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The electronic media is the most dynamic form of all interactive media. It illustrates the characteristics of its time by being a form of asynchronous communication, for example, the social networking and also the anonymity characteristic at this moment people chose who they want to be, i.e., posing as a beautiful lady on social media. It differs from other forms of art since it is diverse and it changes as time goes by and therefore more improvements can be made years to come. It has come to be appreciated more by this generation since it offers a wide variety of art in itself for Example music and movies. Its impacts in the society include: collecting and distributing diverse quality content meeting political, social and cultural needs of every society

[2] The Odyssey is one of the Ancient Greek epic poems attributed to Homer. Odysseus faces many challenges, trials and tribulations hindering his way home his home in Ithaca after the end of the Trojan War thereby bringing him face to face with danger and various temptations, moreover spiritual growth. The Odysseus can be perceived to have various supernatural powers since he is attributed to appearances by the gods and goddesses who help and at the same time hinder the hero. Goddesses, Calypso and Circle, are the two females that directly affect and impede Odysseus homecoming trip while god Hermes appears and aids him from the islands. This poem generally influences my personal life because there are very many challenges we face and we might give in before we face the various challenges by trying to overcome them and afterward come out much stronger by conquering them. Also, it goes on to make me understand that there are people who we meet during our lives and they help us in the many troubles we find ourselves in. Moreover there many are spiritual powers that work effortlessly to hinder us from our goals and various accomplishments.


The medium succeeded in sending the message since the message had clarity whereby forms of gestures, voice inflections, tone variation, mood, and facial expressions were involved. When the audio-visuals are combined, then the cues lead to positive retention whereby the listeners get to retent the message from the source of information.

By using audio-visuals, i.e., videos and visual aids, the multimedia experience is created which becomes engaging to the audience. The kind of message sent to the viewer is captivating in the sense that the message was clear and of high quality, therefore, avoiding the middle of the message resulting in misunderstanding. The message was immediate due to the high speed of multi-media sources.








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