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The Fast and Furious franchise has to majority’s surprise become one of Hollywood’s top earners following seven installments of its action. Although industry insiders reiterated that the octane series was poised to become the next great franchise in Hollywood, its unreality, and theatrical fiction was an aspect that would have had majority reconsidering its success especially following the fourth series that was a bore (Harris). However, the last three series including Fast and Furious 7 have reshaped and got the majority of fans thinking otherwise. Fast and Furious 7 had an emotional send-off that was emphasized by the ending of the movie combined with Wiz Khalifa's tribute song to Paul Walker one of the main characters in the series that died following a car crash in reality. Below is an evaluation of the Fast and Furious 7 and how the Fast and Furious Franchise grew to become Hollywood’s greatest action-movie franchise (Harris).

The plot summary of the Fast and Furious 7

Dominic and his crew had left the life of crime and mercenary behind and had taken different routes of their lives following their defeat of the international terrorist called Owen Shaw that had presented a threat in their lives before. However, the sins of their past are daunting them and since Shaw’s brother Deckard Shaw is out to seek revenge against those that had attacked his brother. To make the matter worse, there is a Somali terrorist by the name Jakarde and another shady government official called “Mr. Nobody” in a race competing to steal a computer program called “God’s eye.” The terrorist weapon can turn any technological device into a weapon and hence the need for Dominic and his crew to intervene. Therefore, Dominic is forced to reconvene the team to stop Deckerd and retrieve the computer program from the terrorists while trapped between the power struggle existing between the terrorist and the United States government (Fast & Furious 7)

The principal characters in the movie are:

1.      Dominic Toretto.

He appears in all the films in the series apart from the second one in which he was mentioned. He acts as an elite street racer, auto mechanic, and an ex-convict. He is the brother to Mia and the husband to Letty Ortiz. In the Fast and Furious 7 he is the brother in law to Brian O’Conner following Mia’s marriage to him. In Furious 7 Dominic is out to seek revenge and protect his family against Deckard Shaw, who is revealed to have been behind the crash that killed Han in the Tokyo drift and had destroyed his home in an attempt to assassinate the family. He reunites the crew that had gone their different ways to stop the terrorists from using a potentially destructive weapon called the “God’s eye.” Dominic is a tough and street-smart individual in the film (Fast & Furious 7)



2.      Brian O'Conner

He appears in all the films in the series apart from The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. He was once an undercover agent that had infiltrated Dominic’s crew and later falls in love with Mia, the sister to Dominic. He allows them to escape and goes rogue and because of the friendship between him and Dominic, he joins the team and becomes a street racer as well. In the furious seven he is the brother in law to Dominic, and they have a child with Mia. He is working with Dominic and the crew to stop the terrorists and protect the family against the attacks from Decker and promises Mia that the job is going to be his last one so that he can be there for her and their son. He was portrayed by actor Paul Walker that died in a car accident in October 2013. The writers of the film had to make changes in the movie since he had not completed filming the Furious 7andf they decide to retire him from the film rather than kill him (Romano)

3.      Mia Toretto

Mia is Dominic’s sister and Brian’s love and mother to his son in Furious 7. Mia is also a good driver having grown with Dominic and their race car driver father. She is, however, not involved in the team’s mission of revenge against Deckard who had murdered Han her close friend, and blew their house in an attempt to kill them. She stays home to take care of jack their son and is worried about Brian being killed in action. She is last seen playing on a beach with her family as the rest of the crew watches. She is portrayed by Jordana Brewster (Fast & Furious 7)



4.      Luke Hobbs

In the fifth series, he is an agent out to bring down Dominic and his crew but later joins forces with Dominic and his crew to bring down Hernan Reyes and steal his money. They also work together to bring down Owen Shaw in Furious 6. In Furious 7 Deckard attacks, him at the station leaving him severely injured and they work together with Dominic to bring Shaw and Jakande down. Dwayne Johnson portrays him.

Fast & Furious has been a vehicle for aggressive behavior and muscle flexing with breaking being for losers (Harris). A movie involves tricks that go against a majority of laws of physics with the stunts made. However, the franchise has experienced changes in its course from the first film to the seventh one. It has come to attract the attention of most movie lovers especially with its motor tricks and even though it is intensely fictions with some tricks on street racing, they have managed to keep the films interesting and entertaining. The Franchise has grown to become one of the biggest and profit-making franchise, in the Hollywood action movie (Harris).

Furious 7 portrays the characters of Dominic and his crew as having retired from the street crime and not their usual plotting to commit crimes as portrayed in other films before. They have settled and parted ways until the peace is disturbed by Deckard Shaw in his revenge mission against the crew. Unlike the other films where Dominic and his crew had been on the offensive in that they are chasing after someone, in Furious 7 it starts while they are on the defensive for their lives. They are also working for the government without any criminal records on any of the crewmembers.

Following the death of Paul Walker Portrayed as Brian O'Conner in the movie, the scriptwriters had to give the entire cast a break as they figured how to have an ending of the Furious 7 without him. Instead of killing him as many anticipated, the writers opted to use his brother to finish the scenes and then decided to retire him instead of killing him. The film ends with a touching tribute as they part ways with Dominic and a song by Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth "See You Again" in the background (Romano).

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