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Donald Trump is a United States presidential candidate while David Cameron is the sitting Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Both politicians were born I well off and affluent families that set the stage for business in Trump’s case and a thriving political career for David Cameron. Trump was born in 1946 to a real estate developer in New York where he also worked for his father’s company and later joined it (D'Antonio, 76). Upon taking control of the company in 1971, he rebranded the company to bear his name building himself a solid business empire after that. David Cameron on the other hand as born in 1966 to a stockbroker father named Ian Donald Cameron, who was a retired and the mother was the daughter of Sir William Mount. His grandfather was Alexander Geddes, who built the famous Blairmore indicating a sense of affluence in the early lives of the politicians. It is arguable that the social status and social backgrounds of the families of the two politicians played a significant role in their success. On their political party affiliations, Trump is a Republican while Cameron is a conservative (The Commentator). Ideologically, membership to the two sides means that they are relatively more moderate and agree on reducing the size of the government. They also agree on decreasing the government regulation on a lot of issues although the Republicans are much more firm in the issues than the conservatives.

Both Donald Trump and David Cameron have a moderation stance on the issue of abortion. Abortion being legal in the United Kingdom by a move by parliament to curb the underground abortion industry. Parliament had set a limit of 24 months after conception as being the period to have an abortion and Cameron as if to indicate his belief in human life even at infancy, stated that he would have the abortion limit revised from 24 weeks to 20 weeks (The Commentator). The abortion debate is a heated one in the two countries with those that oppose it citing the fact that life begins at conception. Donald Trump as if to agree with Cameron, indicated that women that engage in abortion in an unlawful manner should have some legal consequences or rat6ther punished for it. According to Trump, abortion should not be legalized for everyone but should only be a reserve of rape cases or an issue of health complications as may be directed by a doctor. He does not believe in the policy of allowing women the right to engage in abortion as they find it fit but indicates that abortion needs to be controlled a stance mentioned in Cameron’s policies. 

Trump and Cameron also have a characteristic deviance and also differences in styles of leadership and also policy positions from the political parties that they are affiliated. David Cameron on numerous occasions of referring to himself as affiliate conservatism, but in the contrast, he is busy implementing Tony Blair’s fourth term New Labor agenda. His agenda in numerous occasions have generated some criticisms with the Conservatism feeling that he is going overboard or rather forgetting his conservatism roots to the presidency. Moreover, Cameron asserts that the growth of the country cannot be reliant on either extreme of ideologies but should be a blend of all the right characteristics of the various ideologies held in the nation.

Similarly, Donald Trump has over time been described himself a conservative Republican although he is running for the presidency on a Republican Party ticket. He has been an icon of controversy with his political positions with some observers describing him as being eclectic and improvisational (Fried, 44). His stances with illegal migration where he thinks they should be taken where they came from, free trade agreements policies as well as military interventionism and his support for social security has in numerous occasions put in him in conflict with Republican party establishment positions (Ahler and Broockman). He has on numerous occasions reiterated that he is flexible and capable of changing at any given time. it is an issue that is echoed by the fact that he has previously run for presidential candidature on other party tickets including Democrat party changing the tune in no time. He was also a perceived staunch supporter of the Democratic Party being a donor and public supporter of the party but announced his candidature in 2015 on a Republican Party ticket which may be perceived as ironic in some cases (Ahler and Broockman).

Another major similarity between Cameron and Trump is that neither man is exactly what he publicly claims to be and is also very moderate conservatives. Donald Trump would like to bring out an imagine of a flamboyant and less emotionally attached individual that is full of controversy to the extent that onlookers wonder why Americans seem to be favoring the Republican candidate (Ahler and Broockman). Trump has also brought out an image of being an extremist which is not the case at all. All that Trump has been able to achieve in the recent past is create the faith and also the promise of offering security in all aspects of the society. Security is an important part of human development and fulfillment, and therefore, the promise of providing safety in health care, economy, and education and even on the immigration issue is what has been winning the hearts of Americans and not his arrogant and public display of controversy. More voters have indicated fatigue and unwillingness to listen further to candidates that selling explicit ideologies on the remedies they face and just want to feel secure and their interests protected which is what Trump is offering the American electorate (Hooper). Trump is further not what he claims to be since over the years he has been a strong Democratic Party donor and supporter and also held positions that indicated his position. He was also a good friend of the Clintons (D'Antonio, 102-107).

It is an approach that also worked very well for Cameron, who is a self-declared Conservative (Bale, 102). The David Cameron general election victory indicated that in as much as some of the minority still critically looked at the ideologies as well as the move from the consensus politics, the majority of the electorate in Britain sought for the party that offered and they believed would provide them with security. In his speech after winning the election, Cameron made clear indications of being a leader that calls himself a conservative bit is willing to use the machinery and resources of the government to deliver social and economic outcomes that he wants (Bale, 102). Cameron made the promise of building physical, economic and social; security over and above the freedom of individual liberty of the people. As is the case with the success that Trump is witnessing following his offer of a similar style, that has what won the elections for Cameron as is winning the primaries for Trump in the United States. Cameron and the Conservative’s ran for elections on a platform of stability and security as the principal objective were not thrilling, glamorous or inspiring but it offered them the edge they needed over their opponents. It is a similar fashion in the case of Trump, wherein as a much as he is not very popular for his earth moving speeches, promises, and ideological prowess, he can tackle the issues that Americans face in a unique and fearless fashion that offer a sense of security to the electorate.  

 may argue that David Cameron as a sitting Prime Minister is an indication of all that is ideologically vacuous and wrong in the modern British Conservatism, but it is the ugly looking strategy that won Cameron the elections (Kelly, 30). It is a similar fashion that Trump is using in America and is winning him the Primaries and increasing his popularity a presidential candidate in the country. The two may have diverse differences with Cameron being a sharp critique of Trump especially on the ideology of Islamism, but they have a lot more in common than meets the eye (Hooper). They may even sound and look like complete opposites I style as well as temperament, but both David Cameron and Donald Trump essentially play the same trick to the electorate and also have some resounding similarities. 

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