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8+ of the BEST Cheap Reliable Essay Writing Service Hacks and Tips

~Posted on Jul 2018

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Before you get too far with the idea of getting a cheap company this year (2018) that provide services in essay writing, you will need a few things which I can term as tools to know what will be the best service for you. You might agree that being in a position that you can be scammed your hard earned money is quite a pain and if given a choice you might choose not to get scammed by anyone at any given time. I have used the title Low-priced Essay Writing Service so that you might read this even before thinking about hiring an essay writing service so that you can make an informed decision that will translate to getting what you have paid.

An affordable essay service comes in as a viable option for those of you who most need services but since you can’t afford an expensive price tag which mostly might end up disappointing and getting you a half-baked paper with grammatical errors and improper sentence structures then you might want to read over these tips that will serve as a double portion to you since you will get a service that will help you with your essay and at the same time save on cost and the idea of being scammed will be something of the past after you get these handy tips that are too good to miss!


Tips for selecting a viable and affordable essay service


1.    Look for quality and value

You should know that cost and competency in the essay writing industry is king and cost shouldn’t be the only factor you look out for in a service which will write an essay for you, and you should also ensure that the company of your picking is competent in its dealings. If your essay is written only to find out it never followed the prompt you will be disappointed much, and you will have lost your money for a piece of digital paper that you can’t risk submitting.

2.    Do your homework

You need to be patient since you need the best, for the best service to write your essay and since you do not want a half-baked essay; take your time and do your research well. Come up with a few services which you will analyze once more to come up with the best of them all which is competent and is levelheaded priced; the cost of an essay is free on most websites, and you can check the pricing without even contacting support or anyone for a quote. Ensure you have asked questions which should be well answered in their FAQ section.

Beware of essay companies that:


3.    Want to write your essay as part of a package discount. This can be for example writing without referencing, writing your essay without focusing on third party material, for example, watching a movie in case of a movie review, audio listening and even going through multiple readings in case you have the sources from a book which should strictly be used when writing your paper.


4.    Do not have a working phone number and insists that there is a discount if you order immediately and the discount only applies if you order now. Avoid such a company, run and hide!


5.    Sell essay writing services on Twitter and Facebook. These companies do not rank well on Alexa rankings and even Google ranking which is the most vital ranking search engine. If you have found the company using third-party methods such as Fiverr, Twitter bots, Facebook spam messages ignore, don’t proceed with the deal, it won’t be worth it, it’s a bad sign and a sign of essay scam looming.


6.    Don’t have a Better Business Bureau BBB seal and isn’t secured by use of SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate displayed before the URL of the page. The SSL is meant for your safety as you browse its meant to establish a secure connection between a web server and a typical browser. (green padlock before the URL)-check a company’s identification and credentials by use of these security badges.


7.    Commence writing your essay even before you provide the sources and you haven’t made payment yet. Some tell their clients “we will work on your essay, you can pay after its done” trust me that they will try and get as many details as possible from you and at the end they will threaten you, and you will pay for an essay which is plagiarized and doesn’t have anything to do with what you professor assigned. Just ignore the company and proceed to do your research at this stage, don’t give them any relevant information. Listen to what they have to tell you and look out for the bad signs.



8.    Claim to have worked on that specific topic, and the client got an ‘A,’ and they tell you that they can do the same for you if only you order the essay immediately. This means that you will buy a pre-written essay which has already been submitted by another student via Turnitin.com- you know what that means, don’t you?

9.    Claims to be endorsed by State Department of Education or any other government authority agency. This is awkward since essay writing services is a backdoor industry which should remain secret and better yet, no government agency can endorse any company. This is just common sense, and The Government can’t do that.

Good cooperation between you and the essay service will help you with your school work, and you will reap the gains in the long-term. However, you must select the service that is honest in their dealings since education is no joke in the USA and you might get expelled just because you were caught cheating. A good essay writing company which is at the same time affordable will ensure that your privacy is protected, your confidentiality is upheld, and you always get what you paid for. There are no shortcuts while vetting a cheap essay service and the seeds you sow now, will soon take root.


Just a recap:

1.    Look for quality and value

2.    Do your homework

3.    Package discount

4.    Working phone number

5.    Services on Twitter and Facebook

6.    A Better Business Bureau BBB seal and isn’t secured by use of SSL

7.    Commence writing your essay even before you provide the sources

8.    Claim to have worked on that specific topic

9.    Claims to be endorsed by State Department of Education

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