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From the first moment you are given that assignment, your mind will already be made up on whether you will do it yourself or buy an assignment from a writing company. Writing is a skill that many students have not mastered. On top of that, many students are super busy working to make enough money to pay bills and maybe even student loans. As much as you may want to write that assignment yourself, it may just simply be impossible due to a number of factors.

Writing your own assignment has its pros. Keep in mind that it is a skill that you can perfect with time and a lot of practice. On top of saving yourself a lot of money, you can assure yourself that the assignment will meet the instructions and requirements even if you can’t guarantee a good grade.

If you however find that you still can’t bring yourself to write your assignment and you decide to buy one instead, there a few important things you should look out for before choosing a writing service online.


7 Quick Tips Regarding Buy Assignment.


Privacy Policy


One of the things to look out for if you are considering buying an assignment online is the privacy policy. You will probably be providing some private information and you need to be sure that it will be kept private and confidential. You also wouldn’t want your professor finding out that you bought your assignment from a writing company. If you are not sure about anything in their privacy policy, contact them and ask any questions that you have in mind.




A superb writing service offers assignments which are original and plagiarism-free. Be very wary when it comes to this. Some dishonest and greedy companies sell the same assignments to different clients. The unsuspecting students then end up submitting the assignments and facing serious consequences or even worse, expulsion. Before buying an assignment, contact the writing service and ask whether they offer a free plagiarism report. If they do not, move on and look for one that does.




Another factor that should guide you is the reviews. Conduct some research online and check what people are saying about the writing service you are interested in. Good reviews mean the company is good. If there are any bad ones, assess whether they are valid or not.




Smooth communication between you and the person handling your assignment is very important. You can easily communicate with a writer and give additional instructions.  The writer could also have some questions regarding the assignment, it is therefore very crucial to have an easy and fast way of communicating with the writer or writing service. Competent websites have a live chat feature, where you fill out your details and you are immediately connected to a customer care rep or to the writer handling your assignment. This saves a lot of time especially if the assignment is urgent.




A good writing service will charge a reasonable amount of money to do you assignment and at the same time ensure that the quality is not compromised. It takes a lot of time and effort to come up with a good paper that will earn you a good grade. It is therefore very suspicious when you find a company that offers you a quality assignment for a very cheap price. The assignments are either recycled or the website is trying to scam you never to be heard of again. You should therefore be very careful.

Ensure that the price they quote for you is the full charge for the assignment and that there are no additional or hidden costs. It would be very frustrating for you to pay a certain price only to be informed later that there is an additional charge which was not quoted.


Guarantee Policies


Read through the website’s guarantee policies and check whether they have a way of protecting their clients. A money-back guarantee protects you in case the company does not meet your standards or they fail to submit your assignment. If either of these happens, they should offer you a full refund because the mistake is on their side.

They should also guarantee that they offer multiple revisions on purchased assignments. Some written materials may not meet your standards and may have to be revised several times until they please you. It is therefore very important to ensure that a writing service has this feature; after all you want to pay for something that is worth it.

Your responsibility in this step is to ensure that you receive an assignment that meets all your standards. This is very important because you could end up getting a really bad grade simply because you assumed that the writer got everything right and you therefore did not bother to read through your assignment. The blame will fall entirely on you and you cannot ask for a refund especially after submitting the assignment.

Another thing you should check in the guarantees policy is whether they are able to deliver your assignment within the time you have specified. This is very important because you need to hand in our assignment on time. Ask whether they can handle short deadlines because it might be useful in the future.


Level of Writing


This is very important. You need to ensure that the writing service is able to write your assignment according to your level of education. Assigning your PhD paper to a website that only handles college level assignments will have grave consequences because they don’t have the qualifications needed to handle that level of writing. Be very careful. If they have not specified this on their website, you should contact their customer care rep and ask.

Ensure that they are also familiar with the various writing formats. That is MLA, APA etc. You will definitely miss out on a good grade if you submit an assignment that does not adhere to the specified writing format. 

A competent writing service is also able to handle all forms of assignments thrown at them. Be it argumentative essays, book reports, persuasive speeches or persuasive essays to name a few; they can do whatever you want and they can do it right.


These are just some of the things you should look out if you decide to buy an assignment. As long as you are careful when choosing a writing service, everything should work out smoothly. Always ensure that you work closely with the writing service to make sure that they are doing the right thing. Majority of students are dissatisfied simply because they place an order and forget about it. Once they receive it, they submit the assignment without going through it with the assumption that the writer got it right. This is very wrong. Take it upon yourself to check that what you paid for is perfect. If you successfully adapt to this, you will never have any issue with these websites.


Just a recap what to look out for:


1.                  Privacy policy

2.                  Originality

3.                  Reviews

4.                  Communication

5.                  Pricing

6.                  Guarantee policies

                     7.          Level of writing

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