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Leadership can be described as self-power and feeling to control things, people or events. For one to be a leader, the person has to have self-confidence, positive, and free minded to believe that he or she will achieve the leadership task. Psychologists have also investigated how people with leadership skills should carry themselves. I will thus discuss my position in the seven transformations to leadership and prove that these transformations are in me and justify my leadership brand capabilities.

Seven Transformations of Leadership

To prove these, we shall look at the following parts; the opportunist, the diplomat, the achiever, the expert, the individualist, the strategist, the alchemist (Intagliata, Ulrich, & Smallwood, 2000). In my understanding, I will explain how I have made the transformations and what makes me feel a capable person armed with leadership abilities.

The Opportunist

A person is termed an opportunist if he or she focuses on personal gains rather than the expected achievements. It is wrong to take other people as competitors instead of working partners. Most of these selfish leaders do not have successful careers for long times but rather fail after a relatively short period. A person believing to be on the right side even when corrected tends to be a total failure in the community. It is disadvantageous to be under an opportunist for you will never proceed in your life endeavors. Opportunists tend to step on every individual.

The Diplomat

For one to be a diplomat, the person should be a positive minded person. A diplomat recognizes their juniors and seniors and gives room for correction or new ideas. However, it will be wrong if a diplomatic is lenient to correct mistakes done by co-workers. This might encourage wrong doing and hence failures in projects that are being done. Some negative cases include where seniors cannot be corrected by diplomats thus encouraging harassment. One is only a diplomat if what the person encourages is constructive.

The Expert

Having a complete knowledge of a given task makes someone an expert. It is obvious that experts deliver the best outputs ever in their jobs. They are considered to hold managerial positions at all times. They only guide their juniors and give directions at all times. Experts are however wrong sometimes when they consider themselves superior and cannot be corrected at any time. One of the experts can join hands with any other well-wisher because they consider themselves superior.

The Achiever

Deliverables are the best measure for one to be called an achiever. The best manager creates a positive environment and gives the best output in his job. An achiever is always trusted in his job, and he is given most of the tasks to accomplish. An achiever, however, is prone to competition from other individuals who can term themselves as experts and will like to give advises to the achievers. Not all successful persons are achievers, but some are just experts.

The Individualist

Individualists are bosses of their own. They take everything private and gives ideas for themselves on how they need their organizations to run. Individualists do not take anything light. They do not collaborate with any partners unless they are just in their own categories and are willing to work with their commands. A real individualist is the developer of their rules and does everything regarding their own rules. Any outside rules set cannot affect them in any way at all.

The Strategist

Strategists are people who come up with plans and guidelines that will enable individuals hit the goals outlined. Strategist ensure the principles stated are followed line by line until all the achievements are made. A good organization employs strategists and plans for it to succeed. This will enable the company’s performance to be known at all times. Strategists enable good relationship between workers and customers. Hence good working environment.

The Alchemist

This is the ability to solve problems at their various levels. An alchemist interacts with both the minors and the seniors and knows all the requirements by both parties at all times. A good alchemist stands by the truth even if it means losing friends. It is encouraging to stand alone for the success of the less privileged in the society. Best alchemists are free minded and consider themselves the best at individual levels at all times.


Letter to Myself

I am still a student pursuing a Masters’ level. I consider myself to be a leader who is best performing and ready to accomplish all tasks given by my lecturers and tutors. I take education as a key factor to all my objectives in life, and I cannot consider any other shortcut. I should sit down and know what I want to be in life and all the things that I must consider to achieve these goals. It is me who will benefit at the end as a great achiever.

I want to finish my course with the best grades and knowledge that can enable me to be my own guider. As an achiever, a diplomat, and an expert, I will wish to state a strategy that will help develop leadership skills in me and come up with the most fulfilling methods. It is with these that I will have made the best achievements in life and demonstrated to be a leader.

Steps to Building My Leadership Brand

Leadership involves developing and showing off qualifications you have. All these are considered to be leadership brands. These involve nailing the prerequisites of leadership, connecting your executive’s abilities to the reputation you are trying to establish, and assessing leaders against the statement of leadership brand (Rooke & Torbert, 2005). I will develop a strategy to accomplish all the five steps as explained below.

Nailing Perquisites of Leadership

These involve coming up with the best strategies and mastering them. The organization should be able to come up with methods that are always successful and easy to understand by individuals involved. As a leader, I will come up with the best strategies that are worker-friendly and making sure I am able to communicate all matters to them (Ulrich & Smallwood, 2007). All communication channels involved should be well stipulated.

Connecting executive’s abilities to the reputation being developed

It is expected that employees develop specific skills to perform different jobs. A good job is expected to outline its goals and set them well. By considering the job being done, approaches to solving the problems should be well outlined and stated. People with leadership talents should be made useful in a company. This will encourage efficiency and best outcome ever at all times. These are executive teams that are considered to be the best-producing manpower.

Assess leaders against the statement of leadership brand

A company cannot be rated to be the best if it doesn’t have e a customer friendly environment. Leaders ranked the best should be recognized through customer’s comments. A good working system should develop an opinion mechanism to allow customers to give their feedback at all times. Assessment can be made by any party for the goodwill of the organization. This can be through interviews and questionnaires

Let customers and investors do the teaching

A leadership training session can be developed to company employees to ensure best outputs at all times. We should come up with a strategic plan that will ensure experience used is in relation to the kind of job being done. Customers can also give their opinions on the kind of services they expect from their business suppliers. All things done should be for the good of the beneficiaries.

Make my brand identity real

As a leader, it is expected that the way I see myself is the way my fellow members see me. If I call myself determined, it should be in the minds of my seniors and juniors that am really a focused person. A good leader should set out objectives that are real and can be achieved at all times. An individual observing a given leader should be confident that this leader is real and can come up with what the feel they are lacking.


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