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In the present world, many countries (nations) are considered to be great but only very few are considered to be the greatest. Many research and opinions have been given out to what the greatest nation or country constitute, many saying availability of jobs, good infrastructure, lack of poverty, presence of a good government (political stability), availability of resources, good education system, availability of the basic necessities for example food, water, electricity et cetera, growth in economy and many more. The above ideas would make the greatest country but not necessarily, many countries are politically stable but they are not considered greatest, many countries have good education system but they are not considered greatest and some have very low unemployment rates but they are not considered greatest.

It is thus for these reasons I conducted research to find out what makes a country (nation) to be the greatest. These factors below are the ingredients towards the above-mentioned factors. For example, when there is freedom in the country there is a likelihood that the economy will grow because people are free to start their businesses, create employment, et cetera. But when a country lacks freedom, the economy will depreciate. Thus, the below factors are the key ingredients towards making the greatest nation/country. They include the availability of:

Freedom – Freedom to pick and to be who you need to be. Bertrand Russell, the English scholar, said, "Flexibility as a rule may be characterized as the unlucky deficiency of impediments to the acknowledgment of yearnings." Opportunity must be the bedrock of a prosperous country for without flexibility, the shackles that hold us from arriving at for the unthinkable and investigating the unexplored remain. Individuals must be allowed to think, allowed to dream, allowed to investigate, allowed to express, allowed to change, and even allowed to come up short. Opportunity has its dangers however it is my conviction that these can be alleviated by alternate qualities like equity, generosity, profound quality, truthfulness and a lot of people more (Seidenberg 418).

Justice – the solid longing to guarantee decency and balance in our general public, verifying that the privileges of everybody is secured notwithstanding. New laws established and old laws altered or canceled must demonstrate a promise to equity and meritocracy. The authorization and elucidation of these laws must do so fair-mindedly by unshackling the legal from any impact of the Executive. The vicinity of equity in a general public achieves a feeling that all is well with the world in its citizenry, advancing what is correct and deflecting what isn't right (Grant 5).

Graciousness – A general public where individuals consider the enthusiasm of and offer approach to others. The inverse of this is narrow-mindedness. When we stop to consider how our activities may affect those around us, something mysterious happens. This world can abruptly improve as a spot. Driving gets to be less distressing, boulevards get to be cleaner; civility and thought turn into the request of the day. This quality may be a standout amongst the most difficult to substance out however not unimaginable and doubtlessly worth striving for. This quality in the country is regularly an impression of the pioneers. Pioneers can lead the path in manufacturing this worth by showing beauty at whatever point there is an open door. This is the feature that makes us a common or humanized society (Borjas 43).

Morality – An agreeable feeling of ethical quality that lives in the hearts of individuals, controlling them like an internal compass in respect to what is good and bad actually when nobody can see or know. It is sympathy toward the substance of our heart instead of an outward similarity that is imperative. In a pluralistic culture like Malaysia, where different religions are polished or not drilled, it is not pretty much grasping a specific religion and carrying on with a dedicated life. It is about grasping a more elevated amount of profound quality. Better is an unreligious man yet carries on with an exceedingly moral life than one who has religion yet precludes the necessities from securing that religion. We have to have a firm, good base to help all that we do so we can destroy debasement, criminal exercises, social ills and family breakdown (Linscheid 76-81).

Merciful – A general public that takes care of the poor and penniless without judging their condition or reason for being in that circumstance. Being tolerant is to can get below the skin of the people in need of kindness and to render the vital aid. In every general public, there will dependably be the individuals who escape everyone's notice and battle to make a decent living. Such a general public would have social wellbeing nets to guarantee that help is promptly accessible, and its natives are watchful for those that may need help. Helping the poor and destitute is the proper thing to do as well as is an impression of the sort of individuals we are (Grant 5).

Truthfulness – Where truth is looked for after in all ranges, showing itself in straightforwardness, honesty and genuineness in all administrative and private dealings. Al Gore said, "A guarantee to openness, truthfulness, and responsibility helps our nation stay away from numerous genuine slip-ups that we would overall make." The absence of truthfulness encourages the individuals who wish to conceal their fiendishness deeds in the shadow of authenticity. Having open and straightforward tenders for all legislature undertakings and passing Freedom of Information enactments would be a venture in the right bearing. In such a general public, pioneers would be fair about missteps made and moves would be made without trepidation or support (Wang 14).

Value of life – A high esteem is set on all life, and no exertion is saved to guarantee that lives are safeguarded and developed. Despite one's ethnicity, religion, societal position, and physiological condition, all lives would be similarly important and not measured with cash. The salvage of the thirty-three mine workers in Chile following 69 days underground in 2010 represents this quality obviously. No expense was saved to bring them out securely, and their salvage praised the estimation of human life, a triumph over the predominating pattern of the world where choices are made focused around financial contemplations just. When we begin esteeming lives, we will begin to research issues of wellbeing and wellbeing (Collins).

Creativity – Where innovativeness prospers as individuals look for better approaches to express and to serve one another. Robert E. Franken in his Human Motivation book, characterized inventiveness as the propensity to produce or perceive thoughts, plan B, or conceivable outcomes that may be helpful in tackling issues, speaking with others, and exciting ourselves as well as other people. Once more, this quality can be connected in all parts, from expressions of the human experience to industry, to training, to government and to business. Business and advancements would prosper as individuals look for new and better approaches to overcoming issues, address the needs of society, and to add worth and quality to life. This quality is nearly fixed to opportunity (Atkins 6).

Excellence – People work with their entire being and take pride in what they do. Individuals would discover respect in their work and produce the best items and administrations. It is an incredibleness that is not roused by alarm of losing or the need to be numerous uno, rather, it is inspired by a feeling of achievement toward oneself and difference by customers and beneficiaries of our endeavors. Makers would not take the most expedient route to augment benefit, items made will be of great quality and outline, lines at government workplaces would be dispensed with, servers would present with proficiency, and nourishment would taste extraordinary. Individuals discover poise in what they do, and we provide for them the difference.

Stewardship – A country where properties, assets and the nature would be cared for the satisfaction in future eras. It would be a country where protection of our characteristic assets is an open connection practice as well as birthed out of our profound conviction that sparing the planet is sparing our youngsters' lives. It would be a spot where we loathe wastages as unnecessary and unsustainable undertakings; where we need to keep up what we as of now have, in the same way as parks, structures and streets. Such a general public would energetically give up any financial increase on the off chance that it would undermine our surroundings (Seidenberg 418).

In conclusion, a family goodness or beauty is not praised on the size of the house they live, the number of the family members, quality or quantity of resources they use, their richness or poorness but the virtues or characters that the family is built upon. When unity exists within a family, that means that the family members will support one another no matter what. When a country has virtues or standards, these create the foundation towards growth and development in every area and thus the country becomes among the greatest.   

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