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Fitness can be increased in various ways depending on the areas that an individual tends to improve. Whether one ends to enhance their cardiovascular endurance, increase their strength, power and flexibility, there are various exercises that they would focus on. Some of the most frequent and efficient exercises are swimming, running, or cycling or weight lifting. The training that an individual decides to take up may be in groups or personal where one gets a personal trainer. They may have an instructor either outside or outdoor who guides them to attain the desired level of fitness. In the contemporary society, various programs free guide individuals to exercise even in the comfort of their homes (Hardman & Stensel, 2009). All the programs have led to the commercialization of the industry due to the increased awareness among the public on the need to live healthy through keeping fit. Increasing fitness has a vast range of benefits from keeping a good body shape that boosts self-image to living healthy and avoiding the lifestyle diseases that may come with effects of living unfit. Therefore, it is necessary for every individual to increase and maintain their fitness levels.

The first step to increasing the fitness level of a person is to do research and develop a routine. There is a need for the individual to know what they want to achieve then try finding out as much as they can on how to achieve such a goal. There is the need to know what foods are necessary what to avoid and what to take in more to achieve the level of fitness that is targeted. With the information, the individual can then be able to decide the right form of training as well and where they are to get the training. It is with the information that they can then be able to create a routine that will ensure that they reach their goal. The research is crucial to making a regular since one can be able to find out what to eat and the right form of exercise to do. The information and the routine could be developed with the help of a fitness instructor or through the internet sources or books on fitness (Brandon, 2009). There are also programs in the form of CDs and other media available on the market that can offer guidance and hence help the individual to develop a routine to follow.

There is a need to watch the diet that one takes during the fitness increment endeavor. The individual should ensure that the diet is healthy. There is a need to watch the calorie intake because it is the foundation for improving all forms of fitness (Brandon, 2009). There is the need to identify all the bad eating habits that one has and then work to change them. One should avoid emotional eating, overeating and regularly burn the extra calories. To create a healthy diet plan, one can consult a nutritionist or other reliable sources for information on healthy diets. One can also make small changes such as increasing their fruit consumption and drinking more water. Eating fruits in place of foods with saturated fats, avoiding drinks such as soda and take water and cutting down on eating fatty foods can make a significant difference and be a step closer to attaining the desired fitness level.

Exercises are a fundamental way to increase the fitness standards of an individual. There is the need to follow a routine of doing the exercises and be systematic in increasing the exercises that one is doing. For strength training, if one is doing weight lifting, they should start with a suitable number of sets or lifting and then increase them systematically with time. It is also essential that the training is regular and consistent. It requires a lot of personal discipline and motivation to keep up with the training plan. Failure to exercise routinely or regularly may just not work to increase the fitness levels to the desired levels hence the need to remain disciplined. Exercising for three to five days in a week with each session lasting thirty to sixty minutes is enough time and can result in yielding positive results (Hardman & Stensel, 2009). To increase fitness, it's not an easy task but is one that will require resilience and mental stamina for maximum results. The exercises should also be improving each time in that there should be progress in the intensity or time that an exercise takes. By ensuring that one does not reach an exercise plateau, it will keep the exercises interesting and engaging.

In conclusion, to attain a certain level of fitness or rather increasing fitness levels is an uphill task that requires commitment, discipline and a plan of action. There is a need to ensure that even before getting into the fitness increment session one is aware of what they need and seeks for professional help to make the right choices depending on the fitness goals that they have set for themselves. In as much as it is not easy to keep the routine, the advantages that come with increased fitness are priceless. One can avoid a broad spectrum of diseases and health complications that would result from being unfit, increase their strength and power, and at the same time improve their self-image. Therefore, increasing fitness is a valuable exercise that requires planning and commitment to achieve.  

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