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This article does go against the very epicenter “social conditioning” on education as a whole but it’s not actually misleading anyone just airing out issues which need to be fixed in order to maintain a great balance as far as our education system is concerned and students who do not perform well should not be ignored but should be nurtured in what they are best at in order for them to realize their full potential.

When writing this article, I do understand that Bill Gates and Steve Jobs enrolled at Harvard and Reed College respectively, both pretty admirable schools. They dropped out after they had decided they had the skill-set to go out and be successful. It’s not often the grades that matter, but the process that leads to the scholastic achievement. While it does require intellect, it also requires organization, pride, and hard work. These three traits are certainly valued in a work environment and with this, then you can have the taste of success.

“Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.”-Winston Churchill

As your high school, college or campus career life is progressing and others are tending to end with a bitter taste in your mouth, you might have found yourself questioning the value you have received from the education you have sufficiently accumulated through the years you have been attending school. Most of you will end your high school, campus careers with a 2.5 GPA and never to have received any academic award even though you’ve had your own share of missing classes and lectures. As you have been programmed socially to believe that the “not so good grades” plus no awards and poor lecture attendance equals to the end of the world, correct? I beg to differ! In fact as a senior Professor, I believe there is more to life than just grades and if you can relate to this, then don’t sweat, there are plenty of opportunities out there as long as you can find your purpose and work on your passion since people who get absorbed in their ow ideas and not placing too much weight on opinions they receive from others are the people who ultimately do great things in the end.

Failure in the system: Writing and Chasing the “A”

Millions of students have been taught to believe that grades are the ultimate focus when it comes to sieving those students who will be successful in life and those who are doomed to be failures in life. I believe that the premise is ultimately false and that excellent grades do not really add up to a successful life. I believe that every person is responsible for their lives and this factor is completely true since once you empower your thoughts, then you see the light and notice that education is just one of the ways that a person can be successful and it’s not the only way. You can be as happy as you wish and you can be as successful as you want that’ s if you choose to be! And your attitude determines your success, and I have been fortunate enough to know that education does go beyond the classroom/lecture room and life in itself is man’s greatest mentor. It’s not that some students are not smart enough, it’ s not because they don’t care about their future, but they are tired of the system that is purely dictated by a system of letters, and continuously brain-washing students not believing that excellent grades are the key to a successful life has had some extremely catastrophic repercussions.

“Everybody is a genius. But, if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it’ll spend its whole life believing that it is stupid.” – Albert Einstein

Realizing that most students have become excessively stressed leading to the so-called “unethical practices” like cheating just to get the perfect scores (after all, employment sources out for the brilliant students as they’ve been told) and an academic ghostwriting service indeed tend to be of great help to the so called “average students” who are in search of reputable unique-writing services which can offer professional help as far as essay writing is concerned.

The current education system becomes even more depressing since it’s tailored to leave behind millions of “average” students who have serious potential and never have had the chance to realize their full potential. The students are numbed by fear of failure and therefore they tend to choose the path chosen by many-the path that “guarantees” security and the recipe for that is getting good grades, ending up with a white collar job and the happily ever after-unfortunately, it rarely happens and this brings forth a phase of depression and hopelessness. What students do not realize is that they can live their purpose today.

Not that I am 100% against the education system, in fact, the current education system is good since it teaches us necessities which frankly speaking are not practical in the real world. For example, there are some life skills that are never taught in school where are the networking and relationship building courses? Where are the setting realistic goals courses? Where are the Prioritizing tasks and job opportunities? It’s so vivid that the current education system does place excess emphasis on the excellent “A+“ grade and less emphasis on unleashing the great potential that lies in every student.

