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This Essay is about shifting university application. In this article, I will discourse about why I am interested in pursuing a bachelor degree in graphic design at Drexel University and what I have done that prepares me to study graphic design.

My Interest in pursuing graphic design

It might astonish somebody as to why I choose to continue graphic design in Drexel University, but it might not have crossed your mind that graphic designers do not necessarily need to be employed in an organization to be able to make a living. The society adorns graphic designers; they present several opportunities for self-employment. The numerous uses of graphics in the corporate sectors or anywhere have brought graphic designers success, and in return, it has made them famous. Brand graphics is the most valuable asset for any business. UPS, Coca-Cola, and Starbucks have all used signature colors in their logos. The designing logo comes from graphic design which influences business and marketing. Graphic design is broken down into several types like infographics, web designs, PowerPoint presentation design for the company and the corporates, logo designs, signage, social media graphics and many more custom designs to mention. I have chosen to pursue my graphic design bachelor in Drexel University because it is a college that specializes in media arts and designs, this perfectly resonates with my field of study. Additionally, Drexel’s reach is broader and more impactful than ever. A good thing about Drexel University Westphal College is that it has been committed to work/study programs since its founding in 1891. Furthermore, Drexel University Westphal fosters the study, exploration, and management of the art. Being able to manage the art will play a crucial role if one is planning to be self-employed.

 What I have done that prepares me to study graphic design

It is possible for one to graduate from graphic design school and not know how you want to specialize in the career. To avoid this kind of scenario, I have been able to talk to many graphic designs school graduates.  It was a better way to get the feeling of graphic design school; this assisted me to learn about the specific field I want to specialize. Furthermore, I have also invested in a good computer with a large display monitor that will make designing easier. The computer is fast, updated and has got enough memory to create and save large graphics. It is the obligation of professional design organizations to aid students and professionals progress in the industry. I am looking forward to joining a design organization that will help me to advance in this sector. I am planning to get an internship when I am pursuing my Bachelor in graphic design at Drexel University Westphal. I will always focus on networking. Additionally, I am considering volunteering so that I might be able to show off my talents by doing much non-paid charity work. Through these charity jobs, I will not be able to earn money, but I will be able to add a professional project that has helped the community into my design portfolio.


To be a good graphic designer one needs to have the power of imagination and visualization. Steve Jobs once said, “Design is not just what it looks like and feels. The design is how it works.” What works for one design hero might not automatically work for you when you are a design student or even a recent graduate. Graphic design job opportunities are expected to increase in large aggregate so, being prepared is critical.


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