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1.       The Sara Lee Corporation was started in 1939 which is a consumer goods company, Sara Lee is also a brand name for packed and frozen foods. The company intends to attract new personnel through proper enumeration to encourage more people to apply for jobs and also retain the current ones.

b.      Poor wages and enumeration of its employees, the company should properly enumerate its employees fairly and at a standard to other local companies.

c.      The company should train all of its employees and harness their skills to create a work environment that motivates its employees while working for the company.

d.       I would like to work for the company as it’s a globally recognized company and engages in ethical practice such as honesty and adheres to ethical standards. (Daniel, J. A., & Peters, S. R ,2014).  Its wages and enumeration are fair and offers training for its personnel and new recruits.


a.      It promotes employees wellness where it offers its employees vaccinations and yoga classes thus this promotes the health of its employees and their general wellbeing.

b.      Through its increased increase in its market size and number of stores, this growth into new markets can only happen through support of its employees who promotes the company’s goals and interest.

c.       The company offers motivation services such as yoga for free to its employees, this not only encourages the employees but also reminds them that the company is also looking out for their interest at the same time making profits.

d.      The company benefits all the stakeholders involved from employees to its customers. This it does by offering products that are safe and certified by meeting the set health standards. (Green, K. J., & Spadaro, N. J, 2014).  Also the company engages in ethical practices such as integrity and does not compromise on quality of its products.


a.       Its pay structure motivates its employees where all the employees are well enumerated and its promotions are based on merit where if a person qualifies for a higher job position there are promoted. (Huang, J., & Kisgen, D. J. (2013). Also it’s a great company to work for as the pay is good, employees union is strong, and health and dental insurance are also offered.

b.       The company does share its profits to its employees in form of cash bonuses and employees receive medical and dental insurance covers.

c.       It could utilize awards by giving back to the community through charity work and continue to uphold its commitment to quality customer service and satisfaction. Also by raising its personnel salaries and expanding into new markets to reach more customers and offer the same quality services for other companies to emulate. (Huang, J., & Kisgen, D. J, 2013).  Also by awarding its employees for attainment of the award through activities such as team holiday gate away and fully paid holidays.

d.      Yes, employees are allowed to participate in decision making and the day to day running of the business. Employees have a union organization that looks after employee’s interest and ensures employees are involved in the running of the business. (Daniel, J. A., & Peters, S. R, 2014).  Also the personnel at top positions are chosen from the employees thus are control managerial and the running of the company.

e.      By regularly reviewing its compensation strategy to meet the changing dynamics of the industry.


    The company’s main motivating tool is incentives in form of bonuses which greatly motivate its employees.

b.      The company offers profit sharing in form of bonuses and health insurance as the major profit sharing avenue the company uses to share its profits.

c.      By offering a flexible benefits program to its employees which includes a health saving plan, life insurance and medical insurance.

d.      They increase the company’s performance by motivating its employees hence its profit margins increase though the programs do shrink the company’s profit.

e.     This programs motivates one positively and makes one more enthusiastic about their job and also increases ones productivity.

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