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How to Choose an Outstandingly Successful Essay Writing Agency

Choosing an essay writing service is very challenging when you don't know what you really want ... your grades are determined by the kind of agency you shall choose to write your academic essays including research papers. Your essay agency is not...Read More

~Posted on Sep 2018


Choosing an essay writing service is very challen...

Choosing an essay writing service is very challenging when you don't know what you really want ... your grades are determined by the kind of agency you shall choose to write your academic essays including research papers.

Your essay agency is not going to like this post - Because, I’m outing them. When ordering a paper, most websites will request a couple of things from you. These include subject, topic, number of pages or words, the deadline and maybe attachments for the assignments if you have any. The websites will then calculate your price for the order. Along with this comes the promise of matching you with a professional who will deliver your plagiarism free essay within the shortest time possible. It is easy for you to fall for this kind of promise because let’s face it, you need the essay done with all the attributes the website has promised. However, how do you identify a true professional essay writing agency from a scam? Here are a couple of red flags I would watch out for when hiring an essay writing agency.

•    The pricing- Writing agencies hire professionals to handle your paper. These professionals need to be paid for the services rendered. When you get an agency that charges very low price, you should think twice before contracting them. This might just be a scam waiting for you to pay then run.

•    Disinterested in specifics- Most agencies will request specific requirements of your assignment. In most cases, there might be a back and forth communication between you and the agency trying to get the specifics if the instructions are not clear. If an agency doesn’t seem interested in this, you might want to avoid that.

•    Full upfront payment- Most legit agencies will request full payment upon request of a paper rather than partial payment then the rest of the share after delivery. If an agency requests partial payment, you might want to avoid doing business with them since they will only lure you into depositing a payment which will never be refunded and you will never hear from them again.

•    Unrealistic promises- As a marketing strategy, some agencies may promise to deliver the work within an unrealistic short period of time. You know the work that will go into doing your essay. Therefore, you would have an idea of how long it would take for your paper to be completed. Do not fall into the trap of a scam.

I hope you find these tips helpful in your quest to find the best agency to handle your essay. Remember, your due diligence is the most essential thing when dealing with a new agency.

Fire Your Essay Agency.

Is your agency making you purchase a pre-written essay? How sure are you that you that the essay has not been submitted elsewhere? Buying a pre-written essay should be not an option for you. The role of an essay writing agency is to follow your instructions since you are the boss and not the other way round. As much as they have the technical know-how of doing the assignments, they are obliged to follow your request to the letter, if not fire them and hire an agency that prioritizes your requests rather than one out to make money.

Another reason to fire your agency is if they produce poor quality content. Most agencies will promise to produce an A essay, but after submission, you find that it is way below expectations. You should never compromise on your grade, and therefore if your agency has been consistently producing poor performing essays, it’s time to fire them.

Lastly, time is of the essence. Agencies will always have a team of writers ready to handle your assignment. It is, for this reason, I believe that they are supposed to submit your essay in time. If your agency fails to meet the deadline, chances are that the paper produced was done in a rush due to work overload on the writer’s end. As a result, you receive a poorly written paper. This will automatically affect your grade. It is for this reason that you should not accept an essay submitted later than promised. Your agency should always prioritize on you. If this is not the case for you, I’m afraid it’s your cue to move on to another agency that values you.

Reality check #1: If you’re unhappy with your agency, give notice today.

There are hundreds of essay writing agencies online today. It is hard to find one that fully satisfies your needs. For you to be fully satisfied with an agency there are a number of factors to consider. Some of these factors include;

•    Communication- A good agency is supposed to have a fully functional customer support team running 24/7. This way, you may be able to communicate with the administrators on the progress of your paper. Good communication channels also allow easy communication with the writers if there are any queries.

•    Revision offer- Sometimes your essay may need minor adjustments either corrections from your professor or ones you may have requested on your own. A good and satisfactory agency is supposed to provide that without charging you even a penny for it.

If your agency is falling short on any of these factors, it’s time to give them notice. Let them know you are not satisfied with their services and you would like them to improve. If not, look for a different agency that meets your needs.

Reality Check #2: You don’t need to compromise when choosing an essay agency.

I assume that for you to go to all that trouble of hiring an agency to write your essay is because you want to get the best grade possible. This means that getting a lower grade than you expected is unacceptable. Every agency on the internet will promise you heaven, but very few will get you there. Other than good grades, you should not compromise on the time taken to deliver your essay and also the quality of the content. You might be shocked to find out that some agencies hire individuals who learned English as their second language to handle your essay. Do not compromise on any of these. If you notice some errors on your paper that even you wouldn’t make, request for a revision if not, a refund is in order.

There are hundreds of agencies that can handle your essay; some are legit, others are just scam. It is always advisable to research on the one that interests you. Learn as much as you can about them before you get into business with them. With proper research, you will never be disappointed.

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