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 START briefly describe the subject matter of the work and explain what you feel the painting is about, its emotional tone, or how it makes you feel. This is your overall SUBJECTIVE interpretation of the piece. The subjective impression is about your emotional response AND what you think the possible interpretations, symbols, or motivations behind the work. It is O.K. if this differs from the artists intent (if known), art allows for multiple view points!!

- THEN make a minimum of 3 observations where you analyze the formal objective elements of the piece and use these to support your subjective impressions. I should see a clear RELATION between your formal observations and subjective impressions. For the objective analysis you will be using vocabulary and ideas from lectures and chapters 1-5 of the book. Describe aspects like the work’s line, color, shading, perspective, or lack thereof. Consider elements like shape, symmetry, proportion, movement, composition, etc., etc!

- LASTLY give a brief conclusion wrapping up your overall observations of the work.

The painting brings out the emotion of calmness. There is a sense of calm and fluidity that comes with the picture. The colors are well distributed in the painting with different shades of blue, yellow, and other colors that are glittering. Looking at it brings out a sense of calmness even in the midst of the more bright color that looks like a flame of fire. It is the blue and the other colors that represent the nature of life. The world is full of beauty and all manner of things just as the sky is blue. By looking at the sky, you feel a sense of calmness and yet there are the rays of the sun that come right from above in the skies that add to the beauty of the sky. The other colors indicate the other things present in a person’s life that make it calm and makes one feel a sense of tranquility in existence.

The painter has also used the drops of water that are running through the colors. It may be the symbol of the raindrops that fall from the beautiful sky. The rain drops water all the other things that surround earth bringing in even more life to it. The rain also breaths life that further brings a sense of peace to a person that sees it. Moreover, the combination of the rain and the sun rays in the sky would make it have beautiful rainbow that contains different colors just as the painter has splashed the colors on the painting. Showing differing colors that are present on the moon. The colors are also spread all over the painting symbolizing the beauty that the skies, rain and the sun bring to the entire world that they are present without any form of discrimination.

The painting has some dark sides covered by the bright color and the liquid that makes them shine. It is an indication that the painter may have been motivated by the fact that the world may be filled with dark things that happen and may be full of darkness, but there is always the sky that opens up with its blue color. Additionally, the sun rises in the morning and hence bringing in light to end the darkness and the rain that comes to rejuvenate what seemed dead in the darkness. It indicates that there are no fixed problems in life. Nature will always find a way to offer hope, a lifeline just as the sun rises, and ends darkness in all places, the sky is blue in all ends and for everyone and the rain rains to bring back life. The raindrops have even made the dark parts that have no other color to be beautiful as they glitter. It means the darkness is no longer overwhelming but is illuminated and made beautiful. Indicating that there are no hurdles that one cannot face and beat in life.

The colors are evenly distributed on the picture ensuring that the weight of the painting is not on one side. The painter has used warm and cool colors as well as dark colors. The color was an important element that the painter used to create color harmonies, contrasts, unity, and variety in the images. The painter also uses red the colors to delineate space whereby blue came forward to cover the black in some cases. The color portrays the light that made it look like the ray of the sun. The painter made full use of the three primary colors, which are red, blue, and yellow. It made it possible to bring out the brightness of one side by placing two complementary colors next to one another. The painter the red and yellow together to make a bright side that looks like the sun. Color can also be used to create a mood or emotional quality, with varying intensities and hues, and combinations of colors, such as garish yellows and greens, dark blues and purples and it is this that the painter took advantage of to appeal to the emotions of the viewer.

The shading of the drops and the shape of a line and drops that seem to move downwards indicate a sense of movement in the painting. It is like an indication of movement of what appears to be water drops downwards. Having the painting perfectly fitting together with borderline brings the sense of warmth and the calmness because of the order keeping the eye of the view inside the painting. One of the lines that seem to extend diagonally and seem as though it splits the two sides also makes or look, as though it is hollow thus allowing the movement of the water drops that go down. It also divides the side we have the sky and the dark side.

The shape of the shadings in the painting are what makes the shiny parts look like a liquid and the other parts look like the rays of the sun. The painter used the shapes to bring out an emotion and appeal as to the exact symbol that they intended to bring into the mind of the viewer. The shapes that are also used vary in sizes and the value in that some are darker than others depending on the colors, and it is this that brings a different appeal to their purpose.

The painting is a very vivid and clear way to communicate with people. The painter has used the various elements to appeal to the emotion of the viewer and to pass on a message. It is the differences in the color, the shape, and the lines that indicate a movement that are the key to deciphering the message that the painting seeks to pass to the viewer.  

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