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Love is one of the attributes that is mostly human beings. However, it has been an elusive concept to many. From the toddlers, to the young, the teenagers and the elderly alike are all seeking and want to feel loved. We all want to love and receive love back. At the same time, love has made many people do things that they could never imagine themselves do. Individuals have gone to heights that they never imagined they would all to win love of someone or something. It has become the defining factor and a primary cause of action for the majority of the people around the world. However, there is no definition that is universal and final (Kierkegaard & Soren). We all have our various definitions of love, but there are some universally accepted concepts of love. We all want to answer the query of what exactly is love in an effort to get to understand the paradox that comes with it. Love is a passionate, profound feeling of tender affection towards a person or an object.

Love is passionate and even at times can be obsessive to some people. When a person has a deep connection with another or for something, they tend to be attached to it. They keep talking about it, doing things to make the loved happy or to satisfy them. A person losses themselves to the urge to be with the one they love or to own a thing that they like. It is the passion that if turned to obsession and compulsion of sort that make people do crazy things that they would not ordinarily do (Lorne & Bruce).

It is a feeling and so is not tangible. It is not quantifiable qualitatively but is felt inside by an individual, and this is the more reason that it is not measurable or easily explained. For most people, it is hard to control the emotions within them, and so it becomes hard to control love (Lorne & Bruce). The feeling initiates a deep urge and wants that the person so passionately wants to satisfy and hence expect to be loved back or have a thing they are attached to.

Love is also a tender affection towards a person or object in that it is gentle. With love we want the best for the ones we love, we treat them with regard and also show a sense of care that we would not generally show to those or that which we do not love (Kierkegaard & Soren). It is this that can be used to explain the kind of attachment and warmth that a parent has to a child, why we have patriots that lay their life for the country and other acts of affection.

Urges drive human beings, and it is in their nature to adhere, our needs and calls that are usually in the form of emotions. People are also programmed to love and be loved, and that is why it is impossible to overcome the feeling. However, just like any other emotion, love can be controlled. In that, we do not choose who to fall in love with but we have the liberty of how to act towards such emotion. Humans have emotional intelligence that is fundamental to keeping them in check. We may not have a conclusive definition of love, but there are characteristic attributes of love. Love is what keeps the world at a sanity level. It is thanks to it that people take up careers to save lives while risking their own and also parents work tireless to provide comfort to their spouses and children. It is conclusive that love is a passionate, profound feeling of tender affection.

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