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#1 Caravaggio and Bernini are two prominent artists from Rome Italy. Their popularity was based on the emphasis on details and most of all their verisimilitude in the art forms. Caravaggio was well known for his paintings that were filled with aspects of realism and beni9ni was an architect credited with the same praise. These are two artists from the Baroque period of art that were very prominent in Italy(The Art and Influence of Caravaggio, 2013). The baroque period was a great period in the history of art. This was a period associated with the need to uphold the truth in art and was referred to as verisimilitude. This is a term that was used to refer to upholding truth and reality when developing art. It is an aspect that came about after the Catholic Church’s emphasis on developing art forms for it with a lot of emphasis on reality and details as part of honoring God. At the time the church had a lot of influence in the world, and many people including royalty would donate their art to the church(Baroque Art, 2017). As for the church itself, many forms of art were developed for it in the form of paintings of the church walls, and various sculptures as well as architectural designs. These forms of art were symbolic, biblical or mythical but were developed in very fine details and incorporated advanced aspects of color composition and lighting to capture aspects of motion, drama as well as time. The art forms of the baroque period were very significant in the depiction of reality. This was a kind of reality that was based on verisimilitude associated with the truth about the reality of the world at the time. It was important because people had better connections with the forms of art because of the emotions they drew out of them as they represented aspects of their actual lives. The art forms representation of drama, time and motion was quite significant in bringing them to life and having a greater impact on the people(Baroque Art, 2017). Aspects of verisimilitude have been borrowed for many years because it is an aspect of art that greatly helped shape the course of history for art. The world art of today is one that is based on the incremental development changes and improvements that occurred in the past. The forms of art that exist today have various aspects of verisimilitude in them that have great influence on people as it had during the Baroque period(Baroque Art, 2017).

Some of the forms of art forms that exist in the modern world whereby they represent the aspect of verisimilitude include television series and movies. These are great forms of art that dramatize stories in a real action manner. They are very popular forms of art and have audiences from all over the world. The popularity of television series and films is associated with their representation of reality. They are sometimes based on real life stories and sometimes based on fictitious stories. However, these stories are usually dramatized by people in a manner that depicts the actual aspects of the story. The efforts made by television series and films help bring out the realities that exist in the story and are easily shared with the audiences. Most of the shows and films are usually based on a form of reality that either exists in the movie or can also exist on the outside. However, the aspect of representing reality to the audience is what gives them a sense of verisimilitude. The ability for audiences to believe what they see in these movies and series is very important. For a film about an actual story to be successful, the film has to effectively bring out the true aspects of the actual stories, and any deviation makes it hard for the audiences to believe in the story. Giving the film a sense of reality, in this case, would depend on the film maker’s ability to recreate the actual events and characters on screen (WEINRAUB, 1998).


On the other hand, TV series and films based on fictitious characters and events can also provide a sense of reality to their audiences. These films have to, first of all, introduce the audience to the fictitious reality for which the film is based on and then continue with the other aspect of the film./ in this case, believability is usually based on the way in which the reality of the film is represented to the audiences. The characters and events within it have to be bound by the limits of the films itself, and any deviations would make the film hard to believe, and therefore, it would easily fail. In this case, the representation of reality has to be based on the reality the film is bound by. This means that anything was shown that is outside the scope of the films reality will make it unbelievable (Christie, 2015).

Television series and films are forms of art that are unique because they have the ability to develop their own reality. The aspect of verisimilitude is usually represented by the way they dramatize people using real life people. However, fiction films and television series usually have their own reality, and audiences love it because they are represented with a lot of consideration on the truth that makes them believable.

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