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Clerand is the writer book. He wrote the book in 1479. Liverpool England is the social background from which the book has been set.  The book comprises two letters that address love and suffering that a woman faces when she departs from her lover. It has been one of the books that address the issue of prostitution in the society and key contributors of this vice. It outlines the roles played by each gender in stimulation of the vise. By looking in details the  events in the life of Funny Hill, we can tell how various circumstances contribute to its elevation.

            The social context of the book mainly focuses on women and their pleasures when they are in love. The chief center of attention for the letters is the problems that women face due to perceptions of men and the pain they go through to the time of full recovery. In this case, the first letter outlines the pain in the heart of a departed lady.  About the historical background of the book, the first letter draws a clear picture of the life and the divergent problems surrounding the lady. It addresses her life since she was a young had girl to the time the time she is a grown up. In the letter, she shows the love her mother had offered her and the sacrifices she made to better her life. She also tells on the problems she faced while she was studying. She spent her early years in a small village in Liverpool in a very poor family. The basis of historical context of the book is on the early life with innumerable problems of the young girl. The book draws a clear outline of the every step of the narrator’s life. The narrator encounters many people in her early as she tries to push her way in life.  At Mr. Brown’s business, she encounters many people. It becomes the turning point of her life as Mr. Brown does not care how the customers address her. The customers refer to her as the girl provided for them. It could be interpreted as "prostitute". She explains different events she passed through her life to the point she was settled alone abandoned by her conduct. The letter out-rules all the adventures that had befallen her as she tried to exercise her new career.

            The primary idea in the book regards perceptions of men for women. The book shows that men undermine women through perceptions they hold over them. The book also draws ideas to circumstances that render women to be involved in prostitution and the harm it have on those involved. The book draws the ideas from the case of Funny Hill’s events in life. The book also draws the ideas to the problems women face when they lose those they love. It shows the wounds and sufferings these women undergo to the time of fully recovery


              From the viewpoint of the author, Fanny Hill is a character who has been well constructed. It is because every step in the life of the character paves the way for another event.  As a result, the writer of the book describes the character constructed. To start with, we find the character as a young girl in a minor village in Liverpool. She is brought up in a poverty-stricken family. She goes to school trough the sacrifice of her mother. Later she loses her parents through a small-pox, and this becomes the beginning of her new and different life. It forces her to move places as she seeks people who could help her continue with her life. As a result, the character ends up being employed as a house caretaker and later as a business lady by Brown. Here, she faces a lot of insults from the customers who refer her as a girl brought for them. The situation influences her life and character to which she ends up regretting about. It is through these events that the author. The arrangement of events that occurs in the life of the girl makes her appear to.

            The situations that Funny Hill undergoes in her life are at one point or the other attributed by different circumstances. Her life is full of circumstances that make her do things she would have no desired. It is the reason she states at the end of the first letter that she is full of regrets and has decided to put her conduct to an end. According to the authors' viewpoint, Funny Hill is the way she is since different circumstances have made her to be like that. For example, the death of her parents leaves her with no other options other than to seek for employment for sustenance of her daily needs. Encounter with divergent people who do not care about her welfare makes her change the character and the code of conduct. She becomes a prostitute not because she opted to be one but because she Mr. Brown did not care about the way customers would talk to her. In the second letters, different events happen in the life of Funny Hill. She feels broken hearted, and this is the reason for her addressing the power of love. In reality, Funny Hill is in love with Mr. Cole. As Mr. Cole's mistress, she falls in love with him, and her life begins to change. At different points with respect to the second letter, she enjoys different pleasures and love, and this makes her feel worthy. She is involved in several vises together with Mr. Cole's son and Mr. Charles, who was a captain. The character is involved in numerous activities in her life at divergent occasions and her life changes depending on the situation surrounding her. 


