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Richard Wolff on the Mondragon Cooperatives

Capitalism refers an economic or political system which is based on private ownership of the available means of production and their operation mainly for profit. Capitalism is characterized by capital accumulation, private property, voluntary exch...Richard-Wolff-on-the-Mondragon-Cooperatives …

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Research prospectus: single sex schools

Research prospectus My research will be research on single sex schools. In this kind of setting, children in individual schools, study in same sex schools separated from the opposite sex. The occurrence of this is during any time from adolesce...Research-prospectus:-single-sex-schools …

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Stages of Deployment and Their Impact on the Family

Military families experience a lot of emotional trauma when one is deployed. The impacts of the deployment on the family can be classified into five stages which take place since the appointment of a soldier to deployment to their return home afte...Stages-of-Deployment-and-Their-Impact-on-the-Family …

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