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It is very difficult to find a Kenyan rooting for Trump and what he stands for besides Malik Obama who is purported to be a sellout. Donald has never been seen by Kenyans to develop friendships with them but rather have always known him for his wrath and controversial social media posts. Some comedians in Kenya even ensure these posts become more interesting by shooting some videos portraying Trump as a politician in Kenya (Kamau).

President Donald is blamed for Kenyan diplomacy failure where at some point Washington told the Kenyan daily nation that Trump had made phone calls to South Africa and Nigeria and never made to Kenya. He is portrayed as a politician who is not interested in Africa and therefore Kenyans do not see any need to engage with him. The issue of Trump sidelining Kenya and making calls to other African countries has raised many questions thus making Kenyans judge him even more (Kelley).

Donald is portrayed as a game changer and realistic as he belongs to his own class. A business mogul turning out to be a successful politician not only astonished Africa but the whole wide world as well. Most people had in mind that there would be an unintended consequence if Trump’ election bid would go to fruition. When he ventured into politics, he constantly reminded people of an unconventional leader that would rise to power in a western democracy. This was seen by the press to be a great challenge to Kenya and also to Africa in large as indicated by Sospeter Nyongesa in the Kenyan standard digital (Nyongesa).

The Canadian press is also known for portraying Donald in different ways. According to the MacLean’s, Canada has tried to figure out if Donald could happen in Canada. This has indicated reports on Donald and his supporters supporting gun rights and how they may take matters into their hands to keep Hillary Clinton out. He is viewed as a very irresponsible person in response to the above statement. Most wondered the kind of country Trump hoped to govern if he could win. He was portrayed as one of the regrettable outcome and a politician who does not care about other countries probably because his voters were in the US. The Canada media was always against Trump’s messages since most of them were against their will (Gillis).

In reference to the National post by Conrad Black in Canada, there were more follow-ups on Trump election and the polls being inaccurate were seen to reveal disrespect for the press by the public. A significant part of the media was uncomfortable with Trump and hoped that Clinton would be victorious. He was viewed to have won against the impossible odds. The Canada media had a very negative image towards Trump becoming the president of the united states (Black).

The Guardian also had its view on Donald Trump. It made different posts from different writers on the view of Donald Trump. Some of the media personnel aired too much of Trump

with a thought that his reign could soon end. Trump was largely criticized for banning some of the media from his campaign thus made them look for other alternatives to cover the campaign (Hepworth et al.).

In conclusion, both Kenya and Canada have almost a similar view on Donald as a politician. None of the media houses in the two countries seem to fully support Trump, and in most cases, he has faced criticism from them.

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