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The education system in United States of America is changing rapidly. Teachers are encountering several issues in the current era and are expected to encounter more complex issues in the near future. Teachers will be expected to put much energy and time on their professional development, so as to ensure that they are well prepared to meet the current and future challenges of education. The increasing trend of alternative education sources will force students to move from traditional classroom and explore the available choices. Such students will push teachers to acquire necessary skills so as to meets their needs.

Effects of Increased Privatization and Choice of Education to the Future of United States Education

According to Belfield and Levin, privatization of education is the transfer of education assets, activities and responsibilities from the government to private agencies or individuals. Currently, most parents prefer to take their children to private schools than public ones. This is because private schools offer substantial learning environment compared to public schools. However, it is quite hard to predict how the rise in educational choice and privatization will affect the future of learning curriculum in America. However, it is highly likely that teachers in private schools will lose some privileges, which they currently own. In this case, increased privatization and choice will highly likely assist in eroding the influence of teachers’ unions because most private schools will not allow their staff to form unions. In addition, most teachers will be forced to work harder compared to what they do currently. Since private schools pay their teachers considerable salaries, most teachers in public schools will pressurize the government to increase their salaries so as to be at par with private school teachers.

Impacts of Increased Dependence on Technology in Schools to The Future Education in America

Increased reliance on technology will make education more relevant to students’ lives. In this case, if classrooms rely more on technology, then most needs of students will be met. For instance, students will learn the education system and culture of other nations. In addition, students will have the opportunity to study online. Teachers will enhance their skills as they will be able to access most books via online. On the other hand, increased reliance of technology will result to a digital divide in United States. In this case, technology will create a gap between individuals who can access it and those who cannot. In addition, the society will discriminate individuals who cannot access technology. In this case, most organizations will prefer to employ people with experience in technology than those who do not have.

Impacts of Changing Roles of Government to The Future of American Education

The United States’ government plays an essential role in providing equal education opportunity to its entire citizens. In this case, the government finances public schools by providing them with learning materials and paying teachers. This has made it possible for both privileged and under-privileged children to attend school since it is quite affordable. However, currently, the government role is being replaced by public institutions and individuals. Such replacement of government role in education will bring about inequality among individuals. In this case, the disadvantaged students will not be able to attend private schools, which are quite costly but offer advanced education. Private school will capture most-experienced teachers who will impart needed skills to students.

Impacts of Increased Globalization to The Future of American Education

Globalization influences all aspects of life. Such aspects include; culture, education, trade, mentality and environment. Globalization connects different nations and enhances their cooperation. Increased globalization will enable the American education system learn diverse cultures and ways of learning from other nations. This in return will enhance the American education standards. America will be able to obtain highly experienced teachers from other nations who will impart necessary knowledge to students, thus improve the general learning curriculum. In conclusion, education plays an essential role in United States. An individual cannot obtain a good education if he or she is not educated. The U.S. government should be prepared on the changes that might take place in future. In this case, it should ensure that teachers are paid well so as to prevent most of them from shifting from public to private schools. In addition, the government should introduce technology in most schools and employ experienced teachers from foreign nation so as to enhance learning curriculum.

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