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The recent PR situation that has been reported is Scott Morrison’s speech on the Asylum seekers. The increase in the number of asylum seekers had been reported to cause an increase in the level of conflict between the immigration ministry and these visitors. This has also lowered the reputation and dignity of the nation. Therefore, the speech by Scott Morrison caused an increase in the disagreements between Australia and the Asylum seekers (Blewett, 2014). However, this paper is aimed at providing a critique of the speech by Scott Morrison which is an example of a current PR situation, elaborate some of the problems related to public relations alongside evaluating the actions taken by the Australian government.

The main idea that Scott presented during the delivery of his speech was directed towards the rising population of people living in Australia. He offered the speech with a purpose of preventing the asylum seekers from getting their way into the country. During the delivery of the speech, Scott Morrison insists that the asylum seekers on Manus Island and Nauru will never be resettled in Australia, but rather, they should consider returning to their respective homes (Blewett, 2014). Additionally, the issue is depicted as a grave matter when Morrison claims that he owes no one any apologies for the sentiments he uttered while giving his speech which had dire consequences on the visitors infiltrating the country.  Despite the adverse effects attributed to the utterance of such words by Scott Morrison, I have learned that his speech contained some of the persuasive communication techniques. For instance, after watching the speech by Scott Morrison, I realized that he could eliminate the barriers associated with the effective communication (Blewett, 2014). He could monitor the facial expressions of the audience listening to him. Thus, he was able to know that most of them were displeased with what he uttered.  

In the new government’s efforts of sweeping new changes the Australian borders, the government in collaboration with the immigration ministry would come together in developing the Australian Border Force (ABF) which is intended to start the operations in July next year. The primary purpose of this body would be to implement the security of the Australian borders (Blewett, 2014). The agency will be headed by the commissioner who is the senior law enforcement officer. The commissioner, in this case, will have the same responsibilities as those of the security leaders such as the AFP Commissioner, Chief of the Defense Force and the director of the general spy agency ASIO (Blewett, 2014). Therefore, the commissioner I charged with reporting to the Immigration Minister, and their position will be incorporated into the Australian law. Morrison claimed that the successful operations of this agency would result in savings of hundreds of millions of dollars.

Conversely, there are various public relations problems, and issues may have been experienced by Scott Morrison during the delivery of his speech. The first possible public relations problem is the financial constraint (Blewett, 2014). In the current society, it has been revealed that organizations are reducing their expenditures on the daily products utilized in their daily productivity. Since the immigration department is one of the organizations, the one located in Australia has also resulted in the poor funding of the public relations department.  This has been attributed to the slow rise in the economic level of Australia. Therefore, the immigration department has been reluctant to spend their limited financial resources on improving their media profile (Blewett, 2014). This is the reason as to why the clip of Scott Morrison offering the speech is not very clear, hence raising doubt on the media coverage used by this significant sector of the economy.

Also, the other problem that faces public relation is the increase in the number of platforms that can be utilized for communication purposes. For instance, communication from the immigration department may be communicated using cell phones and emails despite the utilization of other media devices such as television and radio (Blewett, 2014). Therefore, the presence of these platforms provides an effective and efficient means of passing information from one group or person to another. However, the only challenge that is experienced in this process by the client is in the selection of the right communication model. Besides this, the other problem experienced in public relations is the poor situation of man-power (Blewett, 2014). This has been attributed to the fact that most practitioners in public relations are experienced in other fields such as marketing, advertising, and journalism. For instance, Scott Morrison is an excellent example. Besides being the public relations practitioner, he also served as the immigration minister of Australia. This prevented him from having an in-depth understanding of what was required for one to be a full practitioner of public relations (Blewett, 2014). Therefore, some of the public relations officers such as the immigration minister have been noted to lack some of the essential skills that are required in managing issues that are related to the public. The speech by Scott Morrison indicates that he is unable to ensure peaceful coexistence between the asylum seekers and the Australia residents. 

Conversely, the actions of the Immigration minister have been identified to be contrary to the expectations of the human rights. Various adverse effects were experienced in Australia because of the release of such sentiments. Telling stranded visitors to return to the homes they are fleeing seems to be unethical, offensive, and necessitate mayhem within the country (Blewett, 2014). War may arise since the asylum seekers may want the implementation of the treaty they signed with the Australian government which permitted their stay in Australia until the time when they would feel that their home country is safe enough to accommodate them with their private properties.  Nevertheless, these visitors possessed unique skills and abilities that they used in the generation of wealth within the country. Therefore, informing them to would deprive the country of service and knowledge is accessed from these visitors. This would lead to the decline in the economic activity of the country.

This case analysis is supported by the definition of terms and concepts from the text. The first and most significant term that needs to be defined is the asylum seeker. An asylum seeker is a person who flees his or her home country, infiltrates another country and applies for the asylum condition (Blewett, 2014).  Refuge in this regard means the right to be provided with international protection which shall be offered by the country in which an asylum seeker has decided to settle. Therefore, one may become an asylum seeker through making a formal application to the immigration department with the aim of being given the right to remain in their country of migration. In Australian’s case, the asylum seekers had been offered the legal right to live in Australia up to the time their country of origin regained their original status (Blewett, 2014). Thus, since this claim by Scott Morrison is contrary to the original agreement, the immigration minister owes the asylum seekers an apology for the sentiments he uttered during the delivery of his speech.

Conclusively, there were various short-term and long-term results of the implementation of the speech delivered by Scott Morrison. The first short-term effect of the increase in the number of asylum seekers is that it led to serious allegations of sexual and other physical assaults on women and children (Blewett, 2014). For instance, during the wiping-out of the asylum seekers leaving in Australia, the police force was accused of having taken part in two rape-case instances that occurred at the center on Nauru. Also, in the context of the mop-up strategy, the Australian government decided to remove the save the children staff from Nauru (Blewett, 2014). This would force the asylum seekers to leave since their children would succumb to death. Therefore, I have been to learn that there are better means of passing across information that will ensure the attainment of the set objective (Blewett, 2014). Being persuasive is very significant, and if Scott had this skill, the Asylum seekers would have returned to their home countries without much struggle.










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