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The violation of employee rights within the workplace is a cause of major lawsuits in many parts of the world. As an organization continues to progress and becoming more significant, it tends to have a greater impact on the social, people, as well as environment. Within the contemporary competitive business environment, business ethics are increasingly playing an imperative role in an organization in the determination of its reputation and sustainability since it acts as a channel to influence as well as influence the organizational behavior. There are different organizations that have in the past been found guilty of violating the rights of employees in the United States. One such organization is T-Mobile. This paper looks at the violation of employee rights by the T-Mobile company in the United States.

T-Mobile Company was found guilty of taking part in countrywide violation of US labor laws against workers. This came as a result of a move by the National Labor Relations Board to combine a number of complaints against the T-Mobile US Company for the involvement in illegal actions as well as policies in Albuquerque, N.M., New York City, along with other areas (Communications Workers of America, 2015).  The issues at hand included illegal corporate policies countrywide that aim at blocking employees from either organizing or discussing concerning the problems that exist within their place of work. The employees of T-Mobile Company were caused to experience be silence by the illegal policies that the management of the company had implemented.

There are a number of facts that were involved in the case. The ruling of the judge emanated from a series of repeated complaints that the National Labor Relations had issued against T-Mobile US as a result of its labor practices. The ruling brought into light the efforts that the management of T-Mobile US had put across in order to suppress the employees capacity to come together as a union, a move that had been fuelled by wide-ranging  illegal policies that the company’s top management were practicing (Communications Workers of America, 2015). 

The decision by the judge placed emphasis on illegal employment policies as well as restrictions that were responsible for prohibiting workers from making any discussions on issues that relate to wages within themselves or even in criticizing the work conditions that existed in their place of work. This discouraged the employees even from blowing any whistle regarding such illegal practices by the company. The policies that the company had adopted were preventing their employees from exercising their rights, thus restricting them from engaging in protected concerted activities that as well include unionizing efforts. The employees were threatened of being fired in case they failed to comply with the policies that the company had established.

According to Communications Workers of America (2015), the employees of T-Mobile US were not allowed to expose their wage, which would otherwise lead to a violation of the company’s confidentiality policies. In addition, another violation of the rights of employees dictated that they ought not to speak with the media. All the above policies put forward by the company illustrate the decision of the management to continuously break the law, and block the exercising of the rights of employees. According to the ruling of the judge, out of the 13 policies that were adopted by the T-Mobile US Company, 11 of them were found to be illegal since they were violating the rights of the employees.

In case I was in a position to influence the ruling of the case, I would punish T-Mobile US severely for restricting the rights of workers in the United States. The company should have been handed a more penalty for systematically going against the laws that restrict corporate from restricting the rights of their employees. Such like corporate organizations should be made to realize that employees have rights which they should freely exercise without being threatened. T-Mobile US was noted to be notorious for continuously violating the rights of their employees. Such a decision by the court will act as a remedy to the problems that many workers across the United States have been facing for a long period of time.

In conclusion, the ruling that found the T-Mobile US company guilty of violating the rights of their employees. The ruling acted as a warning to other corporate organization that think they can violate the rights of their employees and get away with it. Every employee is entitled to rights that make him or her to work freely in their place of work. Tighter laws ought to be implemented by the legal framework of the United States so as to further protect the employees across the nation. It should be noted that the decision was appropriate in making sure that workers are able to work without any restrictions or their rights being violated.

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