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Slowly and steadily, holistic healing is taking a center-stage in the Western Science, thereby institutionalizing the same. In fact, several patients are seeking new therapy forms, from their doctors and practitioners, in the Western countries. However, those professionals and scientists once denied accepting the effectiveness of alternative therapies, which are well-known in the Eastern nations. Apart from meditation, even yoga has a special place in the alternative healing regime of these nations. The main aim is to align the human beings’ spirit, body, and mind. The paper therefore, intends to portray how Western countries can accept the science of yoga and meditation from the viewpoint of Quantum Theory so as to promote holistic wellbeing amongst the population. 

Research Question

The research question for this paper is- “to what extent Quantum Physics can support the idea of healing the mankind by applying alternative medicines or meditation?”


H0: Quantum Theory cannot support meditation as a healing technique, for the patients.

H1: A strong relationship can be established between the Eastern healing method, meditation and the Quantum Theory.



In the genre of Quantum Physics, unified field theory is the most relevant one corresponding to the alternative healing tactics. For instance, according to this framework, all the perceived matters manifest from the collapsing of the energy field, based on the waves. Some of the healing techniques such as Reiki and quantum touch therapy are based on universal consciousness, which is again profoundly linked with the aspects of Quantum Physics. In order to dissect the nitty gritty of QP, consciousness must be understood. The ancient texts articulate how consciousness is more about an omnipresent field, which is exactly like the universal ocean[1]. Thus, the consciousness of the individuals is also similar to the ocean waves, which Quantum Physics is conforming steadily. On the other hand, transcending is an experience where waves settle down deep down in the ocean. An individual can also recall the structure of mind portrayed by Sigmund Freud, long back. It resembles the shape of an iceberg. The contemporary scientists compare the body-mind relationship with a computer. For instance, millions and billions of calculations are done by the microchips per seconds, inserted within a computer. In a similar mechanism, the brain also possesses billions of electrical circuits and processes, thereby giving rise to the consciousness of the individuals. However, brain has a little role to play in the meditation, rather only a part of the task is performed by the same. Since a long time, people have tried to silence the mind, forcefully, during meditations. After all, the brain is continuously active for its electrical mechanism. Therefore, transcending is synonymous to deep rest and not complete sleep. It is the part and parcel of meditation. In fact, it is that state which activates the human beings’ self-healing energy. The Medical School of Harvard found that the oxygen consumption is definitely more than the active state, in deep meditation.

Roger Penrose, the British physicist linked between the consciousness and quantum mechanics, in 1980s.

Entrainment and resonance

Arguably, resonance is largely responsible for the movement of subatomic energy to the galaxies. For instance, the sound waves easily transfer the air from the strings to the guitar. The same frequency objects always tend to resonate. The energy is transferred from one object to the other when resonance is at play. On the other hand, two objects at different frequencies but similar tune are in the hands of another energy mechanism called entrainment. It is that process via which alignment of energy and movement takes place so as to match the phase and rhythm. Unsurprisingly, the same energy is also observable in the human being’s biological systems[2]. For instance, frogs and crickets find similar rhythm and subsequently coordinate to one another’s sounds. At times, it happens with women sharing their houses or living together often find that their menstrual cycle match rhythmically and fall on the same date of a month. Similarly, when two objects have distinct frequencies end up vibrating at same vibration, eventually. In such a situation, the objects vibrating at lower frequencies will match theirs with the higher ones or vice versa can happen too. If nothing then at least their frequencies will meet somewhere in between. In alternative healing of quantum touch, the healers learn how to increase their hands’ vibrations to tap in cosmic energy via higher frequencies. As a result, it is also deducible that the cosmic energy has higher frequencies.

Theory of entanglement

Interestingly, the body’s healing ability which is innate in nature often gets taken for granted, according to the Western civilization. Quantum entanglement occurs when groups or pairs of various particles interact or generated, where each particle’s quantum state can hardly be described independently. Physics revolved around solid state in the initial stage of its evolution. However, Quantum Physics turned everything upside down. The energy’s behavior is different at the quantum level, which was confirmed by the double slit experimentation of Radin. On the other hand, the human mind is never confined to merely its physical brain. The body itself is the consciousness’s holographic projection. Thus, the individuals should have robust control over their bodies, thereby showing a general intention to heal the same. Alternatively, the electrons can sometimes behave like waves, while other times they possessed the characteristics of particles[3]. On a similar note, the human mind also encompasses the body’s blueprint, just like the relationship of a molecule and an atom. In one study, it was deduced that the telomeres were also moved by the mindful meditations. They actually shorten with the growing ages. Therefore, meditation is the state where the human consciousness can be elevated to the highest level for healing selves.

Entangles particles, in QP always remain linked. As a result, when action is taken for one particle, the effect can be seen on the other. The segregation created by distance also does not affect this phenomenon[4]. Thus, the above-mentioned characteristics negates the local realism doctrine. In this concept, it is considered that mediation only occurs when immediate surrounding interaction takes place.

Lower frequency vibrations

The human bodies are merely made of energy, if broken down from a matter. Further going down, only super strings can be discovered, purely consisting of vibrating energy. In return, the kind of matter formation also depend on the strings’ frequency of vibration.

The people suffering from chronic diseases, stress, anxiety, depression, and other fatal illnesses are trapped within negative energies, which can also be termed as lower frequencies. Therefore, higher cosmic energy, rather universal consciousness is needed in order to eradicate the human beings’ diseases and negative energies[5]. Some of the Eastern energy healing methods are Qigong, Meridian Tapping, Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, and many more. They all are based on the harmonization of bodies energies.