            The book draws graphic description of sexuality by focusing on the life that funny hill is involved in right from the time she was working for Mr. Brown. Funny Hill is involved in several sexual vises and prostitution. Presentation of sexuality in the by the author shows it is a pleasure for men and women. Most men just wanted to engage in sexuality with Funny Hill and it lenders her as a prostitute. In most occasions when Funny Hill was working for Mr. Brown, the customers referred to her as the girl provided for them which meant that any man was free to use her sexually as he wished. When Funny Hill is led upstairs by Mr. Cole, she is afraid to find herself surrounded by men who caressed her. The first statement from these men is that Funny Hill was up to the standard of their taste. Every man in this place wants to use her sexually in order to fulfill their desires. Their perceptions towards her are that she is a sex object that came to the company to satisfy their pleasures. The author in this case wants to show the manner in which men perceive sexuality to be. To them, they just think that sexuality is for self-satisfaction, and that's the main reason they are happy when Funny arrives in the company to the extent of caressing her animatedly.


            The main target group is the young women since they are the people who are mainly affected by the issues of sexual abuse by men. Just as Funny Hill is viewed as a sex object by most men, youngest women in the society are involved in such situations whereby men abuse them sexually with false promises. The purpose of the book is to take caution in their lives since they could end up in situations they never intended. It is important to them since they can make wise choices in their lives. They will also be in a state to discern the right people in their lives and those whose intentions are just but to satisfy their sexual needs and leave them brokenhearted. The book is the significance to young women as it clearly presents the dangers of prostitutions in once life.


            Prostitution lowers dignity among women and furthers the power of men. Women seek to support the sex workers whereas they perceive the work itself as wrong. Historically and at present times, women have been victims of prostitution of both direct and subtle forms of expressions in men. Women hold different opinions as to how they can end this oppression. In most cases, women involved in prostitution are forced to do so by circumstances or the people around them (Roleff 34). Often, women involved in prostitution are oppressed by men who use them just to satisfy their sexual needs. These women have often been humiliated in the society and are referred to as immoral. At times, women opt to enter into prostitution when those they love heartbreaks them to the extent that they feel so desperate. Prostitution among women is a vise that women should be determined to end to safeguard their dignity.


            As a female reader, I sympathized with Funny Hill for the situations that she encountered in her life. She lost her parents at an early age and was forced to involve herself in prostitution as a way of making her end meet. She is also brokenhearted when he loses the man he loved, and this leaves her with wounds to heal. I feel that women are treated with no dignity in the society. Men in most cases in the book treat women as sex objects. For example, Mr. Brown was the main contributor for Funny Hills misfortunes as he did not care how customers talked to her. Customers' perceptions are that Funny Hill had been working at Mr. Brown's business for the satisfaction of their sexual needs. I feel that is discrimination against women as men perceives them as sex organs which serve the purpose of satisfying their sexual needs.


            Funny Hill is heartbroken by men who promises her love but finally ends up breaking their promises to her. Mr. Cole and other men who work in the company posses perceptions those women are just, but people whose core responsibility is satisfaction of their sexual needs. They caress Funny Hill soon after getting into the room and say that she is of the state that suit their requirements. Women are also core contributors towards their oppression as other women get oppressed in their midst. I also felt that women have a big role to play in their defense against oppressions by men. Men should also treat women with respect. They should perceive women as their equals other than sex partners whose only role is to satisfy them sexually.

            In conclusion, prostitution and sexual perceptions that men have over women are vises all people in society should fight against. All people should be treated equally regardless of their gender. Women should stand strong to defend their position in the society by advocating for punishment to those involved in abuse of their fellow women. Women in societies are undermined by men just as funny Hill is undermined. She faces different kinds of harassments from men and false promises that leave wounds to heal in her heart. The challenges she face in life are predominantly what makes her turn to be who she is. She use sexuality as a source of income and this spoils her future life. It is thus important for society members primarily women to join hands and help each other at times of needs as a way of reducing prostitution.


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            Roleff, Tamara L. Prostitution. Detroit: Greenhaven, 2006. Print.


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