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The modern American military is based on the advancements in the ways of warfare through history to the present day. Today, the American military is one of the best in the world. This factor contributes to the superpower status of the US in the world. As of now, the USA’s military is comprised of the Navy, Air Force, and the Army. The growth in the military strength of the United States dates back centuries ago. This increase was majorly contributed by colonization and warfare between countries which spearheaded military technological advancements. These two factors played a great role in the modern-day America military growth and, therefore, remain the main areas of interest. The American Army presently has advanced weaponry, military structure, and combat tactics.

Crude weapons are no longer in use and have been replaced with real and more efficient firearms. The military is also well organized and trained than it was before. Good infrastructure has also been built to aid the military during warfare. Technological growth has led to inventions that have changed the US Army fighting techniques and preparedness for war. The 21st century has been marked with various inventions aimed at achieving artificial intelligence in machines. This has, therefore, led to the minimization of human contact in the actual battlefield. The US military research is geared towards the achievement of a system with very little or no human involvement in warfare.

The American ways of warfare have experienced enormous changes throughout the modern military history experience. These changes are attributed to the many developments in the armed force's technology, starting from the 19th century in the United States. These changes affected the military combat tactics and structure. The US government's decision to fund military scientists in researching and coming up with better weapons resulted in great innovations. The Army started developing better fighting weapons and tactics in this period. Machine guns were developed, which were more precise and had better loading capabilities. The invention of gunpowder, which did not produce smoke, also took place in this period. Bombs and explosives with a nitrogen basis were also invented. These explosives could be easily set off than their earlier counterparts, and this improved the armies fighting capabilities. The transport and communication sector greatly improved, thus improving land warfare. Roads and railways facilitated the easy movement of soldiers to the war zones, and they were able to communicate with each other easily through telegraphs.

The naval warship also greatly advanced during this period, mostly due to the invention of the steam engine, torpedoes, destroyer ships, and long-range marine guns. The substitution of coal with oil further improved the efficiency of the steam engines as oil was less bulky; hence the ships would stay in the water for long. Naval schools were started in places that had professional sailors who were better equipped to handle war at sea. At the beginning of the 20th century, submarines and water crafts were developed, which gave better naval fighting power to the military.

The 20th and 21st century, however, has seen massive technological advancements, for example, the introduction of automation and sensor mechanism. Superior infrastructure has been put in place, which has reinforced the defense and war capabilities of the United States military. This is attributed to the huge funding by the government to put the necessary infrastructure. Technological research has also been stepped up to ensure the US has the latest and the best equipment in the world. The result of these moves by the government is the creation of the world’s most superior military. This period is also marked by great changes in the way of fighting. Automatic firearms that do not require active human operation have replaced manual ones that require a human operator. Great space fighting equipment has been developed in this period leading to the creation of superior military power.

Space technology advanced, particularly during the cold war. The tension between Russia and the United States made them invest heavily in the development of superior military equipment. The research was conducted in space, and satellites were deployed. These satellites were used by the United States to spy on Russia’s military capabilities. These satellites continue to be used to date by the United States military for defense purposes. Missiles and long-range rocket launchers were invented to convey nuclear and atomic warheads. Missiles that could be used to eliminate a target on any continent of the world were developed. These missiles were referred to as the ICBM (Intercontinental ballistic missiles), and they reinforced the military war capabilities. This space equipment required a safe storage and control center. Therefore, fortified military bases that were off the grid were constructed to ensure safe storage and control of the missiles, warheads, and spy satellites. These bases could withstand attacks and be undetectable by the enemy.

The invention of sensors and better communication systems contributed greatly to the advancements in military power in the US. Sensors were invented, and they were used to detect the enemy’s position and also guide warheads. The development of the sensor mechanism is credited to the advancements in the Navy. This is because it led to the creation of sonar and radar mechanisms that were used to give locations of ships and submarines at sea. Improvement in transport infrastructure also contributed to developments in the military. This is because it facilitated a smooth flow of weaponry and human resource. These improvements were better railways, roads, and airports.

Naval power improved tremendously in this period. Means of propulsion that were more effective were invented. Steam engines that were bulky and required constant refuel were replaced with diesel and nuclear-powered engines. Nuclear powered engines can stay for years without requiring refuel. Diesel engines are also less bulky and can also last for long on the water as fuel reserves for refuel can be easily carried in the ship. The United States Navy developed submarines and warships fortified to hold up against attacks by enemies. Submarines pose a great advantage as they operate under water, and they are only visible only when the enemy’s ship has its sonar active. Changing the ship to active sonar exposes the exact position of the ship to the submarine; hence defeating it becomes easy. The USA's army has realized great advancements in locating targets at sea using the sonar for deep-sea objects and radar for on sea targets. These two are controlled by computers and are used for weapon guiding to ensure that the target is not missed. Training centers, which are the core of any successful war at sea, have been upgraded to accommodate advancements in sea technology. This has generated sailors with enough knowledge and tactics to achieve victory at sea.

The United States Air Force had its roots in the 20th century. It was declared an independent branch of the military on 18th September 1947 after the signing of the National Security Act by President Harry Truman. The USA’s air force has grown to become one of the world’s greatest aerospace agencies. The work of the air force is to defend the United States against external and internal attacks. The air force is also charged with the responsibility of guarding the country against space invasion. It’s also tasked with the duty of controlling and using information from spy satellites and other sources to benefit the US. Though the air force performs its defensive duties on-air, most of its personnel are normally on the ground and are airlifted when the need arises. Therefore most of its operations are computer-controlled and are done in the air force bases allocated.

The development of the air force and changes in its ways of warfare is dependent on technological advancements in air and computer technology. The air force grew as a result of changes in aerospace as a tactical form of attack. Its growth is entirely independent of ground and sea forms of attacks. The need for strong air power in the US is mainly attributed to the Second World War. The US used air power to launch very successful attacks in Germany together with its ally Britain. Through its air force, it launched attacks on the Japanese ships and air force emerging victorious. The war ended with the bombing of Japan in Hiroshima and Nagasaki using atomic warheads. This fostered appreciation for airpower by the whole world.

America was not left behind in this need for better airpower after the war. Helicopters and better planes were developed in this period. Furthermore, the importance of a strong air force in the United States was necessitated by the introduction of nuclear and atomic bombs, spy satellites, missiles, and long-range rocket launchers. Today the US air force is well equipped to defend the country from any form of air and space attacks. This is facilitated by conducting thorough training to the personnel working in the Air Force on all potential threats likely to be encountered in the field.

The 21st century has been marked by the introduction of machines with artificial intelligence in the various US military dockets. This includes tiny drones developed by the air force that operates without a human operator. These drones can be used for spy missions and eliminate specific targets . These drones are a better substitute for human-driven drones and jets, which have a high running cost and visibility. These changes into the microtechnology are bringing tremendous changes to America’s war tactics.

The military is also researching the possibility of the robotic defense system. Several robots have been produced by the US military, and tests are still undergoing their functionality. These advancements show the possibility of the use of artificially intelligent robots in warfare instead of human foot soldiers. Extensive research is also undergoing the possibility of automatic jet fighters and other fighting equipment to minimize human contact during warfare. Major successes have been realized in this sector, and the military is exploring more possibilities.

In conclusion, recent advancement in technology has competitively placed the United States military against the other military in the world. Great changes in the way of warfare have resulted in inefficient ways of dealing with threats to the American people. The computer age has led to the substitution of human soldiers, navy, and air force with machines with artificial intelligence. The advancement has not only raised the efficiency of the military but also reduced the deaths from the military. Research in artificial intelligence is promising and raises the possibility of warfare with zero American people's active participation.


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