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ARTICLE:  Write Up Form

Article Publication Date: July 16, 2015

Author: Jenny Berg



Summary of Article.

Just like the marketers, event producers are beginning to tap into the reference of the '80s and '90s pop culture. Brands are working around the clock to capture the attention of the potential clients; there is a new phrase: “nostalgia marketing” that is a buzz. There have been publications such as AdAge and Entrepreneur that have highlighted how the trend is being used for advertising by entities such as Microsoft and Calvin Klein.

The trend is coming into the events arena as they try to target the millennial. For example, Josh Murray the creative director of Extraordinary Events based in Los Angeles is working on an event based on a back to the Future theme. He argues that with nostalgia, one can target all the generations, which makes it safer than targeting a particular demographic.

Scott Miles argues that the Nostalgia marketing is bound to work better with the Millennials since it is an opportunity to get attached to a time that was simpler and brighter time. It is because of the difficulties that they face today and so the nostalgia offers the generation a kind of an escape from the pleasant experience at a dark time.

Bruce Starr of BMF Media Group argues that throwback always works. It can be in the form of music, games, or even acts. The nostalgic games can be used in internal events to bond the employees and in consumer facing events. The nostalgic events or things are what people want to attach to due to their uniqueness and the fact that they are different.

Therefore, the nostalgia trend is one that is bound to stick around for long. It is due to its universality in the application and its flexibility. It also offers the people the uniqueness and familiarity that they so much crave for in the contemporary society.  

What were some of the insightful points found in the article?  Do you agree with the article statements?  Why or why not?  You may use more space if needed!

·         People are looking for an experience that takes them to a brighter phase of life or time. I agree with the statement in that majority of the Millennials today feel that life was better some years back than it is now. There is a general admiration of the tranquility and brightness that seemed to have existed in the 80’s or 90’s as compared to date. Therefore, a throwback offers that escape and an experience that offers peace and hope shared over the years.

·         Throwback always works. It is an assumption that one cannot accept or reject with absolute certainty. It is because; some of the throwback trends are not to be revisited. Some throwbacks cannot work with the millennials regardless of how well they are done. At the same time, some throwbacks are very much appreciated today. For example on fashion and music but the event organizers or the marketers need to know the throwbacks that have a real appeal to the audience and those that do not.

·         Nostalgia marketing works best as it targets all the generations instead of having to target a particular demographic. The nostalgic promotions and marketing offers an advantage. It is because those that lived at the time are given time that they can fondly attach and relate to while the youths that did not live or experience e the time have their imagination stirred. It raises curiosity and offers a unique experience to the millennials while at the same time providing an experience full of familiarity to those that lived in the times.  The throwbacks are a good way to create a buzz and attract individuals from all generations. It also offers the new experiences that people are so much looking for in the contemporary society. 

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