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A writing prompt is a brief piece of writing and as its name suggests, prompts the reader to build on the text and create an original piece of writing like a journal entry, poem, essay, or a story. A prompt directs the writer on what to do next but does not always tell the writer what to do. This means that it’s an open-ended text that gives the writer liberty to think outside the box. Writing prompts are mostly used in the essay part of a standardized test, but it is also useful in developing a perspective for both students and writers. It is also a thought provocative text on online discussion platforms like Reddit, where people can discuss various topics. The main purpose of a writing prompt is to provoke the reader to think in a certain direction and brain stop the idea to develop a fully independent argument. There are two components of a writing prompt. They include the prompt and instructions detailing what the reader should do with the prompt. A good writing prompt should both introduce and limit the reader to a topic.

Things to consider when coming up with a writing prompt

1.    The type of response you expect from your readership.

Whether it is an online platform, a standardized test, or just an essay, there is a specific way you would like the reader to respond to the writing prompt. Here are the different ways they could respond

•    Argue- Some prompts require the reader to argue for or against the proposition provided in the writing prompt. These kinds of prompts are known as argumentative writing prompts.

•    Describe- A descriptive writing creates a comprehensive image in the reader’s mind. The writer describes the topic in a way that the reader is supposed to experience a situation in its wholeness. The description gives the reader a clear mental image of how something looks, feels, smells, and sounds like.

•    Inform- An expository writing will define, inform, and clarify on a specific topic. This writing is also referred to as analytic, reflective, or evaluative response. The essays that evaluate a problem and provides a solution, provide cause and effects are also grouped in this category.

•    Give your opinion – An opinion piece as one that requires the writer to respond to the prompt with a personal opinion of the topic suggested in the prompt.

•    Persuade- This is the kind of response that requires the writer to provide an argument that makes the reader agree with the writer. This is by providing supportive evidence to their argument that leaves no room for doubt.

•    Narrate- This the writing prompt that requires the writer to tell a story.

The kind of response you would like to receive from the reader of your writing prompt will determine how you phrase the prompt and the instructions you give when providing the prompt.

2.    The brevity of the writing prompt

Your prompt needs to be short and precise. Being wordy does not help the readers of the writing prompt to understand it; instead, it will only obscure and distract them from the real issue. It is important to make sure that you have given all the information your readers needed to fully form and develop ideas based on the writing prompt.

3.    Your audience

The readers of the writing prompt will be determined by the platform you choose to relay your prompt. This is because they are the ones you expect to respond to your writing prompt. So, for example, if the setting is a classroom, your audience is the students. If you intend to relay your prompt via the internet, your audience is wider and varied. This, therefore, means that, depending on your audience, you will be able to formulate a simple or complex writing prompt. In other words, this determines the appropriateness of the writing prompt.

4.    The contents of your writing prompt.

The best approach to writing a good writing prompt is by dividing it into three sections. The first section is the topic introduction or introducing the context of the prompt. The second section should be about encouraging your reader to think about the topic you just introduced. Lastly, you need to describe the writing task for your audience, including the response you expect from the responders of your writing prompt.

What makes a writing prompt good?

1.    Simplicity- A writing prompt should not be complex such that your readers are having trouble trying to understand it. Instead, the language should be simple, and it should be direct to the point. This makes it possible to understand and be able to think outside the box.

2.    Open-ended – An open-ended writing prompt encourages the writer to think outside the box and offers an opportunity to write comprehensive responses. Your prompt should encourage the writer to express their thoughts, knowledge, and feelings regarding the topic in question.

3.    Specific – Writing prompts should be confined to a specific topic. This way, the response is focused on that topic. Otherwise, writers may end up writing general material that does not communicate effectively.

4.    Evocative- A good writing prompt is thought evocative. It encourages the writer to think deep and research on the topic. It should bring out new and fresh thoughts for the reader.

Examples of good writing prompts from Reddit

1.    An illegal psychological experiment gone wrong leaves a girl with the power to make plants grow and die at will. She escapes the facility, but with nowhere to go, she confides on the streets of a hazy city. What does she do with her new-found powers?

2.    Native Americans won the war of 1812 and since then they are the major power in North America (Turtle Island). The year is two thousand twenty-three (2023), and you are a kid going to history class.

In conclusion, writing prompts whether meant for Reddit or just for class use always follow the same structure. Always diversify your prompts to make sure that other than being simple and brief should not be too brief that there are only a few points to discuss.

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