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                                                                                                    School Uniforms

School uniforms are worn primarily by learners or students to school or an educational institution. They are widely known and used in primary and secondary schools in various countries around the world. It’s presumed that the concept of public school uniforms would have caused a stir especially from parties seeing it as repressing student’s self-expression and an attempt to infringe on their individuality in the 70’s and 80’s. However, to date, many still oppose the idea of forcing students to wear school uniforms claiming that it deprives them of the freedom of expression. Those opposed to school uniforms believe students can use their dressing code to express themselves just as they can do with art, hairstyle or even music. Nevertheless, few schools still used public school uniforms in the 70's and 80’s. In 1994, the practice became prevalent when a mandatory districtwide rule was adopted in Long Beach Calif., that would make all elementary and middle school students wear school uniforms. Furthermore, in a 1997 state of the Union address, President Clinton included a pitch for school uniforms in the United States Department of Education and sent a pamphlet to every district countrywide on school uniforms and how they work. This was received with much enthusiasm (Lewin).

At the time of countrywide school uniform inception, school administrators witnessed great excitement from students, parents, and teachers from all cities. Perhaps, the idea was indeed brilliant. School uniforms would make it cheaper for parents to dress their children to school and would breed a lot of self-esteem and unity. Moreover, even kids who were initially opposed to the idea felt like they were being treated with more respect with uniforms even as required by law in the society. School uniforms would eliminate the unnecessary fashion competition at school and promote a sense of equality among students from all walks of life. The students also do not have to worry about what to and what not to wear to school on a daily basis thus save time and pressure.

School uniforms are actually a critical element in the life of students since they reveal their identity while also conveying a certain clear message about an institution. School uniforms also give learners a sense of belongingness as well as a place in the society. School uniforms are well justified in schools as they are part and parcel of students and it’s a necessity they require as citizens. School uniforms are paramount to revealing the identity of students as well as where they learn. Moreover, they can relay a clear message about a particular institution. This means they will serve as identification elements that demand due respect and recognition from the society. With school uniforms, it will be easier to identify students from the rest of the society and also find them when they go missing outside the school compound especially for juniors.

The different school uniforms worn by students from distinct institutions are typically specific to each of the schools existing which makes them feel unique. Furthermore, it expresses the students’ dedication and loyalty towards working for the school’s excellence and promoting it to higher academic levels. Uniforms give students a sense of belongingness that makes them identify with each other and combine efforts to achieve better results for their respective schools. The evaluation of the average mean score of classes is done to assess performance and compare schools in the district thus students from the same side should collaborate to emerge the best. Comparison among schools cultivates the culture of competition both in academic and non-academic or co-curricular activities. The identification through school uniforms also makes students proud of their school when competing with other schools. The uniform fully represents the symbol of the school. Lastly, school uniforms can teach discipline especially since children grow up to practice careers that may require them to put on uniform throughout the workplace such as nurses among others (Lemouse).

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