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In the contemporary society, the debate on the climate change and global warming has become a cause of disagreement among states, individuals, corporations and in the international community. An issue has more often than not caused a scare among scientists and the environmentalists with some of the stakeholders putting interventions to curb it. Climate change & Global Warming is the increased rise in the average temperature of the earth surface. Multiple studies indicate that the climate system of the world is warming and the temperatures going higher. With the increased scientific consensus of the apparent global warming, the chances for the ecosystem to adapt naturally are diminishing. There is a global scare and belief that climate change because of global warming is the biggest scare that is facing the planet and humanity. As a result of global warming, the climatic patterns have also changed resulting to extremities in the weather patterns. The situation worsened by the fact that evidence points to human activity as the primary cause of global warming that subsequently leads to climate change. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) indicated that the scientists are over 95% confident that the primary cause of global warming is the anthropogenic carbon dioxide and the greenhouses. Anthropogenic carbon dioxide results from the human activities. The carbon dioxide collects in the atmosphere causing a thickening blanket that traps the heat from the sun leading to the warm up on the planet. However, there is widespread disagreement on how to control anthropogenic carbon dioxide with some individuals citing the advantages it brings and others presenting the disadvantages (Muscheler, et. al., 2005).

The increase in temperatures is the primary effects of global warming that result from carbon dioxide produced by human activities (Battisti et. al., 2009). Other secondary effects of the warming up of the atmosphere are such as the rising of the sea levels. The sea levels may rise due to the thermal expansion of the sea or the melting of the ice from the land. It poses a danger to aquatic life and to those that live closer to the ocean. The patterns of precipitation have also changed tremendously following the global warming. The total annual power of hurricanes has been on a notable increase in the continued global warming leading to an increase in its intensity and the average duration that it takes. Bearing in mind that there is a correlation in hurricane power with tropical sea surface temperature, it means that the global warming poses even more danger if not curbed (Christopher, 2004).

Human activities that result in the emission of anthropogenic carbon dioxide have also resulted to extremities in weather conditions. The global warming that results from the emissions has been attributed to the unpredictable weather patterns and extremities. Some regions experience extreme drought and famine leading to starvation in some countries. There have also been indications of increased temperatures in some regions that had relatively cool temperatures leading to the destruction of crops and another plant. It threatens the extinction of some species of plants and foods (DiMento et. al., 2007). With low yields and destruction of food, there may be effects on the health of the populations and the danger of under nutrition among some areas.

An increase in anthropogenic carbon dioxide means that there would be an increase in global warming that poses a further threat to human life and of other species. United States Global Change Research Program indicates that with increased climate change, there is a significant risk of illness and deaths related to heat and heat waves. It also indicates a risk of the transmission of diseases through water, food, or insects. The social life of the populations is also under threat. It is so because, of the possibility of alteration of some of the indigenous practices (Battisti et. al., 2009). For example, those that live in the Arctic with the melting of the ice, they may find themselves having to change their social activities to adapt to the change. Additionally, with the destruction of indigenous crops it may change the economic and social activities of such groups to adjust to the change.

The anthropogenic carbon dioxide has its advantages. It is because of the activities that individuals engage in that lead to their emissions. Some of the carbon dioxides emitted in a greenhouse that are a crucial way to ensure high-yielding of foods. An invention holds great promise to the food security of the population since it offers an opportunity to control the conditions of the crops resulting in higher yields. The greenhouses have made it possible to produce food even in the driest and areas facing adverse weather thus saving millions of lives from starvation. Moreover, some other activities such as the production of alternative energy that results in an emission of the gasses are unavoidable. Some of the technologies are an integral part of human survival and great significance to making the life of individuals better (DiMento et. al., 2007).

Global warming has catastrophic effects on the human survival if not controlled. It is also caused majorly by the human activities because of technological advancements. However, some of the activities are an integral part in the survival of people and hence unavoidable. It is, therefore vital that the international community comes together to come up with regulations or control mechanisms for the use of technologies that result in anthropogenic carbon dioxide emissions. That is a classic way to mitigate the effects of global warming that pose a threat to human existence in the end if not mitigated. 

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