their nationality in United States, and this have negatively impacted in their daily lives. 

            Most immigrants into United States are employed to perform the blue color jobs in spite of their great qualifications. They are poorly awarded  these jobs and, and they end up   living in absolute poverty since they cannot afford basic utilities. Most of the Mexican people opt to migrate into United States due to inequality in the distribution of income in most Mexican societies. Many of these immigrants do not have any qualifications they can use to secure themselves a place in United States (Jaynes 96). As a result, the level of poverty among the Mexican immigrants has tremendously risen over time.  These immigrants also do not have easy access to the services of the government and, as a result, finds it challenging to acquire vital services from the government of United States.  The lives of immigrants in United States, therefore, remain problematic and prone to great challenges.

            In United States, people who migrate from Mexico are hated by the natives who feel that these people are posing great competition to the opportunities available for them. As a result, racial discrimination and other forms of discrimination against the immigrants have been rampant in United States. There are various institutions that are racially structured, and they include reservations for the native Americans, segregations and schools for the native Americans.  Racial discrimination against the Mexican immigrants into United States has occurred in the areas of employment, government, education and even housing. This is a vise in the social setting and an immoral act against the Mexican immigrants into United States (Jaynes 10). In politics, racial discrimination against most immigrants who come into the country has been noted. Since there has been the separation of people from divergent races and social settings, discrimination against the Mexican immigrants in U.S is still at its peak.

            Due to differences in the languages of those Mexican immigrants from those of the Native Americans, there is unfair treatment for the non-natives due to their speaking skills.  These discriminations are mainly experienced in the places of work (Erler 23). These mostly occur to the Mexicans who migrate into the country in huge numbers and are. In many instances, immigrants have no accesses to the health care provided for by the government to the natives. They are required by the government to cater for their health costs unlike the natives who are catered for by the insurers  and other governmental organizations.  This appears as an act of humiliation and discrimination against the immigrants from Mexico by the government of Unite States.

 Mexican immigrants are also considered as unequal to the natives and people from majority white races. The main reason they have  is limited from access  of races  to various places and privileges other races enjoy. They also have the limitation of rights that people from the other races have access to and, as a result, are affected by most of the policies on immigration. The immigration agencies show little or no concern for Mexico immigrants into United States and most laws and policies they formulate go against their demands. Little 

or no representation at the time of law formulation by the immigration departments and other agencies of the government concerned with immigration laws greatly limit their privileges in United States (Erler 32).

            The immigrants who get into United States from Mexico are closely monitored    by the security forces due to the notions that these immigrants are involved in  criminal offenses such as drug trafficking and other crime that require many attentions. It was identified that illegal immigrants are involved in such crimes resulting to close monitor of all immigrants who come from Mexico into United States.  Most Mexican immigrants have ended up been taken with a lot of suspicions by security forces. They are also viewed as aliens by the natives  who have negative attitudes towards them as they mainly think that the intention of Mexican immigrants is to take their  property and land.

            Integration of the immigrants from Mexico and the natives is a major challenge these people. The natives are favored by the treatment they get from the government and other bodies that deal in immigration laws and regulations. At times, movement of Mexicans from one point of United States to the other is limited by immigrations policies that mostly do not apply to the natives. Immigrants have no representation in political positions in United States as all positions are taken up by people from majority groups.

            In conclusion, there are innumerable challenges that face immigrants in United States.  Discrimination being the chief problem; most Mexican immigrants face discriminated by the natives who enjoy more privileges than the immigrants. There are areas that Mexican immigrants have prevented from down their feet in they are set aside for the natives and people from the white races. Racial discrimination has also affected the immigrants who are considered as the main rivals by the natives. These challenges have hardened the living conditions for the immigrants as they have no freedom to share their views with the natives. Due to the reduced number of representatives who voices their views, they have been negatively impacted by the policies that go against the privileges immigrants enjoy. The challenges that face them are not taken into account by the authority and hence their oppression continues to be a challenge to them in an ideal way.  Must United State immigration department to take up measures that will protect the immigrants in Unite States. These departments and agencies should be involved in the formulation of policies and laws that will go against the acts of discrimination. Other forms of humiliations that face the immigrants to ensure their right as citizens of United States are protected. Equality among the people of diverse races and cultural backgrounds should be enhanced regardless of once place of birth to ensure that all Americans enjoy equal privileges.

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