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Love: What Keeps the World at a Sanity Level

Love is one of the attributes that is mostly human beings. However, it has been an elusive concept to many. From the toddlers, to the young, the teenagers and the elderly alike are all seeking and want to feel loved. We all want to love and rec...Love:-What-Keeps-the-World-at-a-Sanity-Level …

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Mandates and Family Involvement

Parent involvement was a major component in the Education of All Handicapped Children Act, the first government customs curriculum law. Every reauthorization of the law has reinforced and developed parent as well as family involvement in the train...Mandates-and-Family-Involvement …

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Diversity of gender and age on television commercials.

Introduction The diversity of gender as well as age in TV commercial is a good marketing strategy that is more inclined towards market segmentation which is more effective in getting a good market position. It is true to say that segmentation of the...Diversity-of-gender-and-age-on-television-commercials. …

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