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Based on the scores of the test, my personality is ENTJ. First, I have a moderate preference for extraversion over introversion as I scored 25%. Second, I have a moderate preference for intuition over sensing as I had a score of 30% on intuitive. The test indicates that, I have no preference over thinking compared to feeling based on my 1% score in the area of thinking.

            Additionally, I have moderate preference of judging over perceiving, as I had a score of 28% on judging. This personality reveals that I am a person who likes marshaling and directing others in life. Furthermore, the personality reveals that I am a person who does not need a push or encouragement to make important plans in life. Also, as ENTJ, it means that is I am a decisive person, and always use the reason to make decisions rather than feelings. 

             The process of undertaking this personality test was an easy one, but going through all the questions asked and providing answers to them was an interesting adventure. First, the test was challenging, as one had, to be honest to get, accurate results concerning the right personality type. At times I was tempted to provide wrong answers to some questions with an aim of getting a better personality type, but a desisted from the temptations. The process of answering the questions was very interesting as it provided an opportunity for understanding that my personality better. I was able to think about various aspects of my life like I have ever done in the past. Reflecting on the questions asked in the test provided a ground for understanding the things that I like doing and those that I hate engaging myself in life. Thus, the personality test provided an opportunity to reflect upon my life to understand who I am really in life. 

            One of the advantages of MBTI personality test is that it enable an individual to understand the type of personality he possesses (Nevid, 2011). As a result, a person can understand his or her strengths and weaknesses in life. The experience I had with the test is that it enabled me to understand the personality that I have as an individual as well as my areas of strengths and weakness. Also, the MBTI personality test, enable a person to understand how to work with different people in the best way in an organization by understanding their different personality, hence, comprehending how they behave and react in various situations. The test also helps a person to learn how to tolerate others in life. However, one the disadvantages of the test are that it gives different results when one takes the test a number sometimes, hence, making it unreliable (Nevid, 2011). On the other hand, it fails to match the result of various personality tests, only do so in the introversion as well as extroversion areas.

            The personality awareness can be instrumental in understanding the behavior of a person in different settings. Understanding the personality of individual aids in understanding his or her reaction to teamwork related activities in the workplace. There are those individuals who are less social in life and understanding their personality can help avoiding assigning them to group work, as they will find it hard settling down within the group as they are not good at socializing. A person who can perform perfectly within a group setting is one who is sociable in nature. Also, understanding the emotional stability of a person is critical in determining the way he or she might end up reacting to different emotional situations. For instance, if a person is emotionally unstable, exposing him or her to situations that require emotional stability to produce the best results will not help at all. Therefore, understanding the personality of a person about emotional stability help to comprehend how a person is likely to react to different situations and the best help to offer to the individual when the need arise.

             Furthermore, the personality of an individual is important in understanding the ability of a person to think creatively and innovatively when assigned a role that requires innovative solutions. Thus, understanding individuals' personality in the workplace enables the management to assign different roles to them according to their traits; this determines their capabilities to perform the tasks in question in a successful way.

             The concept of personality that I have learned and experienced fits within the biblical worldview. The Bible talks about different individuals who had different personal traits and qualities. For example, Abraham had a different personality from that of Cain. Therefore, the lesson I learned that people have different qualities and traits in life is also reflected in the biblical worldview. All the characters in the bible shared different qualities; there were those who were very sociable, such as Jesus Christ. There were others who were very curious in knowing things related to their respective lives, such as Samson. Thus, the personality concept from the worldview fits effectively within the biblical context.  

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