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            Theoretically, gender role is the manner in which behavioral norms and social norms in a given society are constructed. It is dependent on the culture and other beliefs.  Different sexes are entitled to perform specific duties and roles. There are various perceptions that people have in respect to the social genders, and they include attitudes, personality traits that different genders are entitled to and actions of given genders.  Consideration of gender roles is primarily based in the family and the whole society (DeBiaggi 12). Cultural and social factors have greatly contributed to gender roles and personality since divergent cultures have divergent attributes towards people of different genders. Different in gender roles are contributed by the physiological and social processes of different sexes. Division of roles between people of divergent genders is a key factor in the development of gender roles in divergent cultures across the globe. Gender roles occur in divergent areas such as religion and communal functions where specific roles and responsibilities can only be performed by people from certain sexes. Homosexual couples are affected by gender roles and sexuality due to similarity in gender and sexes.

 Sexuality, on the other hand, is the ability for one to have erotic experience and responses. Sexual interests and attractions of a person towards the other person may be influenced by their sexual orientations. Expression of sexuality by people may occur in divergent ways that include; desires, fantasy, beliefs, attitude, behaviors, relationships and values. Presentation of sexuality in people may occur in divergent ways that include; emotionally, biologically, through physical presentation and aspects based on one's spiritual beliefs.  Reproductive roles of different genders are the chief concern for physical and biological presentation of sexuality. Gender attributes are the classification of men or women in respect to their traits ( Nye 25). Unlike sexuality characteristics and features, the predominant attributes of gender are behaviors, attitudes and roles played by people of different sexes. Gender roles and sexuality have been influenced over time due to changes that have been taking place in the societies.

            There is a close relationship linking gender and sexuality in society. A society that is highly gendered in which the primary norm is heterosexuality and disapproval for homosexuality has been done places a strong relationship between sexuality and gender. The main part of gender and sexuality is attraction between male and female. The primary question with respect to gender role in the position that the society is standing and the effects it has on the existence of human beings. Historical beliefs, religious aspects and cultural backgrounds are the primary factors that affect the role and responsibilities of men and women (Nye 91).  Gender role can hence be the role shown by different people regarding a group of factors and the condition of living provided.  For example, males are more interested in performance of activities that are tough and require a lot of energies.

            On the other hand, women are much interested in performance of the house chores and caring for children. Most societies that have been developed have rare cases of gender roles. However, they enhance sexuality among people. In a normal social framework, the responsibilities include education, professional commitments and other issues that affect the whole society. The aggregation of these roles are based on the sex that one belongs to.  In the world today, there are many societies that still base their gender roles on the traditional setup of their cultures. A female is entrusted to perform some activities such as household chores, caring for the children and education while the professional and social roles are to be performed by men.

            Socialization concepts in our societies are formed, and a society acquired through the manner in which different groups of people in the society (Donnellan 100). There are instances whereby gender roles and sexuality denies some people their rights and privileges. In most cases, women have been denied various privileges that men enjoy. For example, many African societies deny the women the right for acquisition of education. Women are also denied the rights for taking part in various communal activities (Parkin 28). Leadership roles in African societies were only for men and women had no right to leadership. Gender roles play a vital role in our modern society as they ensure that both male and female can survive in their societies and cope up with their daily circumstances. Men and women should play their particular roles in their societies with respect to the norms of the society.

Most often there are complications in the couples with people of the same sex as a result of gender roles.  It mainly arise if one or both male couples have been conditioned to be competitive independent or strong many cases, homosexuals are unable to adapt to their new  chores that demands them to be over committed at times.  Due to gender similarities among the homosexual couples, they are required to share their roles and responsibilities. One is hence to perform the roles of the wife whereas the other performs the roles of the wife. Homosexuality have greatly undermined gender roles with respect to our traditional settings where women had to perform certain chores while men performed some. 


 Gender equality is primarily is evidenced by labor divisions where both men and women have an equal share of available opportunities in their societies. In the world today, there are several organizations that have been formed to advocate gender equality and fair treatment for all genders( Parkin 40).  Great success has been achieved by the organizations women have can enjoy the privileges that men enjoy. In the present context of gender roles, numerous people from the two genders consider themselves free to select what they want in their lives. There has been great consideration of the transgender and intersex roles ( Sircar 23). The gap in the gender roles has been greatly reduced through women empowerment programs resulting in the change of feminist roles in our societies. Women in the traditional societies had been greatly undermined as they were given the minor chores while men took the roles that were influential. Formulation of rights that advocate for gender equality has greatly changed the setting of gender roles with respect to our traditions. Women today take up leadership positions and other positions that were traditionally set aside for men (DeBiaggi 89). According to the feminist theory, gender can be referred to as a social construct that involve guide males and female in their behaviors, actions and appearances. This theory explains the unfairness to women in our traditional societies.

             In religious perspectives, gender roles and sexuality vary. Sexuality is considered holy. Sexual morality is stressed whereby individuals are required to avoid all activities of sex before being married. Those who are married are required to remain faithful to their partners as a way of showing respect to the marriage covenant ( Lee 34). However, this is not the case in homosexual couples as roles can be performed by any person.  In moral gravity among the Mormons, the sin that go contrary to the law of chastity is comparable to the sin of murder.  The church requires that those involved in the sin of sexual immorality should be prevented from holding any position in the church (Berer 29). Religious books warn people against acts of sexual immorality and provide a clear punishment for those involved in such acts. For instance, in the book of Romans, Paul warns people against any form of sexual impunity and declares that sex is only for those who are married. Genesis also declares that sex is a holy covenant that people should respect (Donnellan 86).

            Sexuality in our traditional societies was also respected, and those involved in sexual immorality were punished. Homosexuality has been rampant in our modern societies since the rights guarantee every person the right to choice. However, homosexuality is greatly condemned in our religious and cultural practices and those involved are perceived to be defiling sexuality.

            In conclusion, gender role and sexuality are related in one way or the other with respect to behaviors, attitudes and actions (Berger 28). Males and females in traditional societies had divergent roles that are not the case in our modern societies. Gender roles have been altered giving men and women equal opportunities to perform different activities. Religious perspectives of gender roles give men privileges than women as they are responsible for the most essential activities. Women and men today can play any role especially in developed societies. On the other hand, sexuality in cultural and religious perspectives is to be honored by all. People in religious and traditional setting are required to enhance sexual purity and keep away from any form of immorality. Homosexual couples are faced with the challenge of labor divisions and hence gender roles do not apply to them.

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