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The security of this country is increasingly in the world today. As such the topic of gun control and arms proliferation is increasingly attracting concern from major international bodies and organisations. It is with no doubt that Peace and war have an interrelationship that seems to show the indifference of their connectivity. Gun control refers to the measures that control and limit war. The experience of war calls for need of peace while experience of peace follows the impacts of war. As such, the perception of peace and war is critical since war may write off many years of peace experienced in any epoch. Given a chance to define, one may summaries war as the absence of peace and peace as the absence of war. As such, this presents the conflicting aspect of peace and war. This paper, therefore, advances to illustrate the conflicting war and peace in a community focusing on the presence and absence of war and peace.

Tracing the history of this local community confirms that arms control, especially gun control has a significant relationship to human civilization that was built from many years of productive peace that enabled the development of agriculture, rural areas, as well as expansion of peaceful trade with neighbouring communities. However, the recklessness and irresponsibility of those handling arms such as guns pose a threat to the security of the people in light of civilization and development in these aspects. Instances of rage and war have provoked people to use arms recklessness to harm others without considering the consequences. Rage and war have an optional vision of peace construed by actions of war. Although it is taken that the attitude towards the conflicts of peace and war is complex, a lot of regard is given to efforts of identifying peace.

Conflict between War and Peace amid guns

Warfare in the history of the world dates back to 221 BC marked by nobility, custom restraining, and command of larger populations, which translated in development in their agricultural activities like. The warfare atmosphere experienced a reducing number of rivals. Eventually, unification of rival society brought peace and development symbolized by hoeing and festivals. Experience of the breaking of the feudalistic government system brought a new type enjoyment in the autonomy of the court, schools and traditional orientation of their lifestyles.

The notion elicited during this period advanced that agriculture and war were a necessity foundation for a successful society. In the same line, the use of guns with controlled measures enables one to be guaranteed of his or her own security. In fact, military leaders currently apply this thinking as a significant text that safeguards the assets of the citizens against any future wars. This implies that even at the time of making peace, one is construed to prepare for war. Furthermore, it was illustrated in the confusion school.

In undertaking any tasks, arguments or discussion, one tends to retreat signifying the high level of awareness of the ones responsibilities as well as level of provocation that may lead to vengeance, anger or retaliation. In an effort to enhance peace and security through gun control, it is important to enhance the welfare of the citizens in terms of food and security through limit access and use of guns too. Such a situation presents a likelihood of peace being altered by war. The aggression caused by a united population free from poverty or hunger and may result in overthrowing the society leadership. On the other hand, when the situation is stable, the government is assured of a united population that is cooperative with the government guidelines, rules and restrictions.

Confucian strategies advanced to benefit citizens and human nature construed to goodness and interests of the citizen even in times of chaotic struggles of warring society. A ruler who goes for peace would endeavour to create a healthy relationship with the neighbouring communities, having the best interests of the people who want to have improved livelihood. This is similar to the notion by many authors on security that corrected interplay of two words of the same meaning may imply of war.

As such, the responsibility of the feudal rulers determines the conflict of war and peace. Where they improperly share their views and push for their interests, a small or big group would attack, and another would join in rescue ending up in war. At such instances, the defensive walls of the states become defective and call for repair through peaceful means. 

A government that has increased commitment to handling conflict-affected areas caused by diverse factors such as gun proliferation, in an effort to sustain domestic economic development and territorial integrity.  As such, the country has undertaken critical principal measures on foreign policy that facilitate healthy political interrelationships.  This is a strategic method of building peace within the country boundaries as well as beyond.


The security of this country is increasingly in the world today. As such the topic of gun control and arms proliferation is increasingly attracting concern from major international bodies and organisations. It is with no doubt that; Peace and war have an interrelationship that seems to show the indifference of their connectivity. The conflicts of war and peace might be invisible, but their ultimate interconnection is the most important role during the prevention and rehabilitation stages of a conflict. Conflicts of war and peace encompass the causes of war and need for peace. Again, using the causes and factors of violence repel against the frameworks and utilizations of the legitimate use of violence as instruments of war.  The ultimate quest to determine the interconnection of war and peace is to weight the benefits accruing from peace with respect to the merits and demerits of war.

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