Custom Education through Reading and Experience

Another shortcoming of our education system is the lack of proper reading. Students are forced to read ancient texts that they often find difficult to understand; this encourages distaste for reading. I am not arguing that ancient readings such as “The Odyssey” with questions such as “How does Homer portray the relationship between gods and men in the Odyssey?” “The Epic of Gilgamesh ”; with questions such as “Does this view of the underworld explain some of the attitudes toward life and death expressed by various characters in the epic of Gilgamesh?” and “The Iliad”; “What is the role of women in The Iliad?” by The Homer don’t have any value but our suggestion is that students should read what they want to read–it should be up to them to decide what to read and what to discard. Others may argue “But they will be reading a lot of trash.” And the reply is “Absolutely, but to say the least, they will be reading which is the best thing since, with that experience and reading habit, students will develop an urge to even try new educative books to read.”

Most students hate reading, but the reason as to why they hate reading is due to the fact that they haven’t found the right book to read. Reading can complement education but books that have to be read must be 100% customized and relevant to the reader and not the teachers, not the parents but purely tailored to the reader (the students in this case). 10 to 15 years from when you’re done with school, those things that the education system put too much emphasis on like perfect grammar, naming a grasshopper, naming parts of a Bunsen burner and writing complex chemistry reaction formulas. You then realize that they don’t really matter and probably realize that the best student in your class is somehow living a miserable life and has turned to drugs and other unethical things due to frustration after realizing that life isn’t all about what you learn in class and reading close to 99 books, only 2 books being life-skills related. (I am not actually saying that being top of your class is wrong, since as per statisticsHarvard University has the most millionaire alumni than any other University in the world, and this shows that grades are needed to survive, and grades get you in.

Books that are not school related are full of experiences and wisdom pressed in between pages, and once you have devoured these books, you will be ultimately transformed deep within, and you will realize that your way of thinking changes, your attitude will stem from those words full of wisdom and profound experience. Education should be all about bringing the best out of every student, boosting the confidence in someone and making someone learn from failure and growing from the experience. I believe that education is all about discovering your ultimate passion in life (music, writing, animals, acting, etc.) and pursuing them to greater heights. Education is not all about sitting in class or a lecture room for hours gazing at a black/white board and not grasping anything; education is not being tested for subjects you truly have zero interest in, education is not being deemed as a failure for failing subjects you can’t waste time reading and revising for. Education should be fun; it should come naturally to those who want to pursue it.

Our current education in America is a key failure since it doesn’t serve students with a channel to help them discover their passion in life but all it does it to revolve around the same “grade” issue, which is a fact proven that after getting that ‘A’ it’s not necessarily a guarantee that life will be manageable as promised. Teachers tend to use phrases such as “Good, Fair, excellent and average” even on end-term reports which strictly puts students on different levels, a poor student knows he or she is a poor student, and this tends to demoralize him/her. I tend to believe that education, no matter how complex it might be is quite useless if it fails to unlock the ultimate potential in someone, whatever makes your heart beat should be truly unlocked. I tend to believe that education is as important as it’s depicted but not education as a whole, but when it’s encompassed with life-skills which can offer un-doubtful benefits to students’ well-being.

The main problem comes in when we are meant to believe, or let me use a more convenient word, “brainwashed” that you have to follow a specific route to be successful. Who says life is a straight path in this case? And others relentlessly seek the answer as to why “why the ones who have bad grades are are often the ones who are most successful?” There is this linear line that even your parents will advise you to be part of a Primary school (elementary school), High school, and college/campus, get a job (I hate employment), marry, and have kids; Retire & Die. Why not follow this: High school: Yearn to find your purpose in life: Love your job: Live your life as you want to and die old and happy?

I believe that education is connected with humanity. It’s all about personal growth and great experiences that shape us into creating long term relationships and authentic connections with others. Being smart and following your passion in life are two different things and the latter is just part of a big answer to what the world is facing today and offers concrete solutions to the world’ s unlocked answers that lie in the so-called “average students” who can’t hack how to write an essay on The Odyssey spark notes. It’s quite obvious that our current education system in the United States of America needs major reforms, but until then, it can only boast an “F” on its desk.

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