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The expressed story about James in the article “The vastness of the dark,” is a clear evidence that certain traits must be explored to understand the exact personalities exhibited by the individual. Ideologically, Other than being funny, James’ personality can also be identified based on his ability to respond to his religious attempts. James loved going to the church at his younger age (MacLeod 361). As expressed in the story, James often goes to the church until the morning routine in their home started humiliating his religious interest. His father, who is also described within the story as being bully regulated that no one had to wake up until he does so. Nevertheless, James could still recall the days when he uses to rush very early to the Catholic Church. Meaning, he is a very religious child. 

The manner in which James described his father indicates how funny he is. Being an imaginative individual, he used his understanding of his father’s behaviors to give a solid overview of his father’s position in his bedroom. He described the father in a funnier manner that depicts his funny character within the story. “With his arms and legs like this, as if he were prepared within his sleeping consciousness for any kind of unexpected emergency that might arise (MacLeod 362).” In fact, given his funny trait, he achieves a personality that promotes a credible response to his love for the family. He is a loving man. He loves those things that he cannot keep off his life like religion. His creativity is also achieved in the manner in which he responds to the entire story. The young man seems very creative following the manner in which the story is articulated within the article. One would imagine that the story is achieved in the form of a poem. His artistic character is perfectly manifested within the articulated context in which he perfectly showed his communication creativity.

The lazy character is the best term that can be used in describing the James tendency to wait for the second alarm before he could wake up. The first bell rung and that alone could not wake him up. He then waited for the loud snoring from his father that correctly acted as a potential and final alarm. With his legs apart, James is described in the story as being lazy. He felt like waking up, but rarely will he positively respond. What a sluggish man? It took James sometime before he could wake up from the bed (MacLeod 361). In this essence, it is relevant to conclude that other than the lazy character, James was also identified by both his sluggish and ignorant personalities.

The fact that James felt above all his brothers and sisters is also a clear indication that James is boastful. His statement, “I have always felt very adult and separated from my younger brothers (MacLeod 363).” By comparing himself with his brothers within the house, he boasts to be the best in the house to sleep at a given side of the hall. Moreover, such boastful personalities portray some sense of selflessness. He loved himself and defied the fact that others would also want to assume some aspect of respect within the house. For that matter, James would always be identified as an individual who preferred himself to others. He also feels boastful whenever he assumes a given position better than others. His pride personality marked all these. James was proud of himself. Given the pride James underrated other people. The fact that he described his grandmother as an old fool indicates how rude James is. Therefore, following the manner in which James described his father and despised his grandmother’s orders describing her as an old fool shows that James is a rude boy. 

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