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 A large number of students are opting to hire essay writing services to cater to their writing needs. These acts cannot be entirely attributed to lack of motivation or laziness, with the ever-increasing demands on students; it can be difficult to juggle all these tasks at once. Essay writing is also an art that most people have difficulty mastering. The ability to come up with an excellent essay is, sadly, not for all students. Therefore, instead of messing up your grades, you may find yourself looking to hire this kind of services to gain some advantage. To ensure that you choose the best writers in the game, you should conduct some research before you choose to go down this treacherous path.


Tips for Selecting an Essay Service


1.    Read the Reviews


Before buying anything online, the first thing you should check is the client reviews for that particular website. This is especially important when hiring essay writing services to avoid getting scammed. You should go through all the reviews and note whether the feedback they get is negative or positive. If it is negative, you should probably run. Some websites have a bad reputation of circulating the same papers to unknowing students which, for obvious reasons, is very risky. There are also instances where you can pay for the services but end up getting nothing in return. Sadly, by the time you realize the whole thing is a scam, it’s either too late to make a claim to get your money back or the due date for the essay is right around the corner. Be wise enough to evaluate whether the complaints being made against the company are legitimate or just from the view of angry clients.


2.    Communication


Most legitimate websites have clear communication channels. They also offer a dialogue between you and the writer who has been assigned to work on your essay. This is especially important since direct communication makes it easier to make changes where necessary or give any additional information which is relevant in writing the paper. You can also be able to track the progress of the writer without any hustle and confirm whether the essay meets your standards early in the process.


3.    Go Through samples


Most essay writing services have samples to provide to clients if requested. This is a good way for you to assess whether they are competent writers who you can entrust with your essays. Ask for as many as you feel necessary on various topics that you are familiar with and carefully go through them. This will help you gauge their skills.


4.    Pricing


The next important thing you should check is the price charged for the essays. Websites that offer extremely cheap essays raise a lot of red flags. Most legitimate writing websites will charge a reasonable amount of money to custom write an essay for you. Acknowledging the amount of time and effort that goes into writing an essay; no one in their right mind will offer cheap services. You should, therefore, be extremely cautious if you happen to bump into those kinds of websites.

This does not, however, mean that expensive websites are legitimate. As stated earlier, look for a website that charges a reasonable amount of money to custom write your essay.


5.    Check the Guarantees


Go through guarantee policies and check what kind of protection they offer to their clients. A good website should have a privacy policy put in place to protect you since you might be sharing important information about you or your school with them. You also don’t want to keep worrying about whether your professor might find out that you submitted a purchased essay. This private data or information should be kept between you and the website you choose to contract with.

Their policies should also have some information on money back guarantees. There is always the likelihood that the website you choose will not meet your standards, if this happens to be the case, you should be able to get a refund from them, and they should deliver without any hiccups as long as you meet the agreed terms.

Another important thing to check in the guarantees policy is whether they can deliver work on the specified time and that they use sources which are up to date when writing essays.


6.    Plagiarism Reports


Legitimate websites offer plagiarism reports when delivering your essay. This acts as evidence that they are not putting you at risk by giving you a plagiarized essay. Before placing your order, you should contact their customer care representatives and confirm whether they have this feature. This way, you will be more confident when handing in your paper in the event that you decide to place an order from a particular website.


7.    Revisions


A good writing service offers multiple revisions to clients on written essays. You should not assume that a writing service will come up with a perfect paper on the first trial. It is your obligation as the client to go through the essay and confirm that it meets your standards before you submit it. If you are not content with what the essay writing service has handed to you; and corrections need to be made, the revisions policy should cover you. The writer responsible for writing your paper should make all the necessary revisions as advised to ensure that the final paper fully meets your standards.


8.    Level of Writing and Format


Another thing you should check into is whether the essay writing service can handle all levels of writing form college papers to Ph.D. so that you don’t make the mistake of assigning a paper that the essay writing service does not offer. You should also confirm that they can handle all forms of writing; from college application papers, argumentative essays, research proposals, narrative essays, and dissertations, to name but a few. A good essay writing service should be able to tackle whatever you throw at them. The other thing you should investigate is whether they are familiar with the various writing formats, that is, MLA, APA, etc.


These are just a few clues to help you out in the event that you choose to hire an essay service to help you with your various writing needs. You should be very cautious since you have a lot to lose if you don’t take the time to carry out enough research. Always trust your gut instinct and follow where it guides you. If you feel like you have any doubts about a certain website, you should probably steer clear of it to save yourself from the case of hard-learned lessons. Good luck!


Just a recap:

1.    Read the customer reviews

2.    Gauge their communication

3.    Go through provided samples

4.    Check their pricing

5.    Check the guarantees

6.    Ensure they offer plagiarism reports

7.    Ensure they offer multiple revisions

8.    They should be qualified to handle all forms, formats, and levels of writing


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