Learning Experience

            The learning concerning research was very useful and effective. I found the learning experience on concepts related to research very informative and useful in understanding how one can carry out successful business research. The learning experience on the subject of business research exposed me to a wide range of knowledge and information concerning various concepts of research and where appropriate to apply them. For example, I learned how to use qualitative methods, especially their advantages over quantitative methods when carrying out research. Hence, I was able to learn how to make use of qualitative research methodology, while carrying out any form of accounting research. I learned issues that make the findings of the study useful, such as data validity, accuracy and enhancing reliability through avoiding any form of bias. Therefore, through participating in this learning process, I have been able to understand the concept of improving research credibility, which I plan to use in the future in the course of completing my research in the field of accounting. For example, I learned that personal bias can impact negatively on the validity and reliability of the study findings and can be avoided using the services of other researchers during the data analysis process. Hence, I will make use of this knowledge while carrying out any study in the future to enhance credibility.

 Additionally, I find the learning experience being of great value to my future as a researcher. First, it has added new knowledge concerning steps that one should follow in conducting an effective and successful research. For example, I have learned the importance of carrying out literature review as it aids in ensuring that one understands the current knowledge on the subject of the research and any possible research gap that can be filled about the study issue at hand.  Second, this learning experience has added value in my research life through exposing me to critical information on important components of a successful study, such as literature review, methodology, and others.

Usefulness of the Learning Process

 There are some ways through which this learning process concerning business research will be useful to me in the future. One of the ways in which the learning experience will be useful to me is about my course; whereby, it will aid in successfully completing any research related projects that I will be expected to complete as part of my course requirements. Second, the knowledge obtained from this learning experience will be useful in enhancing my research program, whereby, I will be able to apply various concepts successfully so as to come up with a thesis which is appealing to the readers and of high quality.

            Furthermore, the knowledge gained from the learning experience will be vital when it comes to enhancing my future career, whereby, I will apply when assigned research projects on issues connected to accounting with an organization. For example, while carrying out career-related research, I will apply data collection concepts, such as sampling approaches and collection methods to conduct successful studies, which are reliable and credible in nature. In general, I plan to apply the concept learned to conduct comprehensive and informative studies on different subjects that are of interest to me, especially from the secondary sources. For example, the knowledge on literature review can be useful in future, while reviewing multiple secondary sources related to subjects that are of interest to me, such as health and others.

Things that Happened in the Learning Process

 There are several things that happened during the learning process with an objective of gaining knowledge, skills, and competencies required to successfully conduct any types of research. First, I participated in class lectures as part of the learning process, whereby, I listened to the lecturer responsible for teaching concepts related to business research, discuss various issues and concepts associated with research, such as methodology, data analysis, and presentation of study findings. I also, read widely various journals, books, articles associated with the concepts of research, for instance, sampling techniques, data analysis approaches and others. I heard during the discussions that qualitative methods are best applicable in scenarios where one wants the participants during the data collection to give individual accounts of experience or attitude they have towards the subject of the study. Also, I completed some assignments aimed at enhancing my research skills, such as one of literature review, proposal writing so as to gain comprehension on matters related to research methodology. During the learning process, I was able to see how to enhance the data collection process, particularly through the selection of the appropriate methods to use in collecting data from the field.

Evaluating what I learned

            The business research course was useful to me in different ways. First, I have learned how to write a research proposal, which a useful information that I will use while writing future related research project, in the process of completing my accounting course. I have also learned about the concept of methodologies, such as data collection tools, sampling, research design, validity, and reliability. This knowledge from the concept will be useful in conducting future related studies on business subjects. For example, I will use the knowledge on sampling and sample size to select the appropriate research participants when carrying out a study on a particular issue from the study population. Besides, the learning process is useful to me regarding gaining skills and competencies of conducting a successful business research. The knowledge and information I have obtained from participating in this learning process will be useful when it comes to enhancing my skills and competencies of carrying out research in a manner that is professional.

Evaluation of My Learning Process

            I engaged in the business of reading various books and journals on business research with the aim of gaining insights on various concepts, such as sampling techniques from different perspectives as written by some authors. In doing so, I was able to gain a deeper understanding of the business research using different perspectives; unlike it would be the case of studying a subject from a single perspective.  Second, in completing assignment one, whereby, I reviewed literature review on the advantages and disadvantages of the social network as a tool of advertising in business, I aimed at gaining knowledge and experience on how to conduct a successful literature review on a particular subject of interest. I was able to successfully carry out the literature review on the topic of discussion, whereby, I reviewed the prevailing secondary information from different sources on the issue of discussion and then identified the current research gap on the topic of interest, based on the information obtained from the literature review process. On the other hand, completion of the activity of research methodology in assignment three was aimed at gaining a deeper understanding on how to select the appropriate research method to use during the data collection and analysis process based on a given topic of study.


The knowledge I have acquired from this learning experience will be applied in my future life in different ways. First, I will use the information to carry out the research project related to my course. The information will be used to select the best researchable topic of interest, research methods to use, data presentation and others. For example, if I choose to make use of qualitative research methods, I will understand that I will have to use data collection methods that are in line with this methodology. Also, I will use the knowledge gained from this study as the basis of completing any research in my life on topics of interest. For example, skills that I acquired on literature review will be vital in reviewing various studies associated with a particular topic of interest, as gaining a deeper understanding of the concept of research. In conclusion, this learning experience will transform the way I conduct any research in the future, as it has made me a better research.

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