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a.     Go pro is one of the fastest growing camera companies in the world.

b.     A skier can be able to attach the Go Pro camcorder to his helmet so as to record what he sees and one more to the tip of his ski so as to film himself.

c.     They are waterproof up to 180 feet whereas drop-proof from about 3,000 feet.

d.     People should consider owning one of these Go Pro devices since they are outstanding for their quality in images, sound quality, ruggedness, and ease of use.


Paragraph 1

a.     Go Pro camcorders are unique because of their small size, durability, as well as lightweight.

b.     They also have special mounts that one can utilize to attach the device on the surfboards, car hoods, ski poles, or anything else. Go Pro products are resourceful when one wants to capture exploits such as surfing without taking turns to sit on a shore with a camera (Go Pro Official Website). This is important since there is no surfer who would like to be the one taking photographs especially when the waves are good. They are particularly phenomenon when it comes to the world of extreme sports, and back-country snowboarders, scuba divers, and kayakers, have been using it to document the feats.

Paragraph 2

a.     Go Pro is the first camera of its kind since it is virtually indestructible and affordable.

b.     Go Pro is a wearable camera as well as a camcorder, and its size implies that it can be mounted nearly anywhere with ease, whereas having the capability to shoot videos in HD. One can be able to purchase Go Pro camcorders in many electronics shops as well as online platforms such as eBay. The current retail prices of Go Pro ranges between $300- 400 which is quite affordable for many people.  If anyone wishes to have footage of his life in a professional manner during the most meaningful moments of his life, Go Pro is the product to go for.

Paragraph 3

a.     The main strength of Go Pro camcorders is the quality that they have.

b.     The Go Pro cameras have high definition with very high pixels (Hetrick 12). In addition, the device has choices of slow motion, burst speeds, and panoramic view. The camera is furthermore quite resilient with shock as well as water resistant features. The Go Pro camera is effortlessly mountable and portable, which makes it easy and convenient to use. Furthermore, Go Pro is a very strong brand name in the world of cameras and it has turned out to be a globally recognized brand.


a.     In conclusion, Go Pro cameras are outstanding for their quality in images, sound quality, ruggedness, and ease of use. It is a must have device for any person who wishes to capture the beautiful moments in their lives. These prices are worthwhile given the quality of these cameras.

b.     Go Pro cameras are unique because of their small size, durability, as well as lightweight. Go Pro cameras are virtually indestructible and affordable.

c.     The major opportunity that Go Pro has is in the field of sports and news coverage. This camera can be used in nearly any sort of environment, making it a good preference in the coverage of sporting events.


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