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John was a key player in the school football team. However, after the last footballing season was over, he gained much weight due to lack of exercises and ate too much. The school coach has warned him that with his body weight would make him miss next season’s football team that kicks off in two months. The following is a program that may help Jon to cut down on some weight, as well as make it into the school team.

Tracking of behavior

During the first month, I tracked down the behaviors that were making John gain a lot of weight, hence posing the risk of him losing his position in the school team. These behaviors were recorded in a period of four weeks.

The findings revealed that John was taking three snacks over class breaks and that he was as well eating fast foods during lunch time and evening, prior to eating supper. In addition, he was not going to the gym so as to exercise.


Behavior Modification Program

The program to modify John’s weight gain will include the following items: a food diary and an exercise log.

Reinforcement Schedule

Program Target: The target will be for John to lose 15 pounds in the course of one month

Week 1

  1. The target will be to lose 4 pounds
  2. During the first week, John will start attending the school gym, and exercise for 30 minute's morning and the time spent will be recorded in the exercise log.
  • He will as well cut down his consumption of snacks by taking one snack at lunch time. The data will be recorded in the food diary.
  1. John will consume fast food for one day and then skip the following day.
  2. Weighing of John’s weight will be done at the end of the week.
  3. The money that John saves due to a reduction in eating of snacks and fast food will be used in the purchase of tickets to go for shopping. Failure to achieve 1st week’s weight loss will lead to John’s savings being given to a charity organization in school.

Week 2

  1. John will start exercising for one hour at the gym every morning.
  2. There will be no consumption of either a snack or fast foods. The money that John budgets for these items will be saved.
  • John will start consuming a lot of vegetables.


  1. Take weight measurement at the end of the week.

Week 3

  1. John will exercise at the gym for one-hour during the morning as well as for 30 minutes in the evening.
  2. No consumption of snacks or fast foods.
  • John will start a 30 minutes practice with the school football team.
  1. Take weight measurement at the end of the week.

Week 4

  1. The attendance to the gym will be sustained.
  2. The eating behavior will as well be maintained.
  • John will practice with the school team for longer periods, that is, one hour.
  1. Take weight measurement at the end of week 4.


The weight measurement at the end of week four will be taken, and then deducted from the weight recorded prior to the commencement of the schedule. This will determine if the target was achieved.

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