Case study

The studies expound how the bio-photonic emissions indicate the individuals’ illness or health status. In other stances, it has been identified how the meditative practices can extensively regulate those emissions. Thus, the case study will portray the very possibility of transferring energy between two parties, with simple fortification of intentions. Interestingly, the process can be also be documented via use of proper tools. For instance, one of the healers used TsaRlung, a meditative practice of Tibet on a healthy individual. The tools implemented for this project were the FUTURE and FAST video cameras. On the other hand, the setting chosen for recording the energy-transfer experience was an empty room[6]. Both humidity and temperature were also kept under control. Earlier, the two participants of the experiment never came in contact. The results indicate glimpses of energy shifts from the giver to the receiver, in those active sessions. As a result, the nature of this case study was purely observational in nature. It also implies an intentionally created energy is prevalent in bio-photons emissions form. Other than these, the energy can be created by human beings themselves. In fact, the study opened a pathway to conduct more experiments on these emissions. However, sophisticated and detailed recording tools are needed to conduct these types of researches. Alternatively, it cannot be denied that high amount of investment is also needed for the same. Indeed, these energy-related experiments are worthy to save the mankind from destructive lower frequency energies.

Further discussion on the case and bio-photons

There is hardly any organism which does not emit a weak spontaneous light. It mostly occurs when no such external photo-excitation is evident, which is a part and parcel of the metabolic process. The naked eyes are unable to reach those emissions. In many parts of the globe, the scientists have conceptualized the study related to bio-photon emission as the measurement of bio-fields. They can be applied to understand the health condition of human beings. Even it can also be held responsible for the inter and intra-cellular interaction. Previous researches were conducted on the plant species. In fact, it was noticed that the mechanical injuries increased the outflow of bio-photonic emissions. Whether it is in human beings or plants, the injured or stressed cells tend to emit higher number of photons in comparison to the healthy cells.

In another study, where the respondents were divided into three distinct groups, deciphered that the no-meditation group emitted almost 17 and 27 percent more bio-photonic emissions than the OM and transcendental meditation clusters, respectively. In fact, the team which engaged in chanting OM emitted the most relaxing vibrations.

Energy systems in human beings

In Eastern medicine, light is derived from both the five elements and the human mind. As a result, the same genre also supports the idea that light can be emitted by the human body. One of the profound concepts related to this mechanism is subtle energetic physiology, which actually refers to an individual’s energetic system and its flow of energy[7]. For instance, both meridians and chakras discussed above are amongst the energetic system of human beings. Therefore, the alternative practices go deeper into the cell and work. The healing process is also relatively slower but long-lasting.

TsaRlung practice, chakras and strength of authentic intentions

Conversely, less familiar practice of Tibetan TsaRlung revolves around Tantric principles. Apart from Tibet, other Asian countries such as India and China also implement this method for spiritual growth and healing. However, TsaRlung teaching is transmitted from one generation to the other, orally. In this case, the transmission of energy is both conscious and intentional, which takes place via heart and hands. Intentions are set by the healers through visualization. The cosmic energy is transmitted via different channels such as the head (crown chakra), heart, and palms. It also means that the healer himself is also benefitted by the same. Furthermore, the deep meditations also induce the production of both delta and theta rays, which is pivotal in relaxations. Once more even in this scenario, entanglement is highly observable, as one particle’s destiny is determined by the other, no matter what their distances are. Moreover, the recent dimension of space as well as time is not linear, rather the smallest action is potent adequately, to create far-fetching consequences. A cell biologist, Bruce Lipton has also demonstrated that the human beliefs are responsible to create the individual biology, thereby negating the incorporation of pharmaceutical drugs and chemistry as the primary methods, in healing and health sectors. The physical world, also known as the perception of matter helps an individual to stick to the perception of time, rather the opposite is truer in every sense[8]. Contradictorily, a healer is able to penetrate the illusion of both time and space, so as to assist recover a person from illness. For instance, in theta healing mechanism, the practitioner pacifies the brain waves of self, to reach the lucid dreaming stage.


It can be inferred from the above-study that the meditation methods utilize the subatomic and atomic energies, present in the universe. Most importantly, the blueprint of universe can also be observed within the human bodies, where brain is the controller. For instance, it directs the higher cosmic energy to travel inside the body and heal an individual. On the contrary, string theory states that the electrons may decipher the features of either a particle or the waves. Arguably, required amount of oxygen required for healing can be consumed by the individuals when they rest in deep meditative state. In fact, the same is more intense than the delta stage of sleep. The body has an innate capability to provide healing or higher vibrations to the cells possessing much lower frequency of vibrations. Undoubtedly, it is that technique which Easterners call energy healing. However, in midst of all these technicalities, the primary role is yet played by none other than the human beings’ true and strong intentions. Hence, here, the spirit is an individual’s intentions, whereas the mind is the deeply silenced meditative state, which can channelize their energies for recover the ailments of human body. In simple words, it can be argued that the Quantum Physics establishes how everything is tied together, within an energy field. It also consists of various responses and realities possibly manifested from the human beings’ feelings and thoughts. Last but not the least, the mind-body alignment is the major aim of Eastern healers, which the Western medical science completely negates. After all, the Entanglement theory says how the two particles can remain bonded beyond time and space, if they are linked with one another, in some or the other way.




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