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Fashion and fine arts are two fields that rotate around the same circle that is creativity. These two different fields share a connection that connects the two together. In its own characteristic, art has pursued humanity all through its times as well as the world of fashion has similarly been identical to it. These two mediums share an association that is close (Divine 76). The paper looks into how art influences fashion, as well as how fashion affects art.

Knowledge regarding the history of art as well as the different art movements all through history and the way in which they have shaped our society in terms of helping us comprehend the influences behind works of art, methods, architecture as well as design that we view today. Cross-pollinating between the different disciplines in art allows an artist to continuously refresh one’s point of view and create unique work.

Divine(24) defines an “Art Movement” as a style in art that has a particular common philosophy that is followed by several artists within a restricted time period, such as a year or decade. There have been different art movements that have existed in the history of art. The literature on the subject of costume as well as fashion history is assorted in nature. Scholarly developments during the 1920’s and 1930’s created studies where both fashion and costume was given new psychological as well as sociological assessment.

Whereas costume history broadens from ancient times to the contemporary era, the volume of publications that are on the history fashion cover the time from the mid-to-late 19th century to the till presently, with importance on individual designers along with their work. The history of costume studies generally regards fashion as synonymous with stylistic change.

The roots of fashion are deeply rooted in self expressionism, a way of showing that the world of human personality by means of body adornment, in addition to clothing. Art also has a tendency of articulating the thinking of the artists transversely to the spectator, through the colors that have been applied so as to influence the mood that works of art bring about. These elements communicate a lot in relation to an artist as well as his style and personality, as much as ragged jeans and dark makeup could communicate in the context of self-expressionism in the world of art.

Art, along with its influence on fashion, has a very wide spectrum. In its own characteristic, art can diverge from fine arts, to the field of performing arts. In consideration of fashion, it may deal with so many things, varying from the clothing that one wears, to the footwear as well as jewelries, hair, beauty, and makeup (Roark &James 54).

During the past, the amount of collaborations involving fashion designers and modern artists has risen to a high degree— with the marketplace being drenched with exceptional hybrid efforts of this type. Whereas the intersection of fashion and art is scarcely a new trend, the nature of these partnerships fluctuates very much from the past. Modern literature defines the word “costume” as a dressing mode that is specific to a time period, or social class. The words “fashion” and “style” are frequently used interchangeably so as to point out a predominant dressing mode all through a given time.


Fashion design is a type of art. It involves the utilization of design in conjunction with aesthetics so as to produce items of use. Fashion designing refers to the creativity of designing clothing. Like many other forms of designs, art fashion design also has its components. Examples of key elements include silhouette, line, as well as texture. Fine arts is utilized in designing fashion clothes, which falls into two major seasons; summer and winter. Therefore, fine arts takes part in a key role in influencing the world of fashion.

Art is significant in the fashion world as it is a way of recreating experiences, communicating sentiments or echoing feelings of an individual or the masses. Fashion as well is involved in evoking emotions in additionto making statements regarding a person. Fine Arts have been in existence from the pre historic times. This is a constant type of creativity that flows all through the history as well as culture and into the current world. Forms of art such as paintings have had their influence particularly on the prevailing culture. For instance, African, Islamic, and Japanese art all have a strong connection to their culture.

In conclusion, art plays an imperative role in the lives of people. It assists people to be creative in addition to giving people a platform where they can express themselves. The influence of art on fashion is a significant one.


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