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Hunger games is a film about a dystopian society with a central government and division into districts.  It is an establishment that came after violence and chaos in the world. It is based on what used to be North America after destruction and ruins. The Hunger Games is associated with the 12 districts of the nation sacrificing a girl and a boy of between the ages of 12 and 18. They are taken to the capital Panem and are involved in a nationally televised game associated with survival as a tribute to the society and a reminder of what the nation came from.

The purpose of the Hunger Games film series is to help describe the nature of a dystopian society characterized by tyranny. The filmmakers try to explore the effects of lack of democracy and how oppression and social control can be very dangerous to society. The films try to represent a fight between freedom and tyranny. Panem is the main city in the nation where the government is centralized through the leadership of president snow. Snow is in control of all the political, social and economic aspects of the nation. The society is also forced into various occupations as part of the division of labor. District 12 is characterized by people working in mines. There is, therefore, a clear distinction between the ruling elite and subjects. The disconnect between the two sides is what creates problems in the film and results to the development of a revolution though Katniss Everdeen as the Mocking Jay. The main purpose of the films is, therefore, to show and represent a nation ruled by a dictatorship, the oppression and problems facing the society and also the strength of many against a few that leads to the development of a revolution (Saunders, 2014).

Hunger games are a film based on an adaptation of a young adult dystopian novel written by Suzanne Collins. It is a series of novels that follow the lives of two characters; Katniss Everdeen and Peter Mellark as two tributes from district nine who survive the hunger games and also lead to the development of a revolution that sets free the nation from tyranny. The Mocking Jay which is a pin given to Katniss becomes a representation of her as the symbol of freedom. The film stays true to the source material by its vivid description of the dystopian society characterized by poverty, hopelessness, and fear within the district while Panem is characterized by prosperity, development and wealth. The film also stays true to the actual emotions and feelings depicted by the novels and is guided by a very talented cast as well as experienced directors who take the helm of the film and bring the story to life. In the film, the Hunger Games are used by the capital as a distraction from the oppression and suffering the people in the district undergo. People are forced to watch the events live as they are televised nationwide.  They are games used to show them that they are part of something which they are not. They only hide the lack of freedom and voice and have to see some of their young ones forced to fight and kill one another. The tributes are chosen randomly and taken from their family and friends by force. The depiction of the attitudes of the society towards the games is a clear example of the way in which the film stays true to the events of the story (Ruthven, 2017).

The film has various strong points that include, great acting. The lead actor is Katniss Everdeen who is played by Jennifer Lawrence. She manages to offer an outstanding performance that shows a strong young woman forced to fight for her life and that of her family. She uses her skills in using the bow and arrow to fight for survival. She uses her strong will to survive and lead a revolution as the Mocking Jay and the symbol of freedom. Another strong point is the film’s ability to capture, raw emotions, and dramatic violence which is same as the novel’s ambitious scope and the main reason for its success. However, the film has shortcomings that include being too long (Lucey, Lycke, Laney, & Connelly, 2013).

The Hunger Games is a movie about a dystopian society, and it is similar to the Mad Max Fury road which is a film about society after a nuclear holocaust and living in a desert wasteland where there is no water. The society is ruled by a tyrant by the name of Immortan Joe who is in control (De Coning, 2016).

The film challenges people’s thought on matters of the current social and economic order by its depiction of a society with a great division between the rich and the poor. On the one hand, Panem which is prosperous and glamour and also where the ruling class is found, and then there is the 12 district which is characterized by harsh labor, poverty, lack of food hopelessness. There is also the depiction of suffering and death as a form of entertainment. This is a clear representation of what the hunger games are. Young children are taken from their family and forced to kill each other for survival. The games represent the lack of choice by the society as a result of lack of freedom. The film is, therefore, effective in making viewers think hard about how a society without freedom may look like.

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